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Best Baitcasting Rods for the Money | Review & Buying Guide 2018

Remember the rhyme “one, two, three, four, five..once I caught a fish alive.” At that time my aim in life was to be a fisherman..LOL. Anyways fishing is like an adventure and best time pass in leisure time or in bad mood. For fishing, you will get many kinds and types of fishing rods.

But if you like to catch a big fish and to have yummy fish steak, then you need the best baitcasting rods for the money. A Baitcasting rod is mainly for controlling and fighting with large while catching them.

You can also catch fish in a long distant easily with this rod. This rod has reels which are mounted to a top of the rod. This design makes the rod usable as trigger fishing rod. For a new beginner, a baitcasting rod is quite difficult to handle. There is a way to position and hold the rod while fishing.​

Seasoned anglers use baitcasting rod the most. Because with this rod the fishing line can be placed in the straight line which is impossible with the spinning rod. So, to select a perfect baitcasting rod you have to analyze and read some honest reviews before getting one.​

I have followed this review while going for a baitcasting rod to purchase. You will get enough and helpful information from this a wonderful site.​

Best Baitcasting Rods for the Money Comparison







Entsport 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod




Fiblink Graphite Baitcasting Rod




Noeby Baitcasting Fishing Rod




Lamiglas Classic Glass Trolling Rod




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How we picked:

With A good baitcasting rod, you will not be able to learn fishing and turn into a good angler in just one click. But you will learn fishing with a good rod because a cheap rod will not help to grow interested in fishing.

So, a best baitcasting rod helps to increase the fishing performance by its best feature. So, while selecting the rod we focused on some strong features which are responsible for making the fishing rod the best.​


You can judge the power of the rod by its performance. The more the rod can bend without getting broken you can say it is powerful in performance.

After seeing the power, you can select which types and kinds of fish you can fish with this rod.

The heavy powerful rod helps you to catch big fish without any problem. you will enjoy catching small fish with a heavy rod and it is fun. But don’t try to catch big fish with the light rod as a challenge.

Because a large fish tries its best to get out from the trap and it gets tougher with a light rod. and it may end with a broken rod and a fleeing fish.

So, you have to select which fish you want to trap and then pick a rod. We picked the rod on the basis of the power and marked which rod is best for which fish.​


As the weight and power issue is cleared now you have to check the action of the rod. Action depends on the speed of the rod. There are kinds of speed like:

Slow speed – Best for fighting and fishing small fish.

Moderate - With this action, you can go for middle size fish.

And fast – You can catch big and large fish with this speed easily without struggle.


The fishing rod material is made from graphite fiber or glass fiber. This material is very flexible and perfect for catching fish. Among the materials, the graphite is sensible and flexible to catch large fish. The fiber glass is heavy and long lasting.

The sensitivity is, by the way, a little low. But you can catch large fish.


Your fishing rod handle must be not feeling slippery in wet circumstances. The material should be long lasting and slip resistant. With this handle, you will have to catch and struggle with fish. So, the handle has to be strong and good in a material.

There is cork made and synthetically made fish rod handle you will get. Both of them is high in quality but a synthetically made rod is cheaper than the cork made the rod.​


The grip is important while fishing. You can use the rear grip with extended length for controlling your movement while catching fish. It can be used as two hand casting. But if you are going for large fish then pick long and firm grip.

We picked all of the fish catching rods on the aspects of these features. The features are important to catch fish especially large fish.

2017’s Reviews of the best baitcasting rods

1. Entsport 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod:

For fishing, this rod is perfect as it is strong and the fiber construction made of carbon which makes the rod stronger and fittest. The guides are made from rust-resistant stainless steel and the reel seat is high in quality. the fiber of the rod is graphite and is flexible, powerful and versatile.

