Deeper Fish Finder Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Deeper fish finder is an equipment that comes with lots of attractive features. Thus, it can be the first choice for experienced as well as amateur fishermen around the world. It is helpful for making an informed decision on where to fish.

This may sound simple. But, highly advanced technology is used in this equipment. The features of each device vary from model to model. Selecting the right device is a difficult task. However, these deeper fish finder reviews will surely help you pick the best device.

Top deeper fish finder reviews Chart



Product Dimensions



Deeper Smart Sonar PRO Series


3,5 oz

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

2 x 2 x 1

1.6 ounces

Garmin Fish Finder

1.6 x3.6x5.9

8.1 oz

FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless

1 x 1 x 1

7.2 ounces

Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder

10 x 5 x 8

3 pounds

How to Select the Best Deeper Fish Finder?

A deeper fish finder is helpful for getting depth information, maps of underwater terrain, water temperature readings, real-time views under the water, and GPS marking. Basically, there are three types of fish finders. They are standalone units, GPS combo units, and networked units.

Sonar is used for viewing under the water in GPS combo unit. Though the standalone unit uses sonar for viewing underwater, it lacks integrated GPS. A network unit integrates fish finder into other systems. A fish finder is not just a sonar-equipped box.

You need to compare lots of features while purchasing a fish finder.

Some of such factors are:

  • Transducer
  • Cone angle
  • Frequency
  • Display screen
  • Power
  • GPS capabilities
  • Scanning
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Portability, etc

The transducer is helpful for sending and receiving sonar signals underwater. Cone angle gives information regarding the width of a net. If you select a fish finder with higher frequency, it will work better in shallow water.

Many fish finders come with full-color screens. Thus, you will get more details with maximum clarity. Wattage is used for measuring the power of a fish finder. It is determined on the basis of the capability of the sonar.

You will get the best result if the wattage rating is higher. You should not make a purchasing decision only on the basis of price. You should select a fish finder on the basis of advanced, top of the line features. Here are some of the Deeper Fish Finder reviews.

Recommended Product Reviews:

1. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO Series

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is efficient for measuring the depth of water, bottom structure, temperature, and marking fish. Then, you will get all information quickly and efficiently to your tablet or smartphone. This versatile castable sonar is perfect for kayak, shore, and ice fishing.

It uses a Wi-Fi connection for securing enlarged distance between the device user and the Deeper device. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO has the power to float on the water surface. Thus, this device is highly efficient for scanning the entire bottom and water column.

It is efficient for salt and fresh water operation. The battery is rechargeable and you can use it 6 hours continuously with a single charge.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Full-color viewing
  • Wireless Wi-Fi enabled
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smart and ultra light castable design
  • Adjustable sonar sensitivity for muddy or cloudy water


  • Low depth penetration
  • Limited options and features

2. iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

iBobber is an amazing idea in a cheap and small package. It is the great alternative to other similar types of smartphone fish finders. This is extremely portable, so you can carry it wherever you go for fishing. It comes with greater portability and flexibility.

This fish finder allows you to use your android mobile or iPhone device to mark fish, save water temp, map underwater structure, and depth contours, etc. This device can be used in various locations such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, etc. You can even use this device for ice fishing.

iBobber Wireless Smart is a pocket-sized Fish Finder. The patented sonar technology can provide you accurate readings. It is the lightest and smallest personal sonar depth finder.


  • LED beacon
  • Very portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Highly effective
  • Smallest and lightest
  • Provides accurate sonar readings
  • Offers 10+ hours battery life


  • Bluetooth Sync is not so strong

3. Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish Finder

Gramin Striker 4 comes with latest, advanced fish finder technology. GPS features and essential sonar system are the other peculiarities of this device. It is equipped with CHIRP sonar that operates on a 77/200 kHz scale.

Thus, it can translate into much greater image clarity. It has a 3.5-inch color display with the resolution of 480-320 pixels. Thus, you can see all necessary data in a better way. High sensitivity GPS is the other peculiar feature of Gramin Striker 4.

It is also equipped with a flasher, which is helpful for getting the image directly beneath you.


  • Waterproof
  • Rugged design
  • Compact design
  • 3.5-inch color display
  • Share waypoints
  • Smooth scaling depth
  • High-sensitivity GPS
  • CHIRP sonar
  • Conveniently packed keypad
  • Built-in fisher
  • Sonar history rewind
  • Water temperature log and graph


  • No NMEA connectivity
  • Unit cover not included

4. FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless, Portable Fish Finder

FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless is a completely portable fish finder that comes with 5 transducers. The compact size allows you to keep it in your pocket. The device allows you to see up to 160 feet below the surface.

It is designed on the basis of 3D bottom contouring technology. The patent-pending directional casting can be used for catching more fish. You can use this device for kayak fishing, ice fishing, shore fishing, and small boat fishing. The 5 transducers are very powerful, which provide you ultra high resolution.

Thus, FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless can provide you 5 times more coverage area. It offers 5 incredible sonar view options such as bathymetric mapping, directional casting, 3D structure mapping, 3D fishing, and ice fishing flasher view.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to connect
  • Depth range up to 160ft
  • 5 powerful transducers
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Little Expensive
  • 4-foot minimum depth required

5. Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder

Lowrance Elite-3X can provide you all advanced features with quality color at an affordable price. You will get great fish and structure if you use this fish finder because it offers 10x sensitivity of competing for analog.

This compact size device comes with 200kHz, thus you will get around 20-degree conical coverage. The display of Lowrance Elite-3X is really bright.

Thus, you can also operate it even in sunlight without any problem. Auto depth scaling is the other peculiar feature of this fish finder.

This is an excellent low-cost device that comes with great features. Simple menu navigation, swivel bracket, quick-release tilt, etc are the other peculiarities of this fish finder.

It has broadband sonar detail, which is helpful for distinguishing fish arches, bottom hardness, bottom contour and structure details, thermocline, etc very easily.


  • Full color LED screen
  • Fish ID option displays
  • Dual frequency operation
  • Quick zoom bottoms
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Effective in full sunlight
  • Patented skimmer transducer design


  • Difficult to read water depth while moving

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Fishing is a combination of art, luck, and science. You should be aware of using devices such as fish finders and other tools for becoming a better fisherman. This small deeper fish finder reviews and guide will help you to select the best device.

These deeper fish finders are undoubtedly the best devices at this moment. These are equipped with latest wireless Bluetooth technology, thus you will get a totally different fishing experience. They are safe and handy to use. Thus, these deeper fish finder reviews are highly helpful for you to pick the right one.

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