Understanding The Background Of 13 Fishing Inception

The market for fishing reels is inundated with various different brands and types. Lots of baitcasting reels are also available. Therefore, purchasing the best baitcasting reel will be a daunting task.

But, you will never disappoint if you purchase 13 Fishing Inception. It is perfect for your skills and experience. However, you should analyze various factors before purchasing a baitcasting reel.​

Spinning or Baitcasting: Which is Better?

Which fishing reel you need, spinning or baitcasting? In fact, this is a very common debate between anglers. Both these reels have advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, you should keep them in mind while selecting a fishing reel. You can select one on the basis of your strength and performance.

The spinning reel is the most common type of fishing reel. They are great for those who want to catch small to medium sized fishes. It is because of their versatility and convenience when they go through new waters.​

If you are fishing for leisure, it is better to purchase a spinning reel. These types of reels have a fixed spool that can be seen below the rod.​

Therefore, you need not adjust or tweak anything because the line will be drawn out with the weight of tackle, bait, or lure.​

The bait casters or baitcasting reels are fishing reels, which are ideal for veteran anglers with lots of fishing experience. Tweaking is essential while using these types of spinning reels.

These are great for catching big fish that requires lots of experience and mastery to catch. You need to rotate the spool of baitcasting reel as soon as you cast. It means the inertia has to be strong enough for moving the spool while maintaining balance.

Thus, you can avoid ruining of the casting process. Awareness of balance between the two means, you have enough experience to use a baitcasting reel. You should require a full seasons’ experience for using a baitcasting reel.​

Advantages of a Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasting reel offers you more leeway with the way you control the entire cast. Thus, you can try to catch in a particular area with more accuracy depending on your knowledge of fishing.

Hours of practice are essential for placing your lure in the desired place for catching the best fish. Most baitcasting reels are very powerful because they are designed for catching big fish.

You can drop the lure on a dime, so you need not worry about bad casts. You can also retrieve the snag at anytime and anywhere as per your wish.

If you have complete freedom over your fishing rod, you can enjoy lots of advantages. But it requires proper knowledge and mastery for fishing.

​You can use a baitcasting reel depends on your fishing style. Baitcaster is ideal for those who engage in fishing with bass lures. However, you can use spinners or other types of reels if you target fish with lighter lures.

13 Fishing Inception

13 Fishing introduced its new baitcasting reel at the ICAST show in 2015 in Orlando. Soon after, it was available on the market. The inception reel of 13 Fishing comes with a bunch of great features, which will surely attract your attention.


The Inception reel of 13 Fishing is a baitcasting reel that comes with an 8-ball-bearing casting system. An HD aluminum frame together with graphite side plates is the other specialties. The drag of this reel consists of oversized drag washers (multi-material), which can provide you impressive 18-pounds of drag.

A beautiful dark gray matte finish with black and red accents makes it more attractive. The high-speed spin spool system provides maximum fluidity, accuracy and casting distance.​

The handles are lightweight but gripable and durable. Gripable EVA knobs are the other peculiarities. The tackiness and paddles of the grip are really wonderful. Both right and left-hand models are available. The gear ratios are 8.1.1 and 6.6.1 respectively.

The appearance of this reel is great on the rod. The matte finish is very durable. It can provide you a nice feeling while fishing. The handles of this reel are comfortable for fishing all the day.

It has 6-pin centrifugal brakes. Thus, you can access and set underside plate very easily. The performance of this Inception reel is very comfortable.​

The Inception reel is a real workhorse for lots of anglers. The casting ability of this fishing reel is as same as in the 13 Fishing line. It gives you a great accuracy and distance.

13 Fishing Inception is a feature rich baitcasting reel that born with excellent perfection. It is designed for delivering greater performance as per your requirements.

A rigid aluminum frame and reinforced graphite side plates are the peculiarities of this reel. It is extremely strong, so it is helpful for handling largest fish at highest level of competition.

This is really a fish-catching workhorse, which is perfect for all types of anglers with different skill levels. It comes with 8 bearing system. Besides, the reel comprised of 5 stainless steel bearings, anti-reverse bearing (instant stop), and 2 high spin bearings (Japanese).

Thus, it can deliver fluid functioning consistently.

It is equipped with high-quality cutting gearing (Japanese Hamai), which is helpful for providing the transition of power smoothly from the handle. The drag system of this reel is highly advanced. Drag washers are oversized and used multi-material for making it.

Thus, you will get around 18lbs of maximum drag. Thus, you can stop bigger fish. The centrifugal braking system (6-way) provides you a complete cast control. The spool system of this reel offers you high spin, which provides you increased accuracy and casting distance. Inception reel is the best for achieving power and precision.​

The multi-material construction together with a rigid aluminum frame is the other peculiar features of Inception reel. The reinforced graphite side plates offer you strength to power fish.​


  • Graphite side plates
  • HD aluminum frame
  • Spool System (high-spin)
  • 6-way centrifugal braking
  • Cut Gearing is Japanese Hamai
  • Instant stop anti-reverse
  • Corrosion resistant bearing
  • Stainless bearing combination
  • Beetle wing side plate
  • Affordable
  • Provides smooth performance
  • Streamlined, compact body design
  • Stable, strong, and far-casting


  • A few consumers are not satisfied with the quality of this reel
  • Expensive


If you want to create a strong foundation in your fishing game, 13 Fishing Inception is the best option. This is a versatile baitcasting reel that is ideal for casual weekend and tournament fishing. Low profile design and lightweight body provide you lasting comfort.

It is also very easy to tune and adjust on the fly. The anti-reverse feature and corrosion resistant ball bearings create smooth retrieves all day long. All anglers really like the performance offered by this baitcasting reel. It is not good to fish with lots of reels with graphite side plates.​

However, this reel is really helpful for getting the best performance. The red accent of this reel is also impressive. Matte grey finish is the other attraction. It is also compatible with the Trick Shop components of the company. Heavy lines are necessary while fishing for large fish.​

This baitcasting reel can handle much larger and heavier weight. Direct winding design allows the frame of spool and reel to absorb the load of the line. Thus, the 13 Fishing Inception is ideal for serious fishermen and anglers.​

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