7 Signs You’re In Love With Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reels Review | 2018

The Daiwa Baitcasting Reels revolutionize and redefine the baitcasting reel industry by continuing its trends by introducing the ultimate partner, Tatula rods.

It is one of the most innovative baitcasting reels because of its new T-Wing casting system. A little experience is required for using this reel perfectly. Once you attain this experience, you can handle it very easily.​

#T-Wing Concept:

The specially designed line guide, T-Wing concept is helpful for reducing obstruction and friction on the cast. At the same time, it is helpful for maintaining a uniform level line.

When you flip up into casting position, the wide slot is revealed. Thus, the line to flow through on the cast is easier. Most other baitcasting reels will have only a single small hole.​

It offers less restriction on the line. Thus, you can cast further and smoother. T-Wing is not the only peculiar feature of Tatula. It comes equipped with lots of other features such as 8 bearings, Magforce-X casting brakes, a carbon drag stack, and several gear ratios. Affordable price is the other attraction.

#Cutting-Edge Design:

The Tatula is constructed by using state-of-the-art materials. The latest technology of Daiwa is used in the manufacturing of Tatula series. Thus, it is the ultimate product that offers topmost performance and ultimate value. All these features make it as the great rode for best baitcaster reels.

#The Blank:

The blank is the major component of any rod. The blank of Tatula features the best-quality carbon, which is SVF. This carbon is very popular because of the most sensitive.

Super Volume Fiber (SVF) is one of the proudest achievements of Daiwa in carbon fiber design. It comes with a combination of precision unidirectional fiber, incredibly dense packed fibers, and virtually zero resin.​​

Thus, you will get a hyper-sensitive blank that delivers incredible connectivity between fish and angler. It does so because of feather light precision.

You will not get an ultimate performance with Tatula SVF only. In order to improve the performance of rode, the Bias Wrap, and X45 construction - the two premier blank technologies of Daiwa is worked together.

It eliminates blank distortion and twist, which is helpful for increasing rod strength, sensitivity, and function. The manufacturers eliminate twist and prevent blank from losing the round form. Thus, the Bias Wrap and X45 construction are helpful for getting a lighter, small diameter blank. Thus, the rod will be more dynamic.​

#Outcome of Topmost Technological Innovation:

The Tatula is the outcome of topmost technological innovation of Daiwa. As it combines all the topmost technologies, the blank comes with minimum thickness, lightness, heightened sensitivity, and unsurpassed strength and power.

The Tatula utilizes the ergonomic design, immovable, sensitive, and skeleton reel seat of Daiwa. Thus, it is refined, light, and offers ultimate comfort.

The reel seat is low profile and ultra sensitive, which is helpful for keeping your reel close to the blank. Therefore, it is less bulk and comfort. So, the reel can transmit even the minutest vibration from blank to your hand.​

#Superb Casting Performance:

Superb casting performance is the other major quality of Tatula. The Fuji Alconite guides are ultra-light and are highly sensitive, strong, and designed for maximizing rod sensitivity and performance.

Latest and cutting-edge rod technology is used in Tatula. Thus, the standard of this baitcasting reel is topmost.

#Weight and Size:

The weight of Tatula is just 7.9 ounces. Today, the reel companies are giving topmost importance on a weight of the reels because it has a greater role in the overall performance of a reel.

Weight is not a problem if you do not need a high-performance reel. The size of Tatula is really comfortable. The fish handling power of this reel is also impressive.​


The company, Daiwa always strives hard to make the best quality reels. Therefore, the company uses its past success and failures for continuing their legacies. The T-Wing system is the best example of this.

A few years back, the company introduced Ballistic series of reels with some positives. But, these reels also had some negatives as well. The company handled all feedback positively and created another reel by avoiding these drawbacks.

The T-Wing allows the best casting, which is one of the most important qualities of Tatula.​

#The Retrieve:

The retrieve is one of the most impressed factors in Tatula baitcasting reel because it has an incredibly smooth retrieve. The Air Rotation of this produce is really amazing. Oversized handle is the other important factor in this reel.

The size of the handle of this reel is 90 mm, which provides you more leverage and torque when you battle with big fish in heavy cover. Oversized knobs or paddles perfectly fit in your hand. Thus, you need not apply much pressure on your finger tips.​

#Strength and Durability:

Daiwa gives topmost importance on each and every detail, whether it is big or small. The Tatula is constructed by giving more focus on strength and durability. The 2-pc aluminum body offers rugged long-term durability.

But, at the same time, it makes the reel lightweight. The ultimate tournament carbon drag of Daiwa is the other peculiar feature of Tatula. Rated as just 13lbs, it offers you more power, which is not available in other reels with same price range.​

The brake adjustment range on Tatula can be really confusing for most anglers. The adjustments of most other reels range from 1-10. But the brakes of Tatula range from 1-20. You can easily and quickly find your personal sweet spot after making a few casts in.


  • Smooth operation
  • Solid construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight
  • Frictionless casting
  • Hybrid design
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ultimate Tournament carbon drag
  • Corrosion resistant clutch mechanism
  • Ultra smooth feel
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Fuji’s Alconite guides
  • SVF carbon blanks


  • A few customers complain that it is noisy

If you want to become the most versatile angler, it is always better to use both baitcasting and spinning reels. However, a baitcasting combo comes with lots of techniques and lures. Baitcasting reels can provide you more power and strength than spinning reels because of the spool design and layout.

The spool is in-line with gears and handle, which allows the reel to apply more torque and power. The handles of baitcasting reels are mounted directly onto the reel frame.​

Final Words About Daiwa Baitcasting Reels:

Daiwa is very popular for introducing a unique range of high-quality fishing tools that are designed for enhancing your fishing experience. Breathtaking style and captivating performance are the features of the products of Daiwa baitcasting family.

The Tatula is designed with the greatest brilliance and topmost innovation. Thus, it truly enhances and embraces the lifestyle of all anglers. Daiwa baitcasting reels are the ultimate leader in performance, design, and class. It represents the pinnacle of technology, innovation, and ideas. As a result, the anglers are getting the most advanced, engaging, and refined gear that can tackle the problems in the industry.

The Daiwa Baitcasting Reels conquers this industry with its innovative products. Refinement and performance are the other impressive features of the baitcasting reels of this company. Thus, Daiwa has become the synonym of baitcasting brilliance.​

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