Best RTIC Cooler Review & Buying Guides In 2020

When summer starts to approach fishermen gets ready to cast their lines, hikers begin to plan for their trips, BBQ’s start to pop up. One thing that can make the BBQ, fishing, and the hiking more enjoyable is a tasty cold drink. Likewise, nothing is necessary to say about the necessity of cold water in this respect. A cool cooler shall play the key role here.

A cooler can help you more than your imagination to handle the extended trips. If you are a camper, hiker or outdoorsman, then you must know the utility and necessity of a cooler. Not only for keeping your water and beverage cooler, but also for storing the food safely, this would be the best option.

We’ve looked at most of the top-notch coolers of different brands and models available on the market. The brands like RTIC, YETI, Grizzly, Coleman, Engel etc. have been producing really quality products.

Considering all of them, we have found the RTIC a bit different, though they are new in the market. Here we try to figure out the best options from this brand with those RTIC Cooler Reviews and some other related issues.

When a product or series of products become popular, be sure that are certain reasons. The RTIC has become a widely popular cooler all around very quickly (just within few years).

It has superseded some of its world-class competitors already. What're the reasons for this immense popularity of the RTIC Cooler? We have dissected every possible issue and we think these are the key reasons-

  • check
    They are roto-molded
  • check
    Quite a bit rugged
  • check
    Large content loading capacity
  • check
    You will get them bear proof
  • check
    You can get them drained quickly and easily
  • check
    The rubber T-latches make them easy to use
  • check
    Affordable pricing compared to the competitors
  • check
    Attractive looking
  • check
    Easily maneuverable etc

Actually, you will get many of the issues mentioned above available in other coolers. But, you can hardly get all of the things in a cooler at the same time. The total quality and attributes of the RTIC coolers have made it be the top-most user choice.

RTIC Cooler Reviews – Top Seven Selection

The RTIC 20 Soft Pack Cooler is made from heavy duty and top-notch quality nylon exterior material. That is for sure fully waterproof.

RTIC 20 Soft Pack Review

You will get them tear and puncture resistant too. It can take a load or can accommodate about 20 cans surrounded by ice.

Amazingly, you can get the icy condition for your stored cans till 5 days almost. Whatever you keep drinks or foods will be free from mildew as there is anti-microbial lining.

The unit is lightweight yet very durable due to the welded seams and the laminated fabrics.

You can use the soft pack for your everyday purpose (like- taking it to your workplace). Other than the regular uses, you can go for fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping with this cooler for keeping your drinks and foods safe and usable until the end of the camping day.

One of the key things that will keep your thinks cool is the 2” closed-cell foam insulation placed on top and sides.

The flip-top (uniquely designed) will allow you to access easily; and with the help of no-leak zipper, you will be able to keep your surrounding free from mess.

The RTIC Cooler 45 Tan is one of the most efficient portable freezers that provides optimum performance and multi-dimensional tasking. It comes with RotoMolded Construction mechanism that makes the unit highly durable.

RTIC 45 Tan Review

The locking system is brilliant; the rubber made T-latches, along with the commercial-grade 3-inch insulating wall and lid gasket seal the contents inside the cooler and ensure the coolness guaranteed.

It’s designed to store a good amount of food and beverages.

If you ask about the capacity- it can accommodate about 36 cans inside it.

Total weight of the cooler is about 25 lbs.

It’s impact-resistant as well as bear resistant. It’s easy to carry with the help of the marine-grade ropes and seamless grip incorporated in the handles of the 45 tan.

You can use it for any purposes like fishing, boating, camping, to be stored in the rear of pickup trucks etc.

The RTIC 20 White is the smallest cooler in its product line up (not in soft category) till date. When you are going alone or with only a few of your friends for a short trip or picnic, then this one might be the best choice.

RTIC 20 Review (White)

It’s quite easier to transport than most other coolers due to the small size. The dimensions are only ¾” x 11 ¼” on the bottom side and 20” x 13 ¾” on the top side.

It’s easy to store too and won’t take much space for that.

The unit can take a load of 25 pounds ice and 24 cans in it. It has only 17.5 lbs. weight, which is literally light and you can manage the unit very well even when it’s totally filled with contents.

