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10 Ways To Reinvent Your Best Telescopic Fishing Rod | Review | 2018

Fishing is incomplete without having the best fishing tools! A fishing rod is the most important fishing tool for every angler. Whether you are fishing in saltwater, seawater or freshwater, a fishing rod helps you to catch fishes effectively.

From past few years, telescopic fishing rods have been very popular among anglers due to the reason of their extreme benefits. Ease and comfort are the top two best elements offered by telescopic fishing rods.

A telescopic fishing rod has everything that fishermen want and it adds more control on the fishing style. There are different models of fishing rods that are manufactured and sold in the present market. Now If you are in search for a fishing rod that's best for you, you are in a right place.

You may face a lot of problems in selecting the best one from those many options. To help you we have selected the top products for you. Here are the top ten best telescopic fishing rods.

Plusinno fishing rod is our first choice on our list and has all the best features we are searching for. This product comes with three different models of fishing kit and have all the accessories that are necessary for the fishing.

The whole design of this rod is flexible and provides convenience for the anglers. This fishing rod is made up of high-quality carbon fiber that is mixed with fiberglass which makes it very strong. The instant anti-reverse feature in this rod helps you to tackle the force easily.

The power of this rod is medium and designed with an extended handle. It is perfect for bass angling that helps you to catch all types of fishes. Here are more exciting features about this product.

  • Made up of high-density carbon fiber which makes this rod very hard and highly durable.
  • The whole body is highly elastic and provides good flexibility.-Designed with stainless steel hooded reel seats.
  • The power of this rod is medium.
  • It is designed as anti sea water corrosion.
  • Extended handle is designed to provide good grip and comfort.
  • Designed with power drive gear that provides high strength.
  • check
    Best design
  • check
    Highly durable
  • check
    Comfortable to use
  • exclamation-triangle
    Issues with eye rings

With a complete graphite blank construction, Sougayilang fishing rod can provide you a comfortable and easy way to catch fishes in both freshwater and saltwater. It is made up of high-quality carbon fiber which is strong and durable.

It is designed with several lengths which you can decide the length according to the situation. It is designed with EVA foregrip that gives firm and comfortable grip on the rod body. It comes with multiple lengths and actions that give the best performance.

It is made up of carbon fiber that gives strength to the rod. It is very easy to transport anywhere and you can use it easily. It has medium level power and high elasticity.

  • It is made up of high-quality carbon fiber.
  • It consists of a collapsible handle
  • It is designed with an aluminum spool that has high tensile gear.
  • It is designed with line lay oscillation system.
  • It is highly elastic and very flexible.
  • It consists of fully adjustable cast control that has rotary switches.
  • It is designed as ultra-thin streamline body.
  • check
  • check
    High quality.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Breakage issues.

Eagle claw rod is just a simple and strong rod that suits for all anglers. It is made up of extra durable glass construction that provides good durability. The design of this rod is it can collapse into the 17-inch unit as compact so that it can be easily portable.

It is made up of the lightweight aluminum reel. It is designed with double-footed line guides that ensure good anchoring. Reel seats are made up of graphite and it is highly sensitive that helps the user to get instant signals when fish touches the lure.

The EVA handle provides firm and comfortable grip. The ceramic guides protect the lining from breakage and reduce friction.

  • Designed as a lightweight aluminum reel.
  • It is designed with pre-loaded with the line.
  • The weight of lure is 1/8-1/2-
  • It is designed with fiberglass construction.
  • It is designed with EVA foam handle.
  • Designed as 5’6″ spinning rod.
  • check
    Best design
  • check
    Easy to use
  • exclamation-triangle
    Issues with the pole.

Pocket fishing rod is the perfect rod for you if you are in search for the one which can handle heavy fishes. This pole can lift up to eight pounds and is mainly suitable for spinning fishing reels. You can use this rod in stream fishing, river and sea fishing.

Reel seats are designed as anti saltwater corrosion and it can lock your reel tightly. You can easily pull it out and in into the compact to carry it anywhere. It consists of stainless steel guides that reduce the friction in the line. Carbon fiber used in this product makes it highly durable and strong.

  • This rod is made up of carbon fiber that is mixed with fiberglass. It makes the rod hard, strong and durable.
  • Designed with steel hooded reel seats.
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Designed with stainless steel guides that have ceramic inserts.
  • check
    Comfortable to use.
  • check
    Smooth casting.
  • exclamation-triangle
    The top section doesn't collapse back.

THKFISH telescopic rod comes in the fifth position of our list and has some specific features that attracted us towards it. The design of this rod is very simple, sleek and highly portable.

