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Top Five Best Catfish Rods Reviews & Buying Guide | 2018

Catfish are the most favorite species for anglers. Blues, channels, and flatheads are the three main species of catfishes. Pretty much all catfishes are very hard to catch and they do fiercest fights against fishing rods.

To catch them easily every angler needs the best catfish rod which is specially designed to withstand the stress and force from catfishes.

Owing the catfish rod enables anglers to handle all varieties of catfish species. Many anglers do not pay attention to the catfish rods and invest in the wrong fishing rods. Selecting the right fishing rod for the catfishes is extremely important to tackle the catfishes.​

But most of the anglers may not have an idea how to select the right one. For the solution here are the buying guide and top best catfishes we have carefully selected just for you!​

To select the catfish rods, You need to know their best qualities and best features. In this buying guide, we will let you know all the ideal qualities of catfish rods.

Five Catfish Rods Comparison




Check Price

Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod

High Quality Components

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rods

High Quality Components

Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Cast Combo

High Quality Components

Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip

High Quality Components

Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rods

High Quality Components

How did we pick?

After doing more than 100 hours of research and testing hundreds of catfish rods, reading recommended books about catfishing, researching on the behavior of catfish, reviewing all the techniques in the catfishing, Speaking to experienced anglers, we have gathered a lot of information about catfish rods.

We have heard many anglers commits big mistake during the selection of the catfish rods. As we don't want you to be a victim of poor quality catfish rods, here are the best qualities and features which make the best catfish rods.​

Rod Length: The length of a fishing rod plays an importance role in the fishing. The performance of the rod depends on the length of the rod.

Most of the rod lengths size in between 5 foot to 7 foot. Based on the type of catfish and type of water the rod length may vary. Select the fishing rod based on your needs and the range of performance you want.​

Power: The power of the rod is the strength of the rod. Different ranges of power are available on the fishing rods. Ultra light, medium, medium heavy, heavy are different ranges of power.

Channel catfishes may need a medium to medium heavy action. Blue and flathead catfishes are very good fighters and need more power. So they need medium-heavy to heavy range of power.

Selecting a wrong power range may impact your target.

Materials used: Catfish rods are mostly made up of five types of materials. E-Glass, S-glass, Graphite, carbon fiber and composite are five types of materials used in the making of catfish rods.

The type of material used also shows the impact on the action of the rod.

E-Glass Catfish rods: Catfish rods made up of E-glass material are very popular in usage and favorite type of material for most of the catfish anglers.

The E-glass material is very strong, thick and powerful. They are less sensitive and weighs a little more.

S-glass Catfish Rods: The s-glass material is more superior than the E-glass material. It is developed in the recent years. The catfish rods made of S-glass material are very sensitive and weighs lighter.

Nowadays many manufacturers are choosing the S-glass material in the making of fishing rods. S-glass catfish rods are strong in nature, light in weight and best in sensitivity. They also have good durability.

Graphite rods:

Graphite catfish rods are made up of graphite. These rods are light in weight and are very sensitive. You can use this type of rods in the case of small catfishes and these are less powerful. Graphite rods are breakable and can't catch big fishes.

Carbon Fiber Rods:

Carbon fiber is made up of graphite fibers. Carbon fibers have many advantages like light in weight, temperature tolerance, high tensile strength, high stiffness, and resistance.

Composite Rods:

Composite rods are a combination of graphite and E-glass. Composite rods are most advanced fishing rods and very capable. These are light in weight and sensitive like graphite. These are innovative catfish rods with the mixed advantages.

Rod action:

Rod action defines the action of the rod deflects when the pressure is applied on the tip. There are three types of rod actions which are fast rod action, medium rod action, and slow rod action.

The rods with fast action have the fastest reflex and bends in the nearest of the tip. Medium action rods bends a little deeper and are more flexible. Slow action rod bends from handle to tip. Based on your fishing trip, select the rod action which suits for you.​

Rod tip:

Rod tip has an important concept in the technique of fishing. A perfect rod tip should give some flex about the movement of the fish. In circle hooks, the rod tip should be more sensitive and able to give the best flex action.

