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The best saltwater spinning reel buying guide and reviews | 2018




Gear Ratio


Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

10+1 Bearings


Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel



Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel



Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel

6HPB + 1RB


Dr.Fish Spinning Reel Saltwater



Consider The Below Points Before Select saltwater spinning reel:

#Durability Saltwater spinning reel is made to be used for extended periods of time. Anybody does not like buying something, only to have it replaced a few months. You want a reel which will go as consistently sturdy because the fish may be much larger in saltwater.

They’re also built for the incredibly rough circumstances that the ocean can go to throw at them. The body is usually made up of graphite, aluminum or some other non-metal substance. After that, we have to see about the overall tightness of frame. It is especially important that water can be not got inside.

#Line Capacity It goes hand in hand with durability because if your line capacity isn’t heavy enough, you cannot be able to catch those big. The capacity is actually determined based on the spool size and weight.

Some of the best saltwater spinning reels hold more line and it can have more expensive and heavier. Now you have to do some research and think so that you can fix what kind of species you want to catch fish and how many lines are you going to need.

#Targeting If you’re aware of a specific species such as pertaining to fish, you can set up your saltwater spinning reel to accommodate that. If you want to go for a larger type of fish, you can prepare and get a stronger line for the worth of work.

You need to have options such as exactly what spinning reels offer you. For example, if you are going to target bluefin tuna through jigging, you have to get yourself a reel specially made for jigging like Daiwa Saltist or Okuma Cedros.

If you are looking to catch hardheaded catfish, you have to have a baitfeeder type spinning reel that will make catching this particular species much easier!

#Bearings You want a smooth rotation of your saltwater spinning reel for that you need to have a decent ball bearing count. If you have a lesser amount of ball bearings, it means the reel is going to handle jerky.

This means you won’t have that smooth of an experience. What is especially important when fighting bigger & stronger fish than usual? Thus it will make the whole catching process much more difficult than it should be. You have to try and keep the ball bearing count as high as possible.

When you’re going to buy the best saltwater spinning reel at that time you don’t know what size fish you may hook. Saltwater fishing can be an amazing adventure.

All you’ve to get to do and have to make sure you’re properly prepared with the right equipment for the job. Going out fishing is a dream for every new-angler around the world.

#Recommended Product Review According Above Justification:

1. Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Saltwater Spinning Reel:

This spinning reel is made of aluminum handle CNC Spool. It has front rear drag. It also has both a left and right-hand changeable surf fishing. It delivers a fully free-spool mode. It allows free-running line without opening the bail.

It is an amazing feature for both starters and experienced pro fishermen. 5.5:1 is gear ratio assure a secure, fast retrieve.It extremely brings longer casting distance and wide target area. It has many sizes that you can choose according to your demand suit for land on the boat.

The cool gray finish also creates this reel a great match to all popular fishing rods. It is an excellent reel with reliable internal made and pretty external look. It will reel fish to your boat for years even without hundreds of bucks cost.


  • Baitfeeder drag system
  • Saltwater-grade ball bearing
  • High capacity
  • High speed
  • Big Soft Touch Plastic Knob
  • Corrosion resistant, oversized bail wire
  • Watertight drag seal


  • It doesn’t stand up
  • It goes bad after a month of use

2. Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel:

This fishing reel is very much suitable for saltwater with extra-heavy action in freshwater and heavy action in saltwater. Its gear ratio is 4.6:1; it can line per crank - 39.1". This fishing reel has 3 great line capacities - 12/360, 14/290, 17/220; It has ball bearings - 1 and roller bearings – 1. It has a reversible handle.


  • Easy to set drag
  • Reasonable cost
  • Able to switch to left-handed
  • Smooth retrieval
  • Flawless performance
  • Line tab


  • The bail arm was a little tight

3. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel

This fishing reel has left and right interchangeable collapsible handle with 5.2:1 gear ratio. It has 12+1 Ball Bearings for both freshwater and saltwater fishing advantage. It has fully adjustable cast control.

This fishing reel is made of an aluminum spool with high-tensile gear which has excellent line lay oscillation system. It is streamline designed body. This spinning reel has a cool advantage with suitable for the position.


  • It has instant anti-reverse feature
  • It looks great


  • The base and stem are made of plastic
  • It can break under pressure

4. Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel:

This saltwater spinning reel is made using the highest quality materials. This fishing reel is very much tested for reliability and quality by professionals worldwide.

It has precision dual force drag system. It is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings. It has quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing plus ratchet system. You can use it for a popper setup because of the heavy drag, line capacity and casting ability.


