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Best Inshore Spinning Reels Review & Buying Guide | 2018

Fishing is the most popular entertainment activity for many people. From kids to adults everyone loves to catch fishes. Various types of fishing are present all around the world and each type of fishing has its own style.

Saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, Inshore fishing, fly fishing, Ice fishing is different types of fishings. All types of fishing styles definitely need the best equipment to make it more enjoyable.​

Inshore fishing is the type of fishing where people catches fishes within a few miles from the shore. Inshore spinning reels help you to catch fishes near the ocean. There are many types of spinning reels available in the market.

But a poorly constructed reel can be a waste of your time and energy. Buying the best inshore fishing reel is a very important step to have best fishing experience. It is hard to select the one in thousands.​

Here is a buying guide which explains you everything about inshore spinning reels and a list of top seven best inshore fishing reels:

Buying Guide:

Most of the people select the wrong gear for inshore fishing. Selecting the best inshore fishing reel is a very tough process but with the help of this buying guide which explains you each and every detail about spinning reels, you can simply select the one from the list.​

Top 5 Inshore Spinning Reel Comparison





Gear Ratio


Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

8.7 oz



Quantum Smoke PT Inshore Spinning Reel

7.7 ounces



PLUSINNO Big Fish Reel

PLUSINNO Big Fish Reel

12.93 oz



FyshFlyer Willer Spinning Reel

11.33 oz



Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel

6 oz



1. How did we pick?

After doing more than 100 hours of research and testing hundreds of spinning reels, reading books written by experts in the fishing field, researching inshore climate and environment, collecting all the information about best gears for fishing, analyzing fishing techniques, we have prepared a data of best qualities a spinning reel must have.

Here are the best qualities of best inshore spinning reels.

  • Reel body:

The body of the reels is made up of graphite and cast aluminum in many cases. The materials used in the making of the reel must be very strong and be able to face any situation in the ocean.

Inshore spinning reels must have the body which can withstand all the stress and pressure inside the water.​

Graphite and aluminum casting are very strong in nature and prevents the reel from all types of damages.

  • Reel Gear ratio:

Reel gear ratio is a term which is used to define a number of times bail moves around spool within a single turn of the reel handle.

The perfect gear ratio for the inshore fishing reel is 4:1 gear ratio which means bails moves all around spool of the reel for one turn of the handle. The more gear ratio the more torque is provided.​

  • Reel Size:

The size of the reel is completely depended upon your personal preference. You have to select size of reel based on the targeted species, distance, and diameter. Large reels are recommended because they are very helpful in any situation during fishing.

  • The Bail:

The bail of inshore fishing reel controls the activity of the line. Bail can be opened or closed based upon the requirement of the angular. Bail can be closed after casting in order to avoid snarled line.

  • Drag system:

The drag system is a mechanism in spinning reel which explains the process of applying pressure to the drive mechanism to act as the friction brake against it.

This system is helpful when the fish is fighting against the reel. There are different types of drag systems. Disk drag system is most popular and famous drag system used in inshore spinning reels.​

  • Ball Bearings:

A quality spinning reel always has a number of bearings. Ball bearings have the most important purpose of operating fishing reel smoothly.

Ball bearings or bushings are small round structures placed around the spinning reels which provide smooth casting, stability, and support to the fishing reel. They distribute the force from the fish equally all our the reel which prevents breakage.

It also helps in preventing slipping. Cheaper spinning reels have less number of ball bearings which causes damage to the reel. So always select high-quality spinning reel.​

  • Spools:

In the inshore fishing reels, spools are made up of graphite and aluminum.

The line capacity of the spinning reel is based on the spool size. There are different sizes of spools available in the current market.​

As these spinning reels work in the saltwater, the spools must be made up of graphite and aluminum materials.​

  • Anti-Reverse Handles:

Anti-Reverse handles are designed to make the reel more comfortable for right-hand and left-hand users. You can use the spinning reel comfortably without any unnecessary turnings.

This is an advantage in inshore spinning reel and before selecting the one always check for this feature.

  • Body Type:

Graphite and aluminum bodies are highly recommended for saltwater fishing. These strong materials reduce the damaging and increase the durability of spinning reels.