Rod tip must be a little flexible and able to hold up the force. Also, it should be sharp and easily catch the fish without missing it.​

Line guides:

Line guides are the round structure constructed around the fishing rod. It shows the quality of the fishing rods. High-quality fishing rods will have one line guide per foot.

Line guides are also known as eyes of the fishing rods. The fishing rods which have more number of line guides will show better performance in fishing. Line guides are helpful for transferring vibrations created by the fish.

They distribute the stress and force equally all around the fishing rod. They decrease the force and makes the process easy.​

Rod handle:

Catfish rod handles are differentiated into three types which are Cork handles, foam handles and paracord handles.

Rod handles must be very strong and durable. the design must be ergonomic to hold for a longer time. The handle should be easy to hold and easy to use. It must withstand the pressure from the hand and force from the fish.

The selection of the rod handles should be based on your personal preference. Cork Handles are very porous and easy to handle.Foam Handles are very durable and Comfortable to hold.​

Reel seats:

Reel seats should be durable and strong enough to withstand the force from the catfishes. The reel should b well constructed and well designed without any sort of damages.


It is completely your wish to select your favorite colors. Mostly catfish rods comes in blue, yellow, white colors. Make sure to select the color you love because fishing rods stays very long time and your favorite color motivates you to catch fishes with more interest.

Reasons to trust us:

In the process of selecting the best catfish pumps, we have done a lot of research and conducted many tests.

We have spoken to various experts in the fishing field, read many books. To select catfish rods we specially went to catfish in different water places.

We have checked all the ideal qualities and collected huge information. Many anglers make a wrong decision when it comes to fishing rods. So, we have selected all the rods carefully.​

All the products in our list are highly recommended, User-friendly, most compatible and the best in terms of everything.​

Why should you get this?

Catching catfish is a very tough task. Catfish species are well known for their tremendous fights and until unless you have the best equipment you can never be able to catch catfishes.

Catfishes are very smart and know all the tricks to escape. The equipment which angular is using to catch the catfish must be well designed with perfection. Many angulars commit mistakes in the selection of fishing rods.​

They just go to the market and buy a poorly built fishing rods. It may impact the fishing and waste the time of the angular. So be smart and get a catfish rods which helps you and makes it all easy.

The fishing rods we have selected are a combination of high qualities and innovative technology. With the best technique and best catfish rod, You can conquer this species.​

Advantages of our Catfish rods:

  • They provide ultimate balance and best casting
  • Wonderful power ranges to tackle bigger fishes
  • Withstands all the pressure and forces
  • Takes control over the fish
  • High sensitivity
  • Highly durable

How we tested?

We are very strict in the testing time and conducted very hard tests on the products. In the process of selecting catfish rods, we have collected various models and types of fishing rods.

By selecting top 30 of the best catfish rods, we have filtered top five based on the reviews and facts. Then we brought out the data we have collected from the experts about fishing. We took the top five catfish rods and went to fishing.

The process of Test:

We have selected different places and took all the five fishing rods for the test. We have given it to one angular who have 25 years experience in fishing and to one beginner who just started. Both of them used all the rods and caught a good number of catfishes.

We have collected the report from them and confirmed all the qualities. All the rods are very fast in catching, very sensitive, light in weight and gave the best performance.

We have also asked their opinion on the whole experience. The angular is very happy with the performance and beginner felt it is easy to use. Based on all these We finalized these fishing rods as the best.​

Type of Catfish species

Based on the type of the catfish species the fishing rod should be selected. Different species acts differently during the attack.

Here are the more details about the species and fishing rods​

Channel Cat Rod Features.During the channel cat fishing, you must keep in mind that these are strong and smart fishes.