The locking mechanism is quite a bit good. Although we are telling about the white here, more colors are available in the market. You can pick any from Arctic Wave, Ocean Blue, and Mojave Tan colors.

Our fourth choice is the RTIC 45 White which is one step up from the RTIC 20.

RTIC 45 Review (White)

You can use the cooler for storing your required food and beverages either for daily outing task or for the issues like touring, hunting, camping, fishing etc.

But, it suits the best for smaller game/outing purpose like hunting or camping.

It weighs 25 pounds and comes at an exterior measurement of 25.25” x 13.75” on its bottom and 26.5”x 16.5” on its top side.

Under a shade of 16”, it stands and fit pretty comfortably on any side (mainly back side) of a pickup or tailgate.

You can keep about 36 cans and 40 pounds ice inside it. The unit is also able to be filled with 11.25 gallons or 45 quarts of liquid. Total weight of the cooler is about 25 lbs.

Till the number 4 of our list, we said about the small and mid-size cooler. Now, we are focusing on the big size.

RTIC 65 Review (White)

The RTIC 65 White is one of the best productions came from the manufacturer. It can accommodate foods and beverages for a large group of people.

Interestingly, it can be picked up and handled by a single person. But, we suggest two persons while carrying it in order to ensure much safety.

The 65 white weighs around 36 pounds and measures 30.6” x 15.5” on its bottom and 32.25” x 18.5” on its top. It’s a perfect party cooler with a 17.1” standing.

It will function really awesome when you are on rafting trips or hunting bigger game.

The unit is able to accommodate 64 cans and 70 pounds ice. If you fill the inside totally with liquid, it can accommodate about 16.25 gallons or 65 quarts.

The RTIC Cooler20 Tan features a RotoMolded Construction, which means it’s built robustly and indestructible in practice. It can store the ice and other contents inside it safely for 10 days continuously.

RTIC 20 Tan Review

The commercial grade 3” insulation wall will allow it to do the task conveniently and efficiently.

It can accommodate 24 cans with ice. It’s a small version of cooler fit for day to day office use purpose.

Besides, if you are on a hiking, fishing, boating, or camping alone, this might be one of the very few best choices. The integrated locking mechanism is pretty brilliant with the lid gasket tight sealing.

The T-latch is heavy duty and made of top quality rubber, which ensures further durability and smooth operation.

The unit is very easy to carry with the durable stainless handle, and being a single person you won’t even feel any toughness to carry it.

The non-sleep feet design will keep the cooler in place. Concerning price, this is a pretty affordable unit.

Let’s focus on another big and best-sold product- the RTIC Cooler 65 Tan. It’s one of the best productions came from the manufacturer. It can accommodate foods and beverages for a large group of people.

RTIC Cooler 65 Tan Review

Interestingly, it can be picked up and handled by a single person. But, we suggest two persons while carrying it in order to ensure much safety.

It comes with RotoMolded Construction mechanism that makes the unit highly durable.

The locking system is brilliant; the rubber made T-latches, along with the commercial-grade 3-inch insulating wall and lid gasket seal the contents inside the cooler and ensure the coolness guaranteed up to 10 days.

The unit is able to accommodate 64 cans and 70 pounds ice.

If you fill the inside totally with liquid, it can accommodate about 16.25 gallons or 65 quarts. The V-draining system in it allows for rapid draining so that the exteriors stay totally dry. It’s a good choice for offshore fishing, hunting, long trips, camping, etc.

A Brief History of RTIC cooler

It won’t be wrong if we say the RTIC as the best one among the most emerging brands in the cooler production industry. True to say, it has already been a top choice among the users due to the high quality manufactures. By the way, the brand has a very short yet successful history of success.

Two brothers Ryan and Roy were the founders of the RTIC. They both started their career differently after graduation. But, late 2014, they start their journey with the RTIC. They mainly targeted YETI as their competitor.

They start to set the entire production and marketing strategy targeting the YETI and have been immensely successful within a very short time. Now, they are one of the most reliable cooler production brands out there on the market.