The guides help line flow perfectly cast and sensible. The grips help fishing in control and comfort. The rod is light in weight and very strong in a feature.​

Product Features:

  • The rod is 2 pieces and 7’ carbon made baitcasting fishing rod. It works in two powers.
  • Light in weight but powerful in features.
  • The fiber construction is carbon made and sensitive.
  • The reel seat with rust resistant and has aluminum tops.
  • The reel seat has the beautiful finish.
  • The rod has 6+1 guides which are placed perfectly.
  • The EVA is high density and offers durability and sensitivity.
  • Comfortable and easy to handle.


  • Very reasonable in price
  • Unique in design
  • Light in weight but powerful in performance
  • Made with rust free graphite fiber material


  • Some customer has complained about the durability of the rod

2. Fiblink Graphite Baitcasting Rod:

This awesome rod has the coating of sun resistant polish which helps to keep the rod color intact. The rod is light and strong. The fiber is carbon made and rust resistant. The handle of the rod is unique in design and very comfortable. The handle has the cork material.

Product Features:

  • The rod is 2-Piece and carbon casting rod
  • The reel seat is high in quality
  • The handle material is cork made which is very high in quality
  • The rod has 8+1 guides and frames made from stainless steel and also has the ceramic insert
  • To recognize the real rod there is an “S” mark on the biggest guide
  • Has color proof coating
  • The handle is comfortable to handle


  • Light and convenient fishing rod
  • Reasonable in price
  • Good in quality
  • Has sunlight proof color coat
  • User-friendly and comfortable in a feature


  • Some users say it gets broken easily

3. Noeby Baitcasting Fishing Rod:

A fishing rod with excellent balance and performance. The handle is versatile and can be used in your choice. The material is graphite made which is sensitive. The power of dragging is 1kg-5kg. for the beginner, you can drag unto 2 kg with this rod.

The fiber is carbon made and very light in body. The handle is cork material and high in intensity. The guides are stainless steel made and have rust-free Aluminum Oxide.​

Product Features:

  • This fishing rod is made of carbon fiber with high-performance graphite materials. The rod is great in power
  • It Is light in weight and offers perfect balance while fishing
  • It has artificial lures like pencil bai and rigged worms
  • The guides are 7+1 and stainless-steel made
  • You can fish in saltwater and freshwater in both
  • The line is available in many size and length
  • The reel seat is uniquely designed and coated with rust resistant aluminum. The reel looks luxurious and graceful
  • It is portable and best for taking in a backpack


  • Can be given as the gift
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible in action
  • Reasonable in price
  • High in quality


  • The material is not upto the mark

4. Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod:

Though the design is traditional usage is modern. This rod is best for fishing in the boat. All you have to do is choose the perfect size and length for your fishing. This rod is perfect for downrigger and trolling.

​This rod is appreciable for downrigger anglers and pad pullers. Also, herring and back trollers can use this fishing rod easily and perfectly. The action rod is glass rod and is designed to hold fish much longer with the strong hook.

Product Features:

  • The color of the rod is brown and has copper trim. This makes the rod attractive
  • The rod is perfectly designed for downriggers which help to glide away in a simple way
  • The rod is perfect in casting
  • You will get a simple rod with powerful performance
  • You can catch large and big fish
  • The materials are high in quality
  • The fiber is glass made and high in quality


  • A perfect downrigger fishing rod
  • The tip is soft and has the strong butt
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible in performance


  • Not good for fishing a large fish

How we tested:

Before introducing products in the market, we test all the products to make it acceptable and user-friendly. Our testing process was:

Casting :- To check the casting, we selected every species and matched rod with perfect reel and weight of casting. We checked every rod by throwing and observing the load and casting performance.

Gears :- We cautiously examined the material of the handle, inserts and guides, the seats of reel and wraps. We organized the rods on the basis of the performances and quality.

Sense :- To check the sensitivity of the rod, we cast and pulled weights in the grass, tar, mud, and concrete and checked the signals which are transmitted to the rod.

Total quantity :- The quantity and the quality of the rod are well checked and tested.

