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10 Mind Numbing Facts About How To Catch Red Snapper

Hi, I guess you love fishing. That is why you have come to read this article that will help you for knowing- how to catch red snapper! Red snapper is normally 10 lbs weight. It is very difficult to pull such types of big fish in a boat from deep water with using some techniques. So, here I am giving some tips for efficient catching of red snapper for your future reference:

Red snapper is a giant red color and tasty fish. Most of the American is fond of it. It has ample of nutritional value. There is varieties genus of Red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) are in the world. Very popularly found in Gulf of Mexico and Western Atlantic Ocean.

Where found in water:

We know, red snapper is a bottom dweller fish, so we have to consider the height of bottom water. Normally fishes are found in 30-100 feet range of water height. It is better to use a signal rot during fishing. When red snapper bites the bait then ringing the alarm which hanged on tip of rod.

When you will find snapper:

This fish available in the whole year. But the best time is summer time. Summertime is the spawning time and the water stays calm in this time. And if there is a structure in the water than it is 100% sure that you will get snapper there.

What are the red snapper’s baits?:

The baits for catching the Red snapper are squid, crustaceans, small pinfish, pilchard and other fishes. Red snapper usually loves the live baits of mentioned fishes. Live and fresh bait are for giant size red snappers. You can use different types of jigs with the bait for landing to red snapper. These are-

  • Vertical jig:
  • Pain jig
  • Metal jig and
  • Luminous jig

There are also natural baits for the red snapper. It is preferable. Red snapper loves mouth full food. They love to fish, shrimp, squids, and crabs. You can use pinfish, cigar minnows, mullet, and herring as natural bait to catch red snapper.


The red snapper is a strong fish. When it gets hooked in gives a tough fight. So tackle the fight you need heavy gear. If you fish in the strong current then you will need a heavy reel. When you are in shallow water then pick 20-30 pound reel.

Spinning tackle is the perfect tackle for red snapper. This tackle is easy to use and helps a lot to drag and reel the red snapper from deep down. With this tackle, your fighting with snapper will be fun.

Red Snapper

How To Catch More Red Snapper

  • You can increase the availability of red snapper’s group into the water by dropping live baits or baits of squid, cut fish, dead cigar minnows.
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    You can use live baits where the abundance of fish.
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    If live baits are unavailable then you can use meat pieces. Meat pieces like tuna and amberjack belly meat are major choices by red snapper.
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    If the live baits weights are 1,2,3 ounces then your baits must reach into the feeding zone of big fishes area.
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    By using knocker rig, you can handle the weight of big fishes and move it through swivel easily.
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    Where there is structure, there is available of red snapper into the water. Usually, red spanner fishes love to live in natural reefs, artificial reefs, rocks, wrecks and oil platforms.
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    Summertime (June-July) is the red spanner’s spawning time. The calmest environment is found in the sea at summer time. So, this time is suitable for catching the fishes.
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    Red snapper is bottom layer loving dwellers. Shark or other fishes snatch sometimes baits. You have to think it while fishing into the sea.
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    Chumming up the fishes is another tip for catching them effectively.

What to consider when you are fishing red snapper:

There are some factors to consider when you are going to catch a red snapper.

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    Red snappers love to stay deep in the water. So look for the shallow places where you will get red snappers are hiding happily.
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    This fish loves to stay with any underwater structure. When you will see any structure then be ready to get a red snapper behind it. Artificial and natural reefs, ledges, rocks, oil platforms, and wrecks are the favorite place of the red snapper fish.
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    You will love this part. The red snapper is a lazy fish. When it finds a proper place to live and eat. They stay there. Once you find that place, you will get a good catch. But do come back for more the next day. Because the fish stays there, they don’t go away.
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    June and July is the spawning time of the red snapper. This time the fish stays hungry. You will get a good catch when you are in this period. And in the summer time, the sea stays calm and makes your fishing easy.
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    While catching this fish try live bait. It works fast. Because live bait attracts the snapper very much.
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    The vertical jig is the great lure for red snapper. This lure is metal made. When you use it in the water it will go straight to the deep. The jig looks like a fish that is injured. For this, the snapper goes fast to get it and you have the fish in your hand.
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    If you love a challenge and went fishing in strong currents than you have to go for the heavy tackle. It is not for the fish size, it is for keeping the weight in the spot. If you don’t do this then your bait will move away from the spot.
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    This fish has great eyesight and teeth. So don’t think of using a wire leader. To get this fish, use fluorocarbon line. This line very strong and long-lasting. It is just perfect to catch a red snapper with.
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    As the snapper stays in the deep, it is also a chance to deal with big predators. So pick a safe spot to fish the red snapper.