It is very light in weight which enables the user to carry it all around in a backpack or toolkit. It is made up of special carbon which is of high quality. The whole design is very stylish and makes it special for anglers.

Also, the body of this rod is strong enough to handle all the forces during the process of catching fishes. As it is ade up of special carbon, it provides good durability and best utility.

  • Lure weight of this rod is 20-40 grams.
  • Made up of special carbon.
  • Designed with the extended handle.

  • check
    Well designed.
  • check
    Provides good comfort.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Issues with the reel.

Goture fishing rod is one of the best telescopic rods that has all the features that every angler needs. Beautiful body, high quality, and durability are the three main words to explain about this product.

It is specially made up of latest cross carbon fiber technology that increases the integrity of the product. It is made up of high-density carbon fiber which makes this rod hard and durable. The tensile strength of this rod is 10 times of the steel bar which provides this rod to tackle heavy forces from the fish.

It is designed with special high quality extended antiskid handle which is very beautiful and comfortable to hold. The carbon filament is well distributed which reduces friction and damages.

  • Made up of high-quality carbon fiber content.
  • The design of this rod is highly elastic and light in weight.
  • It is designed with cross carbon fiber technology.
  • Designed with full metal screw reel seat that has luxurious texture.
  • It has good adjustment position and comfortable to use.
  • Finished with latest vacuum coating process.
  • It is designed with an antiskid handle that gives a good feeling for your hand.
  • It reduces stress on your hand while handling big fishes.
  • check
    Best design.
  • check
    Best handle.
  • check
    Best looks.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Breakage issues.

Named after a famous writer, Shakespeare rod is one of the best telescopic rods that has unique features. It consists of six compartments that can easily tackle the fish no matter how hard it is. The handle is ergonomic and comes with removable shoulder strap. It is designed as a hard body to handle heavy pressure and forces.

It is made up of graphite that gives your rod good strength. The graphite provides this rod high sensitivity by which you can feel any fish under water. The extra length of this fishing rod helps the user to cast for longer distances.

  • Made up of high-quality graphite.
  • Comes with six compartments.
  • It comes with ultra light action.
  • Length of this rod is 5-Feet 6-Inches in length
  • It is just 14-inch long when collapsed into a compact state.
  • check
    Very strong
  • check
  • exclamation-triangle
    Stiff structure.

Runcl rod is a well-designed telescopic rod which makes everything easy for an angler. Anglers need a high-quality fishing rod to tackle the forces of fishes. A special quality of this rod is ergonomic designed shaped by carbon fiber that reduces pressure on your hand.

It comes with a protective cap that locks the guide rings in one place to protect the rings from mixing up during transportation. It is designed with SIC ceramic guide rings that are very smooth and protects your fishing line.

They protect fishing lines from friction, damage, corrosion, and heat. The smallest size of this rod provides you to transport it anywhere.

  • Designed with carbon fiber handle that is very easy to hold for a long time and reduces hand fatigue.
  • Designed with SIC ceramic guide rings that provide smooth casting and protection to the fishing line.
  • It consists of sturdy aluminum reel seat that comes with double locking structure.
  • Carbon fiber provides best casting performance.
  • It provides perfect flexibility and strength.
  • Consists of the protective cap
  • check
    Ergonomic design.
  • check
    Good flexibility.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Cant bear large fish.

Hurricane telescopic rod is the best one for you if you are in search of a simple and best product. It consists of six section fiberglass rod black which provides the best performance. It consists of ceramic guides that protect the fishing line.

It consists of EVA handle that is ergonomic design and reduces pressure on your hand. Also, it enables the user to use the rod for a longer amount of time without causing any pressure or stress on your hand. You can fold and take this rod anywhere with you as it is designed as a compact design.

  • It consists of graphite reel seat that has stainless steel hoods.
  • Designed with ceramic guides.
  • Consists of 6-section fiberglass rod.
  • check
    Comfortable to use.
  • check
  • exclamation-triangle
    Breakage issues

Last but not least, Spinning rods is one of the best telescopic rods that perform best in saltwater and freshwater. These rods are made up of carbon fiber that is strong, durable and highly sensitive.

The power level of this rod is extra heavy which provides extreme strength and you can tackle large fish. It is designed with one molding technology where rod wheel seat can be molded to provide easy installation. Extended handle is designed as an ergonomic design which provides the user a comfortable and firm grip.

  • Designed with anti-corrosion colorful guides.
  • Made up of carbon fiber that is very strong and durable.
  • Designed with an extended handle for extra comfort.
  • check
    Strong design.
  • check
    Comfortable to use.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Issues with eyelet.