Relevant Resources:

Key Features of RTIC

When you see a new product or set of products superseding its competitor very fast and sustainably, you should realize two things- either the new arrivals are worth more than the existing products or they have a more effective marketing strategy.

Amazingly, the RTIC has been successful in both ways- they are producing really worthy products (whatever it is dry ice cooler, rtic can cooler) and they have quite a good and advanced marketing strategy.

Here we are going to say about the worth of the products. To know these, we should know a detail about the features of RTIC Coolers. We will dive a bit deep into these here in the following written paras-

T Latches:

Latches are a very important feature of the RTIC coolers. Actually, this is an unavoidable feature for every type of cooler, which helps to keep the coolers effective.

When the latches break, the unit becomes ineffective and totally non-user-friendly. The RTIC coolers ensure that the latches are well-cared instead of skimming on it.

The incorporated T-Latches lock and keep the lid on the place so that it can handle any condition that the unit might be exposed to.

The “T” style stays put in the cooler’s body, when you want to grasp it in order to open the cooler up, makes the gripping and handling easier. The latches won’t corrode over time as they are made of durable silicone.

Comfy Opening Handle:

A handle is always an important feature in a cooler. When it’s uncomfortable (for example, small on the edge), it would be tough for you to use it. If you've got a vacuum sealed cooler, it must be a complicated task to open it using this kind of small edge.

The RTIC coolers lid edge extends a half inch past the cooler edge, which ensures that you’ve enough room to grip and open it. The extended easy to lift handle makes the entire task easier and comfortable and thus the latches don’t get pressurized to do the task.

Freezer Grade Gasket:

What is the main purpose of keeping a cooler? Definitely, to store the contents cool and safe inside it. If you see that your cooler can’t keep the hot air out and cool air in, is it okay or good to buy? Definitely not. To ensure the hot air out and cool air in, a freezer grade gasket is mandatory for your cooler.

The RTIC coolers have a high-quality freezer grade gasket (0.25” wide and 0.25” thick) that seals the cooler off. As a result, the contents are stored cool for longer periods and the leakages are prevented.

Molded Tie-Down Slots:

Another beautiful feature is the molded tie-down slots. When you venture off-road or any other place where your cooler might bounce around, then this feature would be a great relief. It will astonishingly prevent the coolers from unwanted bad impact due to the bounce.

These slots on the sides of your cooler will make a breeze so that your transportation or trailer can be secured, no matter if it’s on a boat or a truck bed.

Hinge System:

Each of the RTIC coolers is equipped with a long hinge system. It means the lids of the coolers don’t separate or overextend from the body. Actually, who use a cooler never expect that the lid gets separated suddenly from the body as it creates problems and risks of accident. The strength of the hinge perfectly keeps the lid attached to the body.

Convenient Carrying Handles:

The RTIC provide two different types of carrying handles with the coolers. You need to choose any of the two – molded style handle, rope style handle according to your necessity. The key factor to choose the carrying handle is the weight of the cooler.

Depending on the weight limit and load capacity of a cooler you have to fix what type of handles you are going to use.

Non-Slip Lid & Locking System:

The outdoorsmen, who want to use the cooler as a stand-on platform, will get the RTIC coolers’ non-slip surface to be perfect. Include a locking framework and you’ve quite recently included another layer of security to continue everything in your cooler secure, as well as to help keep the cover set up should you require it to do as such.

Commercial Grade Insulation:

All of the RTIC coolers are equipped with 2” or 3” thick commercial grade insulation around the cooler. The insulation will keep the ice frozen up to 5 or 10 days depending on the model. In addition, the freezer grade gasket will seal off the cooler lid and allow the cooler to act like a portable freezer. The insulation feature is really brilliant.

Dry Ice Compatibility:

The RTIC ice chest compatibility with dry ice is another nice feature of the manufacturer. If you need, you can call for the dry ice and use it inside the coolers. All of the RTIC coolers will allow you to do that. In fact, users already have started to consider it as one of the best dry ice coolers.

Draining System:

Every cooler needs to be cleared and drained periodically. If you don’t do the draining properly of your cooler, it might be problematic and bring damages. The RTIC has taken care of the issue already.

There is a two-step drainage system that calls for the easier flow to make fast and smooth draining. The rapid V-Drain allows complete draining in association with another recessed V-Drain.