Always choose the body which is well constructed and strong in nature. The design of the reel must be solid, strong and well built. Check for all the parts. The parts must be well placed tightly.

A well-designed reel will have smooth performance and best ability to catch fishes.​

  • Weight:

Make sure the weight of the spinning reel is comfortable and light in weight. It reduces the pressure on the hand and you can catch fishes for a longer amount of times without any pain.

Heavy weighted reels may damage your wrists and causes discomfort. Inshore fishing needs a lightweight reel and simple reels.​

  • Comfort:

Inshore spinning reels must be very comfortable to use. The whole body should be strong and easy enough to hold for very long times. The handle must have good grip and be able to tackle the pressure between hand and fish.

It should work smoothly for a longer amount of time. Comfort is the first preference when it comes to fishing because in discomfort you can't concentrate on the fishing.​

  • Drag adjustments:

Drag adjustment is a feature in spinning reel which enables you to adjust the drag devices and control the speed of the spool.

It helps you to catch fish easily without escaping. Drag adjustments provide more strength to the angular and control the spinning reel.​

Inshore fishing needs more drag adjustments because fishes lives inshore are very strong and good in fighting. So make sure drag adjustments are working perfectly. All the products in the list have well-designed drag adjustments and provide good stability.

  • Corrosion Resist:

Inshore spinning reels must be made up of materials which are salt water resistant and resistant to chemical reactions.

As oceans have different types of chemicals and higher amounts salt, exposing reel to the water for the longer amount of times can cause severe damage to the reel. So, make sure it is corrosion-resistant and made up of high-quality materials.​

2. Reasons to trust us:

In order to select the best inshore spinning reels, we have done intense research on the utility of spinning reels. On the journey of selection, we have conducted many tests, spoke to many manufacturers, studied the climate around oceans and referred books about fishing.

By noting down all the information we have collected, we have carefully analyzed the top qualities of best spinning reels which suit for inshore fishing. Depending on all the best qualities we have conducted series of tests to pick the best one.

The products in our list perfectly suit for all your fishing requirements and ensure you the best experience in fishing.​

3. Why you should get this:

Inshore fishing is a fun task but needs skill and good equipment to catch the best fish. Spinning reels are invented to tolerate all types of aquatic environments and catch fish of all types and sizes.

Spinning reels work best for inshore fishing as they decrease the issues you may face and avoids tangling issues. It decreases the force from the fish and enables angular to tackle the situation. If you love inshore fishing and needs the best gear you must get these spinning reels.

Many people fail to catch fish and come home with nothing in their buckets. It is due to wrong equipment. The perfect spinning reel can help you to catch fishes easily without any tension and effort. It saves your time and energy. It increases the number of fishes and makes it more profitable.​

4. How we tested?

In the process of selecting the best inshore spinning reels, we have studied characteristics of hundreds of spinning reels. Inshore spinning reels must be specialized and well designed to tackle all types of fishes.

Keeping this in mind we have shortlisted the number of spinning reels and selected high quality spinning reels. We have filtered out seven best spinning reels and conducted tests on them.

We have set at quick checklist and guidelines for the test and used all the seven spinning reels for inshore fishing.The process of the test: We have collected all our products and went to fishing.

We have gone up to few meters near shore and started using the spinning reels. All the spinning reels are very fast in catching fishes and helped us to take good control on the fishes.

We have easily caught a bucket full of fishes within a short amount of time. All the spinning reels work best and very good at performance.​

5. Know your needs:

Also, keep in mind about your needs and requirements. Research a little bit about the place you are going to fishing, targeted species, type of water and your ability. Based on your needs choose best spinning reel which can perform the best for you.

Keep in mind about baits, lure, climate, water factor before going to start fishing.

6. Care and maintenance:

Take a good care of the spinning reel. Check for any sort of damages after fishing. A good maintenance and good usage can increase the durability of the product.

Experts always advise to maintain spinning reels with a lot of care and often check for any kind of damages. The products in our list are well designed to face any hard situation.​

Top Seven Best Inshore Spinning Reels:

Shopping for the spinning reels is a big task and needs a lot of time to search the perfect one. To reduce your effort we have picked top products for you.Here is the list of top seven best inshore spinning reels just for you.