  • This reel is reversible
  • Solid reel and powerful drag


  • Suitable for beginners

5. Topixdeals Ball Bearing Fishing Spinning Reel:

This fishing reel is suitable for both saltwater and for both freshwater. This one cool perfect tool for fishing. It has also left and right interchangeable collapsible rocker arm. It is made of a wooden handle and light weight body, delicate design.

It works smoothly for it perfectness as the best tool for fishing. It has three great line capacities.


  • Perfect tool for fishing
  • Interchangeable collapsible rocker arm
  • Light weight body
  • Delicate design
  • Work smoothly


  • No noticeable cons

6. Dr. Fish Spinning Reel Saltwater Super Battler:

This fishing reel is a very heavy duty for surf fishing offshore. It is ultra high braid lines capacity which is 9+1. It is a ball bearing ratio is 4.5:1. It has anti-corrosion graphite body ready for long lasting abuse in saltwater. This fishing reel is very cool for surf fishing, inshore, pier fishing to offshore fishing, jigging.

These stainless ball bearings ensure smooth function, consistent fighting and retrieve. Tuna, shark, yellow tails, striper bass, king fish, mackerel, Spanish, all big ones are within expectation to challenge.


  • Foldable Left-right interchange handle
  • Easily fold for storage
  • Oversize knob made of high-quality TPR


  • Well made but a bit heavy
  • Heavy duty but very poor drag

7. Sougayilang Fishing Reels Spinning Freshwater Saltwater:

This spinning reel is cool and potential for both saltwater and freshwater with 5.5:1 Gear Ratio. It has 13+1 ball bearing metal body. It has left and right interchangeable collapsible handle. This is a Computer Numerical Control Machine.

It has an aluminum spool with high-tensile gear. It has also excellent line lay oscillation system. It is must make of ultra-thin streamline designed body. This nice fishing reel is suitable for position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Reservoir Pond, Ocean Beach Fishing, Lake, River, Ocean Rock Fishing, Stream.


  • Ultra-thin streamline designed body
  • This is CNC Machine
  • This spinning reel is cool
  • Potential for both saltwater and freshwater


  • Handle broke. Cheaply made
  • Cheap, crappy to use

8. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel:

This reel is acute and suitable for saltwater-freshwater. This fishing tackle 12+1 with the ball bearing of 5.2:1. This is a bait runner reel. This machined aluminum spool, instant anti-reverse. It is computer-balanced rotor in strong aviation composite material.

It has power drive gear equipped for high strength. This fishing reel is interchangeable quick-folding handle made of aluminum die-casting material. It has right and left inter-changeable handle, coiled bail spring.


  • Can easily exchange for right and left
  • Well balanced solid reel
  • Fantastic reel for a great price


  • Handle can nut came off

9. Supertrip Saltwater Spinning Reel:

This fishing reel is made of carbon fiber 44.1 LBs. Its max drags brass gears metal strong. It has corrosion resistance stainless steel fishing reels. The fishing reel is dual-purpose for freshwater and saltwater reel to solve the problem in different waters.

It also indirectly reduces the cost of fishing. It can solve the problem when the original brake the fishing reels has all types of parts to prevent corrosion and passivation treatment.

The reel has 11 + 1 high-quality ball bearings, stronger precision brass gears. It has reinforced body and a stainless steel main shaft in. The spinning reel will give you smooth, dependable, silent performance.


  • Instant anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Fit for all saltwater and freshwater
  • Smooth carbon fiber drag
  • Right/Left CNC Handle
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Anti twine Line Roller


  • The underside of spool was defective

10. Pisfun New GT4000 Metal Spinning Fishing Reels:

This fishing reel is very much suitable for saltwater carps. This fishing reel has 11 balls bearing carp fishing wheel. This spinning reel has CNN handle. It has a deep full aluminum spool for extra corrosion resistance. It has also machined-aluminum CNC folding handle.

This cool fishing reel has left and right hand interchangeable. It has powerful anti-twist. This fishing reel has line roller for easy and smooth casting.


  • Stronger and durable high-density nylon body
  • Colored coating design
  • Convertible to left- or right-hand retrieve
  • It boasts a strong handle
  • Anti-twist titanium line roller


  • None is found

Watch This Daiwa Saltist SW Heavy Action Spinning Reels Review

According to Above Review Few Word About Our Selection Method

Fishing is a sport where you can relax and face no competition. You can also categorize it as the hobby. There are some people who love fishing a lot and they go for fishing frequently. Fishing in an ocean is very challenging.