Some special tips:

If you're going to the Alabama coast and to catch red snapper, then you are going to the right place. to catch this redfish you also need luck. To catch this you have to be smart and apply some techniques. The techniques are not simple. It is really special. Here are special points you have to remember:

1) Don’t let the line can be easily seen by the snapper as this fish is a line- and hook-shy. Use light line and hook. This will help you to get a big catch.

2) Expect the bite. If you are fishing for long then try to remember the place where the snapper bites. When you will feel this is the place where the snapper will take the bite then set the hook there and put the bait.

3) Befriend with the red snapper. You can bring the snapper on the surface by using chum or a changing bag which is hanging. 

4) You can appeal the snapper away from the reef. Sink the chum bag in the current of a reef. Pull the snapper long away and fish them in the open water.

5) Use a drift line. Put a cigar minnow in the hook and drift it behind the boat. By this, you will get a big snapper. Take the bait and drag it to the water surface.

6) Take a squid pie and use it. Thrust a cigar minnow in a huge squid. Then hook the cigar minnow and the squid and make a perfect bit. You will get a good catch with this bait.

7) Don’t pull the line in just one bite. Wait for the second bite. It is because the snapper first hits the bait. If you pull the line than you will miss the fish. When the snapper bites it the second time than the bait is in the mouth. Now you can pull the hook.

8) Try the circle hook to catch the snapper. It is the easiest way. But remember don’t jerk with the circle hook. When you feel the bite, just reel down the line than feeling the fish weight. Then pull the line at once.  The circle hook design is perfect for the red snapper. When the fish is on the hook, do not jerk it. The hook will come out from the fish mouth.

9) When you are fishing a red snapper, use the deck rod with spinning grab saltwater and line handy that is 20- to 30-pound and fixed with a dead cigar minnow or a live bait. When you are using this bait, you will see black and grey snapper is also coming with the red snapper. With the rod, you can catch them all by casting properly. 

 10) For big red snapper use big baits. You may catch a big red snapper with the thumb size cigar minnow; you can also get bigger snapper with a beeliner, a squid pie, a large pinfish or a northern mackerel. Snapper loves big bait.

This is the simple techniques to catch the big red snapper. It is not so easy as it seems and also it is not impossible. Just use your brain and then you will get the big catch that you were waiting for.

Before learning to catch this red fishes you have to know where they stay and what will they bite. Do some researchers about their food habit and habitat. It will make easy for you Catching red snapper:

When you are getting a bite in your line:

    As you know to fish red snapper, use a strong fishing gear. The bait casting rod and the reel has to be heavy duty and strong to handle this strong fish

    Take a strong rig to fight in the current. The fish weight will give you a hard time in the water. The fish will try to go down. The spreader rig will help you to give a tough fight. This rig has two hooks. The best thing of this rig, it stays invisible in the water. The fish don’t see it and fall prey.

    Use live bait for catching red snapper if you want the effective result. Red snappers like live bait. And they fall for it as soon as they see it.

    Keep your boat near a reef or a water structure. Let your rig go down in the water and hit the water bottom. The reel backs the rig and waits for the bite.

     When you are sure that red snapper is on your hook, take a net. After catching keep the fish on the net to unhook it.

This is the process to catch this big red beauty. Take the proper equipment’s, stay alert and apply special techniques. The red beauty will be in your hand.

How to catch a red snapper is explained beautifully in this article. When you are in a mood to go and catch this red huge fish, then it is a must to gather some knowledge about fishing equipment and the techniques.

As red snapper is a deep sea fish, the fishing process is the little bit different from the other fishing techniques. The red snapper loves to eat and they are easy to catch if you can guess their catching techniques. Use the perfect rigs and gears for this fish. They have to be strong and heavy to tackle the weight of the fish.

If you can try to take your friends for fishing this fish. It will be a great help for you and also you will enjoy the catching. If you have company the catching will be easy like you are fighting with the fish and your friends are making every preparation for the fish to come in the deck.

This will help you to unhook the fish and release it If you don’t want to have it for food. But remember to keep the fish unharmed. Hope you will enjoy the catch. Happy fishing.

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