Sensation and finish :- Apart from the performance we also gave importance to the comfort features. Because while fishing if you don’t feel comfortable then you can’t enjoy fishing at all. So, we checked handle, wraps, reel seat and rated their comfort label.

Value :- There is a wrong conception that expensive rods are high in quality. Our maximum quality rods are reasonable in price. Our main motto is giving our best products to our customers in low price.

Weight :- Nowadays you will see light weighted fishing rods. You may think they will break in certain point. But the materials now we use in the rods are perfect and very long lasting. You will get small guides; advanced reel seats and divided grips.

Specialty :- As we are in the new era of technology, we love to do our works in short time. There was a time as the fisherman had to carry different fishing rods to catch different species. Thanks to advance technology you can fish any size the or species with one fishing rods perfectly. Just figure out which level is your fishing experience and choose the rod while going fishing. We tested and approved.

Washable :- After usage, it is must to wash a product. We tested every product after washing as it faces any problem or not. You can wash the rods with bleach, chemicals anything.

Materials :- Fishing rods is made from different materials like bamboo, fiberglass, and graphite. You have to select the materials which are perfect for your skill and fishing level.

The materials are:

Fiberglass Rods: This rod is perfect for new fisherman. This rod is strong and little heavy. You can fish large fish without any hassle. The rod is strong in performance.

Graphite Rods: Expert fisherman like this type of rod very much. This rod is best in weight and durability. Though it is light but works superbly while fishing a large fish. The rod is powerful and gives the best performance while you are catching a large fish.

Bamboo Rods: The bamboo rod is the smooth and strong performer. This rod is durable and gives the high performance while catching fish.

The Extra section :- In a market, you will see rods with an extra section. This rod helps to increase the rod in handsome length. We tested this long length the I fishing and yes, it is impressive. This long rod helps to give casting power which is extra powerful and helps to fish in great distance easily and comfortably. A large fish can be easily controlled with this extra-large rod.

Also with this extra length rod, you can pull out the fish which hides in the weeds and snags easily without any struggle.

Don’t worry about the extra length, you can easily remove the extra section when it is required. You can use one rod for versatile use.

Usage of quiver tip :- Many new beginners in fishing think that you need quivertip to catch a big fish. But it is not at all true. The middle and butt section of the rod helps to deliver power while catching a big fish. The quivertip is not responsible at all. A quivertip provides bite indication.

Test curves :- This part of the rod controls and indicates the power of the rod. If this curve is strong the rod can be bent and pull easily with a big fish. We tested all the test curve of our rod and gave top most priority to those rods which have strong curves.

Spigot joint :- There is a joint section in the fishing rod. The joint helps to slide two rods in one to another. This helps the rod to get extra length and powerful performance. We test every rod joint and rated it to best to cheap.

At A Glance: Our Choices for the best baitcasting rods:

Entsport portable baitcasting fishing rod is a 2 piece and 7 feet graphite casting rod which is heavy but powerful fishing rod.

If you want light and convenient fishing rod then go for fiblink graphite baitcasting rod.

Noeby baitcasting fishing rod is light in weight. The rod is 2 piece and graphite fiber made.

JOHNCOO baitcasting rod will provide you amazingly comfortable and light feature while fishing.

Lamiglas Classic Rod is an excellent rod and perfect downrigger. It is very flexible and unique in design.​

Final Verdict:

Nowadays it is quite tough to get some time from our busy lives. But it is required to boost your health and energy level. The best way to spend your time is spending quality time in outdoor activities.

There are many activities like mountain climbing, cycling, camping, and fishing. Fishing is the all-time popular outdoor activities. You can go with family or friend and spend some time with them and grow strong bondage in relation.

So before going to fishing, you need to have the best baitcasting rods for the money to enjoy the time in fishing. Just determine which types and species you want to fish and select the perfect fishing rod. Enjoy fishing and Hey doesn't forget to invite when you are preparing a delicious fish steak.​

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