How to Buy Best Telescopic Fishing Rod:

Searching for the best telescopic fishing rod is not an easy task and you may face different troubles by the available options. Many people just buy a simple rod that looks good outside which can break on the first day of fishing.

Investing in the wrong one is just waste of your time and energy. Never commit any mistake in choosing the one for you and you need to gain a lot of knowledge about fishing rods to pick the best.

fishing rod
Here is the buying guide that explains you all the features and factors you need to check:

1. How did we pick fishing rod:

In order to pick the best one, we had done intense research on different models of fishing rods. Telescopic fishing rods are available in various models and types. We have studied each and every feature of these products carefully.

You need to consider numerous factors before purchasing the one. Here are some of the factors to check in the best telescopic fishing rod:

Size, length, and weight:

Telescopic fishing rods are mostly designed as a simple, sleek and perfectly designed to serve all the needs of the angler. The main concept of the telescopic fishing rod is it is a simple, portable and comfortable design. You can fold this rod into a smaller shape and transport it very easily.

Telescopic rods have two lengths one is in a collapsed state and the another one is extended fully. Length of the rod is the main aspect you need to check because it shows the ability of the rod. Most of the fishing rods can be in between two and ten meters long.

Also, they weigh very light because of the matter of transportation. Also, the weight of the fishing rod effects the casting. So, you need to check the weight capability of the telescopic rod.


There are different fishing tools designed depending upon the fishing techniques. You need to select the fishing tools based on your fishing technique. It is very important to choose the suitable rod that matches your technique to achieve the best.

Here are the types of fishing techniques:

Casting-surf fishing: 

Casting surf type needs a thickest telescopic rod and it should be designed with extra length. Telescopic rods suits best for this type of technique because they are portable and provides comfort. The casting weight in this type should be 100-400 grams. Also, choose the rod which has a length of 100-foot to 14-foot that provides ideal length.

Match fishing:

This type of fishing needs a rod that has an ideal length of three to five meters. It needs a rod that consists of ten extra thin sections and should weight four to twenty grams.


For this kind of technique, you may need a thin telescopic rod that has five to six parts of guides and should length two to three meters in size. For this kind of technique, you need good control on the fishing pole and easier way to hold the whole rod.


Telescopic rods consists of a number of compartments that can slide into one other to reduce the length of the rod. You can adjust the length of the rod based on the techniques and water type. These telescopic rods are made up of graphite, fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The comprised components need to be opened firmly and gently without causing any damage. Telescopic rods are very light in weight, super sensitive and effective. The construction of this product is designed with the ability to distributing weight and stress all along the body evenly. No matter how long is the road, the pressure is shared evenly to reduce the tension and it provides high durability.

The length of this rods enables the user to cast up to longer distances without any damage to the reel. Also, these rods are not for heavier fishes because they can't bear more weight.


The power of the fishing rod determines the ability of it to handle the weight and type of fish. Power of the fishing rod explains the fish size, type, weight and capacity of the rod. You can categorize power ranges from ultra light to ultra heavy.

Ultra light:

Ulita light and extra light poles are used for very small and small fishes that can be used as bait. This power level is the lowest in the power ranges and has less capacity.

Ultra medium:

Ultra medium power range can be useful for medium-sized fishes. Most of the telescopic rods are made up of this power range as it is used mostly.

Ultra heavy:

Ultra heavy rods are used to tackle heavy fishes and they have high power to handle fish. This type of rods can be used in deep sea or deep water fishing. It protects your tool from breakage and gives you good control over the fish.


Rapidness is a term used in fishing where the fishing rod goes back to the original position from a bent position. Various models of fishing rods have different levels of rapidness. Slow, medium, moderate and fast is four different expressions of rapidness. If you are casting in a slow distance you need slow rapidness and if you are casting long distances you need fast action.


Telescopic fishing rods have more flexibility when compared to other rods. They bend more deeply and it helps you to provide good fish fighting capacity. In these rods, the design is specially designed to evenly spread the pressure all over the rod. The strength of the fishing line depends upon the flexibility of the line.

Materials used:

Most of the fishing rods are made up of fiberglass, carbon-fiber, aluminum, steel, graphite, and plastic.The lines guides are made up of two parts which are metal frame and ceramic guides. The rod material is an important aspect to check as it shows the capacity of the fishing rod.

Fishing rods made of carbon fiber with fiberglass can ensure you high durability and strength. As telescopic rods are designed as the collapsible unit, you can carry them with you easily. Few models are made up strong fiberglass blanks which increases the durability level.