The fishing rod should be medium power and have the backbone to handle the fish. The power action should be medium to fast action.

The length of the rod should be 7 foot to 7 inches. The material used in the making should be graphite or E-glass. It should be easy to use.​

Rods for Blue and flatheads:

Bule and flatheads are a big type of catfishes and very strong. They fight a lot and applies huge force. So, the rod should be designed as a medium to heavy power action.

The tip of the rod should be soft and circle in shape. It should be Easy to handle and manage all the pressure.​

How to catch catfishes easily:

There are various types of techniques to catch catfishes. After you bought the catfish rod, read the instructions and study about the rod.

Know the capacity, length, power and features of the fishing rod. It makes you easy to understand the way it works and way to use it. Catfish rods can bring the fishes from bottom to up and makes it easy to catch. Always have good control over the fish.

If the catfish is bigger, use your body to apply more strength and prevent escape. All the innovative features of our products help you in everything and make it easy to catch the catfishes.​

Care and Maintenance:

Always treat your catfish rod with care and maintain them neatly. Place them in a neat place and check for any damages often. Make sure the tip is always sharp and ready to catch the fish.

Aso, the best equipment works at the suitable place. Make sure the place you are going to catch fishes has a huge number of catfishes.​

Top Five Best Catfish Rods:

After reading the buying guide, we think you got a pretty good idea about selecting catfish rods. But in thousand of models available in the market, it is really very hard to select the one.

So, We have selected these top fish rods for you. Here are top five catfish rods just for you.​

1. Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip:

Rippin Lips catfish rod comes in the top position of our list and one of the best Casting Rod available in the market. This rod has outstanding design and very strong in heavy action.

Specially created to conquer catfish species, Rippin Lips rod can withstand all the hard situations in catfishing.​

It is the best catfish rod and can be angler's best friend in catfishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Power action is medium heavy and suits for all types of catfish species
  • Designed with a split grip which makes it easy to use
  • The length of the rod is seven feet and six inches
  • Rod is made up of high-quality components
  • Made up of strong S-glass structure

2. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rods:

Shakespeare rods are designed especially for catfish anglers. A unique quality of this rods is they have tremendous strength and very strong in power.

They have good sensitivity and can clear the game of catfishes.​

Highlighted Features

  • Power range is medium heavy action
  • EVA grips with rubber gimbal
  • Design is very nice
  • Best Durability
  • Best Sensitivity

3. Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Cast Combo:

Here comes on the third position Abu Garcia rods are our favorite in the smooth casting. These fishing rods are designed with ultimate durability and give the best performance.

Carbon Matrix drag system and synchronized wind system makes this fishing rod strong and stable.​

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with the innovative technology and have Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system which works like wonder
  • Consists 2 stainless steel ball bearings which provide smooth casting
  • Synchronized wind system provides stability
  • High-quality rod
  • Easy to use

4. Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod with Glow Tip:

It is one of the best catfish rods available in the market. Best in quality, good in performance, high in durability are the three qualities in this product.

Beginners to experts everyone can easily use this rod. S-glass is the material used in the manufacturing of the product and it is very durable.

Highlighted Features

  • This rod consists of high-quality components
  • It is made up of strong S-glass structure
  • Best for fishing trips
  • Easy to handle
  • High quality

5. Okuma Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rods:

Okuma spinning rods are the last product of this list but not least. It has amazing power action and provides the backbone to handle furious fights.

It is light in weight and powerful. The materials used in the making of this fishing rod are high quality and very strong.​

Highlighted Features

  • Cork rear grip reduces binding
  • Made up of E-glass material
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


Here are our top catfish rods selected after ultimate research. All the products ensure best performance and usage.

Never invest in wrong fishing rods and waste your energy. Select the best one to improve the chances of catching catfishes. We all know that catching catfishes is an art and every angler must have the best equipment to catch them easily.

Choose the best one smartly and carefully. Based on your needs and preferences select the one from the list. Happy Catfishing!​

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