To fish in the salt water you need to use proper bait, strong fishing rod and the most important part of the spinning reel. You need to know about a reel before using it. Gathering information will help out to select the best saltwater spinning reels for fishing.

A saltwater spinning reel has to be strong and sturdy to fit in the water and give a strong and sturdy to fit in the water and give a strong fight with the fish. In this small brief, you will get enough brief about the type, size, and use of spinning reel. So enjoy the reading.

Why should you trust us?

Is that a question or you are just being formal with me? I have started fishing when I know how to hold a rod and fish. Yes, at very young age. My father was the occasional fisherman and I was his partner all time. So you can say I have experience a lot and fishing runs in my blood.

Now I have a fishing training center and an online store where every fisherman will get their equipment easily with reasonable price., All the products are authentic and reliable. You trust blindly about the products on me. Just pick one you want and take the product with a smooth transaction.

How we pick:

Saltwater spinning reels come with wonderful strong and long lasting features. When you are planning for catching a salt water fish, you have to show a lot of patience. So the reel has to give that support while fishing for a long day. When you are picking the reel focus on the following features:

Type of material:

As the reel will deal with salt water, so the material has to be perfect for salt water and long lasting using option. the materials of a reel which don't get affected are-

Aluminum:- Fishing reel with this material is perfect for saltwater. This reel is light in weight, long lasting and you can use this reel for long years easily.

Graphite:- Graphite made fishing reel is a long lasting, durable and light in weight reel to catch a saltwater fish. This reel is strong and usable for the long year.

Hybrid:- Hybrid fishing reel means the reel is made from aluminum and graphite material. It means it is mixed, this reel is super strong and rust resistant.

Magnesium:- Though many of the fishing reels are made from magnesium material and they provide light in weight and strong performance, but the material is not for salt water. Rhe reel gradually gets damage.

Size of the reel:

Reel size depends on the place you are fishing. The reel size will help you to choose the perfect line for fishing. To know a perfect size you have to know the following size:

Small size is: 10/100/1000-35/350/35000
Medium size is: 40/400/4000-55/550/5500
Large size is: 60/600/6000 and upper

Spools:- The spool of the reel is made from sized graphite and aluminum. The material is perfect for saltwater.

Gear ration:- A reel with a gear helps to catch more fish than the normal reel. With gear, you can draw the line faster and easier.

Drug adjustment:- The reel with fastest drag adjustment is a must have. The adjustment helps in the line speed which gets the fish quickly near to you.

Study frame:- The frame needs to be stronger as you don’t really know the surprise catch you will catch. Get a frame made with aluminum or graphite.

How to test:

After picking the reel test the ability of fishing. Test the following-

  • Is the reel is durable when you are fishing with this reel? Because you need to struggle to catch a saltwater fish with force. While struggling if the reel breaks than it is not acceptable.
  • Test the size is it perfect or not.
  • Test the reel speed is fast or not. for the speed, you will get your catch slow or fast.
Short note about 5 saltwater spinning reels according my choice:

#1. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel:
This reel has maximum drag power. The body is full metal and rotor. The drag washer is made with high in quality carbon fiber. The bearing is anti-reverse.

#2. Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel:
This spinning reel has line capacity and it allows you to cast in any area. You can drag easily with this reel. The gear ratio is enough to catch a big fish.

#3. Okuma Avenger ABF Bait Feeder Reel:
The best feature about this reel is the line can run free in this reel. There is a drug system which is multi dusk. This reel has bait feeding system. The body is rust resistant and strong.

#4. Pflueger President Spinning Reel:
This reel has nine ball bearings and an anti-reverse feature. There is a spool, which is anodized aluminum, and it is light in weight. This reel is durable and strong. it is the top most popular reel in town.

#5. Shimano Sienna Spinning Reels:
This reel can also be known as graphite reel. All the features are made from graphite. Except for the spool, it is made of aluminum. This reel is just perfect for saltwater.

Now after knowing all about best saltwater spinning reels in this brief review, you will get a clear information about the reels and decide the best one for you before going to fishing. The best thing about this reels are they can be used in freshwater and saltwater both.

You will experience a great fishing with these spinning reel and will get a great catch. Just pick the reel which is stable and long lasting. If you own a strong spinning reel for your fishing trust me you will be the best fisherman in your community. So go and fish the best catch.

Final Word:

After researching and doing some analysis, I have come to an end that the top 10 are the best saltwater spinning reels I have ever found according to the judgment of my considering testament. You can take any 1 out of the 10 from the list without any doubt as you want and you can catch more and large fish.

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