Also, this model can help you to grab control on big fishes. Fishing rods that are made up of graphite are very strong in nature and also it has more sensitivity levels.


Tthe specialty of these fishing tools is they are highly portable and you can take them anywhere with you. Just fold it into the smallest position by collapsing all the compartments. Now you can put your best tool in your backpack, in your car, toolkit or any place. It takes very little space and suits best for your traveling time.


The durability of these products depends upon the utility, design, and quality of the product. So, always choose the product made up of high-quality materials in order to avoid any sort of damages.


The handle of the fishing rod should be ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It should apply less pressure on the user's hand and reduce the stress during the process of catching fishes.

Know your needs:

You need to know your needs and requirements to purchase the best one. Make a note of what you want in a fishing rod, where you go for fishing, your targeted species, and distance. If you are going to catch fishes in the deep sea, you may need a strong and ultra heavy powered rod to tackle the forces from the fishes.

Telescopic fishing rods are the best choice for you if want good portability, utility, and efficiency. These products come with one piece or two pieces in one in which you have to choose based on your needs. As these are collapsible models, you can save your space and carry it easily.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In our journey of choosing the best fishing rods, we have done intense research with the help of our expert team. Our professional expert team always puts 100% effort and hard work to bring out the best and they gather all the information in-depth the respective matter.

To know about the best designs of fishing rods we have spoken to manufacturers of different fishing equipment. We have also contacted experts in the fishing field to know the challenges in the fishing field. We have spoken to anglers and hobbyists to learn their personal needs and requirements.

By gathering all the information, we have learned about the best products, features, qualities, and characteristics. All the products in our list have a high satisfaction rate, high quality, durable, strong and best in everything.

3. Why you should get this:

Telescopic fishing rods are made up of multiple sections that are designed to slip into the other to create a compact. It allows fishermen to gain ease and convenience by providing good control over the fish. You can tackle all the forces inside water and this rod increases fishing opportunities.

These rods are made up of carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite and carbon materials which are very strong and highly durable. The sleek design of these rods gives you the unique and great power to tackle fishing in all types of water. It is highly portable as it can be folded very small and you can place it in any storage compartment.

You can simply place these rods in a backpack, backseat of your car or in your fishing toolkit. They are very light in weight, versatile in nature and can handle all kind of fishes. You can use this product in fresh water and salt water bodies. As they are strong in nature and have properties of distributing all the pressure evenly, they last for a long time and helps to tackle forces.

4. How we tested:

In the process of choosing the best fishing rods, we have conducted series of tests under the supervision of our professional team. In the testing process, we have provided strict rules and regulations to check every product carefully. As the first step, we have collected top thirty telescopic fishing rods available in the present market.

Then, we have carefully analyzed each and every product based on the points in the buying guide. We have filtered all the products based on ideal qualities and selected ten best products. We have taken ten telescopic fishing rods to our practical tests where we have used the products manually.

We have given the ten fishing rods to the best anglers and took them to the fishing area. First, we have selected freshwater lake and started using them. We have observed that these rods are providing extreme comfort to the anglers by which they are able to catch a large number of fishes.

Later, we have almost tested the products in all kinds of water bodies and checked their ability. After all the tests, we have taken the report from the anglers and shared their experience of the fishing. We have noticed that all the fishing rods have provided the best in the fishing.

Here is the summary of our test reports:

  • These fishing rods are highly strong and provided good control to the anglers.
  • It is easy to handle for a long time and less weight enables the user to catch fishes comfortably.
  • Sleek design always wonders with best features.
  • Increased fishing opportunities.
  • Highly flexible and durable.So, based on this report, we have got to know all the best qualities of these ten fishing rods. So, we have finalized these products and brought them here for you.

5. Care and maintenance:

You need to take care of your fishing rod to protect its integrity and durability. Never apply more pressure on your rod and always check the power of your rod. Always place them in a safe and dry place to avoid any damage.

Also, check for the capacity of the product and don't use them for heavyweights. If you face any sort of jam during collapsing the product into compact apply any vaseline or oil to remove the friction.

Final Verdict:

So, here are the top ten best telescopic fishing rods. Fishing is a fun activity and full-time job for some people. No matter what is your purpose, you definitely need the best equipment to handle the force and fights of fishes.

Every angler deserves a telescopic fishing rod that will be his best champion in the process. Fishing tools are something you need to select with extra care as it impacts your fishing skills.

The best fishing rod can increase your fishing experience and provides you the best in all terms. Telescopic rods are simple, portable and easy to handle rods. Now grab the one and do your best.

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