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10 Ways To Reinvent Your Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Fishing is incomplete without having the best fishing tools! A fishing rod is the most important fishing tool for every angler. Whether you are fishing in saltwater, seawater or freshwater, a fishing rod helps you to catch fishes effectively.From past few years, telescopic fishing rods have been very popular among anglers due to the reason […]

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Best Baitcasting Rods for the Money | Review & Guide

Remember the rhyme “one, two, three, four, five..once I caught a fish alive.” At that time my aim in life was to be a fisherman..LOL. Anyways fishing is like an adventure and best time pass in leisure time or in bad mood. For fishing, you will get many kinds and types of fishing rods.But if […]

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Top Five Best Catfish Rods & Buying Guide | 2017

Catfish are the most favorite species for anglers. Blues, channels, and flatheads are the three main species of catfishes. Pretty much all catfishes are very hard to catch and they do fiercest fights against fishing rods.To catch them easily every angler needs the best catfish rod which is specially designed to withstand the stress and […]

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