Cooling Feet:

The specially designed cooling feet keep the RTIC cooler off the ground and hot surfaces. This helps the coolers to be cool as much as possible even at the time of severe hot conditions or environment. This is a great protective feature that ensures enhanced security.

Bear Resistant:

Every brand has a common tendency to make it sure that their coolers are bear proof. They invest a good amount of time, research, and money to create a new mechanism to ensure this facility in their coolers.

The RTIC has successfully done this and made their coolers bear-resistant with the help of special roto-molded design feature.

Benefits of RTIC Cooler - What Makes RTIC Different From The Others?

All of the RTIC coolers have some of the common features that we have already mentioned above. Now let’s focus some of the common and most brilliant benefits of the RTIC Coolers.

  • Rotomolded and rugged
  • Water and bear proof
  • Can retain ice inside for up to 10 days
  • Long hinge system
  • Freezer grade gasket
  • Resistant to damage
  • Tight sealing lid
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to drain
  • Affordable

Things To Consider Before Buying

When you are going to purchase a cooler you must be very specific on your demands and purposes. When you are confirmed about these, then start to research so that you can meet your demand and create a balance between cooler quality, performance, and budget.

Duration of Ice Retention Time

As you are taking the cooler with to keep your foods and beverages cool and safe, so you must not accept the unit to have less ice retention time. Usually, a good cooler unit has a capacity to keep the ice inside it frozen up to 5 or 10 days on average. If the time is less than that than 2 or 3 days, then this won’t be a good choice for sure.


Performance is obviously a key point that you should consider before buying a cooler. To check out the performance in practice, there is no alternative to run the unit on trial basis.

Other than this, there is a good way to measure the performance record of any of the unit (whatever it is RTIC or any other cooler). Do you know what it is? It’s the “USER FEEDBACKS” provided by the verified users who bought and used the coolers and gave their own experience reports.

Options Available

When you look at the market, you will find huge numbers of coolers of different models and brands. Check out the best options out there according to your demand.

Another point about the available options is that there you can see different sizes in a single cooler, from which you should pick the right one for your requirement, for instance, never go for the biggest cooler if you usually go fishing alone.


Never ignore the negatives of a cooler (if you know or find it somehow; even we recommend you to find out them as much as possible). If you ignore them, you might face serious problems in the long run.

Weight and Durability

No doubt that your cooler should be durable as you are going to use it for outing purposes. The coolers are at high risk of being impacted and/or roughly bounced. So, try to get the most durable yet lightweight options available on the market. The RotoMolded mechanism is a great feature which can ensure high durability.

Real Space

Space should be an obvious consideration while or before purchasing a cooler. When you are going to buy an RTIC cooler, never forget this too. The RTIC coolers come in different sizes with different interior and exterior space.

For a day to day use or single short alone tour, you should get a small space unit which can accommodate around 20 cans maximum. On the other hand, for group outing purpose for more than 2/3 days, get a bigger one that can accommodate over 60 cans or more.

Who Is The RTIC Cooler For?

There are several categories in the RTIC coolers. Each of them has its own specification and working excellence. For example, the TRIC 65 model is a big version that can be used for fulfilling the demands of a group.

It can be carried and handled by one person, but better to be carried by more than one. It’s an excellent marine cooler suitable for long camping, touring, or hunting. It can be used as a backup refrigerator too.

Another one is RTIC 45 version, which also can be carried by one person. This is the medium range unit ideal for boating or fishing trip.

If you’re having a camping or tailgating, you can consider this too. A trip for hunting can also be an issue where you can use it.

The last one is the RTIC 20, which is the smallest among all the versions of RTIC coolers. It’s mainly used as a solo version cooler, which is made for being carried and handled by one person.

Suppose, you are going for golfing or some other likely short-term game, then this might be the best choice. For the solo weekend trip, camping, fishing, or boating can be backed up by the TRIC 20.

Essential RTIC Cooler Accessories

When you buy a cooler, it’s enough, right? Not necessarily always. As regards RTIC coolers, you might need some other accessories which can help to transform your cooler much effective and purpose serving.

