Overview of Avet Fishing Reels | Perfect Review & Buying Guide

Avet has been serving the fishing enthusiasts with their outstanding fishing tools for more than a decade. Still, the company is amazing anglers with their top performing products.

The fishing reel of Avet is fast moving because of excellent design and performance. Easy maintenance is the peculiar feature of these fishing reels.

Key Information About Avet Fishing Reels

Aluminum components are used in these fishing reels. So, all these parts are anodized.

Thus, it offers increased corrosion resistance capacity. It can also create esthetically beautiful finishes.

The popularity of Avet fishing reels is increasing day by day within the fishing reel market. The impressive durability is the most important characteristic of all fishing reels of Avet.

The presence of a simple dual screw side plate makes the maintenance of this reel as easy as possible.

Avet 5.3:1 is really an impressive reel. This lever drag reel comes with all stainless steel components. 

The cast control system of this reel is constructed on the basis of patented MC.

Extremely powerful drag system, 8 stainless steel ball bearings, an alarm clicker, Silent anti-reverse system, etc are the other peculiar features of this tool. All these features make this reel one of the most reliable reels in the industry.

It has 14 lbs, which provides maximum drag pressure. The quality and performance of Avet reels are at the peak level. The Avet 5.3:1 also provides the same level of performance and quality.

You will get everything from this conventional reel that you are expecting from Avet.


  • Casting control system offers amazing performance
  • Patented Magic Cast
  • Very powerful
  • Reliable drag performance
  • Ideal for both saltwater and freshwater
  • Extremely high corrosion resistance capacity
  • Comes with beautiful looks and finish
  • All aluminum components
  • Stainless steel
  • 8 ball bearings
  • Tested for quality and durability


• Slightly heavy compared to other fishing reels at same price category

Major Usage:

The Avet 5.3:1 Conventional reel is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It can provide lots of advantages than many other reels and brands under the same price range.

It is ideal for saving the cost of purchasing different reels for each type of water. You can catch a wide variety of fish by using this reel. It offers almost no limits. However, this reel is specifically suitable for catching fish species such as mahi, reds, taug, striper, and fluke.

This Lever Drag reel is a baitcasting reel, which is a fishing technique that contains on throwing a bail with fishing line. A flexible fishing rod is used for this purpose. Anglers use many different types of techniques for casting further.

Thus, this kind of fishing is really challenging and exciting. Anglers mostly use a technique that needs to shift the body weight to the front foot while moving the rod forward. The rods and lines used for saltwater fishing are heavier.


Expert engineers are behind the manufacturing of Avet 5.3:1 and the facility are located in the USA. Just like most other Avet fishing reels the features stainless steel and all aluminum components.

Thus, this reel can provide greater strength and amazingly high corrosion resistance. Thus, it offers very long durability.

This fishing reel has a compact design. Besides, it is lightweight. Thus, you can use it shockingly large fish because of its compact size. It is estimated that the weight of this fishing reel is just 14 ounces.

Drag System:

The Avet 5.3:1 has extremely powerful lever drag system. Thus, you can easily adjust the strike pre-set. The drag capabilities of this reel are truly amazing.

Thus, you can catch large fish species because of the cutting-edge technology of this company. The maximum drag pressure of Avet 5.3:1 is 14lbs.

However, you can maintain a smooth, consistent pressure, which is the major feature of this reel. Thus, it offers greater protection to the line.

Avet 5.3:1 comes with enough drag, thus you can handle most fish very easily. The drag also performs very smoothly throughout the entire range.

Casting Control:

The casting control system of this fishing reel is highly impressive. The company uses revolutionary, very popular, and patented MC (Magic Cast) in Avet 5.3:1.

Thus, you can adjust the magnetic casting control system. Intensity Polar Amplify technology, which is also the patented technology of Avet, is used for creating the great casting control system of this fishing reel.

Magic Cast System of this fishing reel is perfect for fishes of all weights and sizes. Thus, anyone can use this reel effortlessly. No experience is required for using this conventional reel.

You can operate it by placing your thumb at the spool while casting. Then you can swing it and remove your thumb from the spool.

Ball Bearings:

The Avet 5.3:1 comes with 8 ball bearings system. Almost all components of this fishing reel can be seen on other fishing reels of Avet.

Stainless steel is used for manufacturing the ball bearings of this fishing reel. Thus, it has extremely high corrosion resistance power.

Ball bearings on fishing reels are helpful for reducing friction between various different moving parts. As a result, the reel moves smoothly and freely under loads resulting from the drag and from the wind.

The Avet contains 8 ball bearings, which assures smooth and nice movements for the reel. Thus, anglers can experience easy drag and long durability.

Final Word About Avet Raptor Reels:

The Avet 5.3:1 comes with more innovative and industry leading technologies than most other reels that are available on the market.

Stainless steel and all aluminum components are the most important specialties of this fishing reel. Thus, without a doubt it is an extremely high-quality fishing reel.

The casting control system of this reel is really revolutionary. Thus, it is highly useful for both beginners and expert anglers. It also has incredible casting capabilities.

Thus, you can catch all types of fish species by using this reel. The maximum drag pressure of Avet 5.3:1 is 14 lbs. It is more than enough for most common fishes.

It is the outcome of the constant pursuit of Avet for producing a great fishing reel. It will really amaze all types of anglers.

Avet is a new player in the sports fishing market. They arrived on the scene just around 10 years ago. But, they have conquered the market with their stylish, innovative, high-quality fishing products.

Reels produced by this company have taken some impressive catches. Avet reels mainly come with 7 different flavors. Some of the other colors are green and orange. The standard colors of this company are silver, gold and blue. But, some reels are available in black, purple, and gunmetal colors.

Avet casting reels are available in two basic forms. They are true MC control and standard mechanical cast control. One of the owners of the company is left handed.

So, the company is also introducing various products for the lefty fishermen. Avet introduces true left-hand reels as well. Besides fishing reels, lots of other fishing accessories are also introduced by this company.

The company introduced the soft grip handles two years ago. All the reels of Avet are lever drag, which is really new for you. The lever drag reels used only for trolling.

But, Avet changes the fishing industry by designing lever drag reels with excellent performance and wonderful casting. Once you use this reel, you will surely become a fan of Avet Reels.

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