List Of Camping Sites With Fishing Lakes

Camping and fishing are two exciting things you can do in your vacations. These two are very popular among USA people. That’s why a plenty of campsites have added fishing opportunity to attract tourists. But, with a seemingly overwhelming number of options, it’s not easy to select a quality location.

Hence, in this article, we will introduce you to some of the best camping destinations which have awesome camping, excellent fishing, and many other fun elements. All of these campsites include well-maintained campgrounds, extraordinary fishing, and non-fishing activities.

Let’s have a look at these wonderful fishing campsites.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is one of the most spacious campsites surrounded by redwoods in the US. This campground is located on Northern California’s coast. An interesting fact about this redwood park is, 7% of the old growth redwoods remaining in the whole world are found here.

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Here, in the longest, free-flowing Smith River, you are allowed to fish, snorkel, and kayak. Alongside, you can take an outstanding drive on Howland Hill Road, enjoy a momentous campfire at Jedediah Smith campground and even hike through the rain-forest on 20 miles trails.

For great fishing enthusiasts, Jedidiah's crystal clear water is the main attraction. The Smith River is one of the rare rivers where fishing is allowed all the year round. In Smith River, Huge Salmon and Steelhead move annually at specific times.

Considering all these attractions, Zedidah Smith Redwoods state can be your next destination for camping and fishing.

2. Lake Margaret:

If you want a genuine backwoods experience while camping, Lake Margaret is the place you are looking for. Though this destination is only about four miles away from the highway, you will feel like far away from civilization. By being a member of wilderness unlimited, you can enjoy the amenities of this campsite.

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Here no modern amenities (except the chemical toilet) are provided to give you the absolute feel of wilderness. This camping destination consists of 12 campsites which are admirable. A good number of boats are available here, that too without any extra cost.

Here in Lake Margaret, you are allowed to enjoy fishing and among many opportunities, stocked rainbow trout, resident large-mouth bass, and coastal cutthroat trout are mentioning worthy.

If you want to fish in the summer, this lake may be a great option as fishes remain near the surface.

So, this lake Margaret worth your consideration for next camping.

3. Mcarthur-Burney Falls:

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Burney waterfall makes the Mcarthur-Burney state park one of the must-visit camping destinations.

In this campsite, you will love to enjoy the power of 100 million gallons of water flowing into a beautiful blue pool. This site is the main attraction of this remote camping destination.

Burney fall is a cool place for trout fishing. You are allowed to practice your fly fishing techniques above and below Burney fall. An excellent section of the Pit River, below the dam, is specially allocated for this fly-fishing. Here you are also allowed to fish Clark Creek to the nearby north.

After taking in the falls, you can head to a mile to Lake Britton which is very beautiful. You may occur to see bald eagles and osprey in this beautiful lake.

This wooded campground is quite large with 128 sites and 24 cabins spread out over 875 acres.

As the rivers and creeks of this park remain open from last Sunday of April to mid-November, so you must plan accordingly.

4. Clear Lake:

Clear Lake Campground is situated on the Clear Lake in the mountains of northern Oregon. The campground offers a wide range of recreational activities like fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking and even hiking. And, in winter, when snow falls, you can enjoy winter recreation also.

One interesting fact with this clear lake is, though the name is the clear lake, the water is not clear at all. Instead, the water is green and shallow, making it a great habitat for bass.

There are 147 campsites in this clear lake campground which include various modern amenities.

Bass tournaments are arranged from time to time at the clear lake that makes it a favorite destination for fishing competitions. It’s considered as one of the leading bass fishing lakes in the country. Not only, Bass, the lake is also a habitat of Bluegill, Catfish, Carp and many more.

Overall, hope you will enjoy your fishing and camping at a time in this campground.

5. Mammoth Lakes:

Mammoth Lakes, with a variety of campgrounds, can be that campground where you can find solitude.

Hatchery-raised rainbows, Bookies, and Browns are the species in creels found in mammoth.

In Mammoth lakes camping destination, several campgrounds are available with RVs and tents. You can choose anyone you are interested in but basic amenities are available in all.

If we talk especially about fishing in Mammoth Lakes, it’s known as one of the most exciting and rewarding fishing destinations. The lakes and streams are so beautiful and clear that you are sure to leave spellbound.

Here in Mammoth Lakes, you can fish in a various way. Whether you want to fish from shore, from boat or dock, it’s up to you. So, irrespective of the fact you are pro fisher or a novice one, there is something sure for you. If you don’t carry fishing gears with you, there is nothing to worry. Here you will find sporting and fishing gear store where will stuff, you can have guides also.

If you plan your trip between the Saturday of April and mid-November, you can enjoy mono county fishing, though many other opportunities are there which remains open all the year round.

However, with so many excitements, Mammoth Lakes is waiting for you!

In short, all these destinations are capable of entertaining you with fishing while camping. Being a great fishing enthusiast, you are sure to forget all the worries for a while in these campgrounds. Take a break and dive into these wonderful campsites and get energized to tackle all the stress with more confidence.

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