As for example, you might need a divider when you’re going to have a hunting trip and need some more sandwich, sodas, and salmon fish. A divider can keep a difference between the contents to keep them more usable.

In the same way, you might need some of the accessories as per different requirements. Among them the most common and necessary accessories are –

What Are Actual Users Saying?

What is the key factor to decide the worth of a product? How can you be really clear about the performance and real functionality of a product? There are several ways; the user experience reports might be one of the best ways to judge.

What are actual users saying about the RTIC coolers? The brand has been a popular choice already. Most of the users (who used or are using) have a very positive approach to the RTIC coolers they used.

Users have overwhelmingly shown their satisfaction and appreciations in the trusted online retailer websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and RTIC’s own e-commerce site.

Most of the experts and cooler analysis agency have also expressed their highly positive observations. Overall, the RTIC coolers have received excellent user feedbacks and experts certification.

RTIC vs. Yeti Coolers – Which One Is Better?

If you’ve used a YETI cooler, you are already familiar with just how cool cold can be these days. To speak rhetorically, it’s just like a tip of an iceberg. Now come to talk about the RTIC coolers.

Actually, RTIC has started its journey mainly by targeting the YETI. From the beginning, the YETI is the first and foremost competitor of RTIC. Even, the RTIC has directly competed with the marketing strategy of the YETI too.

They have always wanted to be coolers like Yeti. Which is the gainer in the competition at the end? RTIC vs. Yeti Coolers – Which One Is Better? Let’s get the competitive analysis.

Ice Life and Ice Capacity

Both of the brands play a great role in ice retention and keeping the water, soft drinks, foods and other contents stored inside them. Concerning the retention time, RTIC is clear (it even directly displays) while YETI is not.

The main reasons are the too many variables to control the retention time. But, as a whole, the RTIC is one step ahead. It has much ice storing capacity than YETI; the more ice takes more time to be melted, which means RTIC has a bit more ice life than the YETI in this way.

Design and Build Quality

Concerning design, the YETI brought a revolution. It has started uniquely in every angle; it was new in its every model. But, the RTIC is the best copier as well as successful adapter concerning the product design. Both of them come with rotomolded structure, top-notch latches, impressive hardware, heavy-duty foam, and brilliant insulation within the walls.

The main difference as regards structure between them is the flip-top lids insulated by RTIC, which has made the RTIC a bit ahead concerning only this issue. You will get a clear view when you read the RTIC soft cooler reviews.


It’s pretty easy to understand the warranty and after sales service differences. Yeti usually offers a comprehensive warranty of 5years, whereas you will get 3 years warranty from the RTIC. Sometimes, the RTIC might provide less warranty than 3 years (for example- 1 year, 90 days etc.). At this point, the YETI is clearly ahead.


As regards price, the RTIC has been really successful to keep it within the range of all the users. All of the RTIC coolers (similar to its competitor in respect of feature, quality, and performance) can be found in comparatively less pricing than the YETI coolers or many other branded coolers.

DecisionConcerning everything, our decision is pretty simple. We pick the RTIC as our choice because of the affordability along with other issues.

For What Purposes Are the RTIC Soft Coolers Created?

There are different types of coolers available out there on the market currently. They have different specifications and made to serve different purposes like for daily works, trips, parties, hunting, fishing, playing a game etc.

But, the RTIC Soft Coolers are out the specific boundary. It’s made to be used for multi-dimensional purposes. Either they can be used for short-term tour and day to day work or for long-term trip and group tour.

Where To Buy RTIC Coolers?

The first source from where you can buy the RTIC coolers is the manufacturer. The manufacturer itself has its own retailing online site from where you can order and purchase. Other than that, you may go to the local shops to get the RTIC coolers if available.

Most importantly, you can visit the trusted online retailer giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and purchase the RTIC coolers from there.

Bottom Line

You have already gone through every possible issue and got a detailed purchase guideline. You have read the top listed RTIC cooler reviews. We believe, the thorough study will ignite your understanding more and you will be able to decide the difference between good and bad coolers.

Our total labor would be successful if the total analysis would be able to show you a perfect outline before you purchase and give you the strength to get the best one for you.

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