5 Easy Rules Of Abu Garcia Pro Max Review Guide | 2018

So, you have decided to purchase one of the most advanced low profile reels in the world, Abu Garcia Pro Max and you want to know the features of this amazing reel, right? This article will provide you all information relating to this reel of Abu Garcia.

First of all, you must be aware that this is the most preferred reel for serious anglers around the globe. You can surely rely on the quality and dependability of Abu Garcia for engaging in a fun fishing.​

The MAX series comes with most advanced technology and materials. These reels are precision engineered with increased performance and smoother feel on the water.

The Max family of baitcasting reels includes Black Max, Silver Max, and Pro Max. This article provides you detailed information regarding PRO MAX.

Filling the Spool with Line

The company designs its Max series low profile reels for braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon lines. However, the line selection is determined by fishing conditions and personal preference.

You can start by passing the line through the guide, which is located on the front of the reel. Then, you need to secure the line to the reel by using an arbor knot. A pencil can be inserted into the spool hub for controlling the filler spool. Your fingers can be used for maintaining tension on the line.​

Smooth and Reliable Drag Tension

Smooth and reliable drag tension is the most important specialty of Max series low profile reels. Controlling the amount of drag is possible by turning the adjustment star, which is placed inside the reel handle.

You can rotate the star in a clockwise direction for increasing drag. You can decrease the drag if you rotate it counter clockwise. You can adjust the drag for getting the best result.​

Spool Tension Knob

It is the other major factor in this reel. This knob is responsible for controlling the speed of spins when you cast it.

This knob is located on the side plate of the reel. Adjustable MagTrax is the other major feature of this reel. It has a magnetic brake system, which is helpful for delivering excellent casting control.​

Adjusting the braking system is essential for getting a minimal tendency of line overrun and maximum casting distance. You can adjust the braking system according to your preference and weight of the lure.

The MagTrax can provide you consistent braking pressure throughout the cast. Thus, you can enjoy a smooth, controlled cast.

The MAX setting allows keeping magnetic brake system near to the spool. When the magnets approach the spool, more braking force is applied. It will reduce the rotation of the spool.​

Regular maintenance is required for keeping your Max reel in top quality. You should rinse the reel gently by using fresh water.

Then, wipe it dry and lubricate the reel. You need to clean and lubricate your reel after each use, which is essential for keeping it at peak efficiently.

The reel should be disassembled once in a season for through cleaning and re-lubrication.​


The Pro Max weighs just 207 grams. However, this fishing reel provides you plenty of performance though it comes in a tight little package.

It offers you affordable precision, thus you will get the best out of a variety of lures. You need not worry about the size of this fishing lure.​

You can use it anywhere without the fear of flinching. It also offers you maximum flexibility, which is suitable for a number of applications. The experience of casting or trolling the insecure grounds is amazing.

Though the drag is little big heavy, it is convenient for brash anglers because it allows hunting much bigger fish.


The Price of Pro Max is the other amazing feature. If you are going for fishing in the first time, you will be stunned with the style of this reel.

The price is the other attractive factor. You can see lots of changes in modern fishing. But, baitcasters like Pro Max is available at an affordable price.

This exciting reel is coming at the lower price tag. However, it can compete with the modern baitcasters. The superior features are the other peculiarities.​

If you want to discover the real world of baitcasting, you can surely purchase this model. It is exceptionally smooth and it is created for handling even the rough stuff.

Features and Specifications

  • The weight of this reel is just 207 grams
  • Maximum drag weight is 8 kg
  • The braid capacity is 30lb/140yd
  • Monofilament line capacity of this reel is 12lb/145yd
  • Style of the reel is baitcasting
  • MagTrax brake system
  • Brass gearing
  • Power disk drag system
  • Machined double-anodized aluminum spool
  • 7 ball bearings
  • Recessed reel foot
  • Compact bent star and handle
  • Graphite frame is used for making the reel
  • Graphite side plates

Baitcasters are very popular for their casting accuracy even in tight snaggy terrain. They are also ideal for chasing fish species such as Murray cod, mangrove jack, barra, mulloway, Saratoga and even yellow jelly.

Therefore, most anglers like to use baitcasting reels. If you want to get an appropriate baitcasting reel, Pro Max is the best for many reasons.​


  • This reel comes with outstanding ergonomics, which is helpful for making more efficient reel management
  • MagTrax is a special feature of this reel, which is helpful for putting an end to the dreaded backlash
  • It has duragear brass gearing, which is helpful for getting the foundation for a long reel working life
  • The disk drag power is 8kg, which is helpful for tackling fish you consider out of the capacity
  • The ported aluminum spool is helpful for removing unnecessary weight, which allows better performance
  • It has 7 stainless bearings, which offers you silky smooth operation. At the same time, it provides you excellent durability and reel longevity


  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Lightweight
  • One-piece graphite frame
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Single roller bearing
  • Ideal for aggressive strategies and electrical power fishing
  • Best quality
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Great performance
  • High quality


  • Not good for 15lb braid


A large number of manufacturers introduce different types of fishing tools. The popularity of fishing is also increasing day by day.

As a result, more and more new manufacturers are entering in this marketplace. Compromising cash for quality will be the biggest question when you search for a fishing reel.

However, Abu Garcia Pro Max delivers the best-rate performance that too in an exceptionally smooth package.

It's reel and components are made from high-quality materials. This reel is compact and lightweight and it is engineered to take the daily abuses.​

The Duragear brass gear of this reel is effective for delivering serious winding power and extended gear life. The Power Disk drag system is helpful for staying smooth throughout its range.

The side plates and one-piece graphite frame are helpful for keeping it lightweight and minimizing flex. It is ideal for doing a wide range of bass fishing applications.

The machined, doubled-anodized aluminum spool can provide strength and minimize weight. In short, you will get professional results and maximum performance from Abu Garcia Pro Max.​

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