1. Fin-Nor IFS 3000 Inshore Spinning Reel:

The fin-nor spinning reel is our top pick and one of our favorite spinning reels. It took top position of our list because it has all the ideal features and performs the best in inshore fishing.

The total reel body is very light in weight and made up of anodized aluminum.​

Here are some more exciting features about this product:

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with Mega Lok infinite anti-reverse handles which are helpful for the right-hand and left-hand angulars. It also makes it easy to use the reel.
  • Forging is a process of shaping the metal with the help of localized compressive forces. The spool of this reel is made up of Cold-forged aluminum which makes very strong in nature.
  • It consists of five double shielded stainless steel bearings which make the whole reel body stable and controllable.
  • The drag system is completely sealed and work perfectly. It gives you a good control on the fish.
  • The whole body is made up of aluminum which makes it very strong and can tackle the forces from fish.

2. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile:

Abu Garcia reel is designed with all the special features which make it very efficient.

For inshore fishing, this reel suits the best because it is very easy and comfortable to use.

The body is very strong and solid. Carbon Matrix drag system provides smooth casting.​

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with C6 carbon side plates which reduce weight and provides good durability.
  • Speical feature in this reel is it has dual anti-reverse handle which gives additional backup.
  • The type of drag system is carbon matrix which provides smooth casting
  • Consistent drag pressures gives you a good control on the reel
  • The handle is well designed and easy to hold.

3. Quantum Smoke PT Inshore Spinning Reel:

Quantum spinning reel is an excellent choice for inshore fishing and helps you very well.

It is designed as a simple reel which multiple features. It is very powerful design and can be used easily.​

It consists of all the ideal qualities and works very nice.​

Highlighted Features

  • Designed as a rigid structure and very light in weight.
  • Designed with CSC drag system.
  • Clutch is completely sealed.
  • Corrosion resistant body.
  • Very smooth to use.
  • Light in weight.

4. PLUSINNO Big Fish Reel

Spinning fishing reel is a high-quality reel made up of superior quality materials.

It is strong, smooth and quick in work. The solid metal frame gives it ultimate durability and stability.

Ergonomic handle helps you to hold it for longer times.​

Highlighted Features

  • The handle is made up of aluminum which makes it highly durable and strong.
  • Bait system is light is weight and durable.
  • Heavy the line can handle fish easily
  • The spool is made up of aluminum
  • The drag system is powerful
  • Very smooth casting
  • Comfortable to use

5. FyshFlyer Willer Spinning Reel with Stainless Steel

The fyshflyer spinning reel is a very well equipped reel and suits all inshore fishing activities.

It can be your favorite spinning reel and works perfectly.

The performance of this reel is the best and highly recommended product.​

Highlighted Features

  • The drag system is powerful and you can simply control the reel
  • Suits for both inshore and offshore fishing
  • Designed with innovative technology
  • Made up of high-quality materials
  • It is built with solid.-Easy to use
  • Designed with rear drag system
  • The reel is very smooth
  • Best live liner reel

6. Zoostliss Spinning Fishing Reels Big Fish Reel

Zoos list Spinning Reel is made up of strong aluminum alloy. It saves your energy and helps you to understand fishing techniques easily.

IT is a stable and balanced reel. The body is made up of sturdy aluminum which makes it highly durable.​

Highlighted Features

  • The driving gear system is powerful and you can tackle big fishes with less effort
  • The spool is made up of sturdy aluminum
  • Designed with super drag system
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use

7. Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel:

Shimano spinning reel is the last product of our list but not least. It is made up of high-quality materials and manufacturer designed this reel, especially for saltwater fishing.

It is highly durable and matches needs of every angular.​

Highlighted Features

  • The body of the reel is well designed for good balance
  • Made up of the aluminum
  • Works very smooth
  • High quality

Final Decisions:

Here is the list of top seven best inshore fishing reels. Everyone knows that inshore fishing is an enjoyable activity and full of waves.

With the best equipment, you can double the fun in fishing activity. All these products are specially designed for inshore fishing and 100% proven for best performance.

Experience the fun of fishing with our top quality spinning reels. Based on your preference and needs select the best one.​

Happy Fishing! 🙂

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