How to go fishing with a broken foot

Having a broken foot does not mean that you stop doing what you love. If you are a fishing enthusiast, I am happy to tell you that you can successfully fish even with a broken foot with the use of standard fishing gear. With a fishing gear, even those people who suffer a stroke and lose full use of one side of their body are fishing again.

If such people can do so, why not you if it is only one leg that is broken? In the blog, we seek to inform you on How to go fishing with a broken foot to make sure you get your life back to normal while doing what you love.

With Strike Fighter fishing gear, you will find it easy to use a fishing rod which becomes part of your body, and it allows an individual with a broken leg or arm to pump, strike, reel, and struggle with the fish and even net the fish as if you are using all of your body organs.

With two types of handicapped fishing gears, a sit-down model and a stand-up model, you will surely find the one for you.

While the stand-up model is ideal for fishing while standing, it will be challenging for an individual with a broken foot to stand.

However, one good thing about this type of fishing gear is that you can fish while seated since you can reel in a fish while sitting. On the other hand, the sit-down model is strictly for sit down fishing.

The most important thing is your safety. While recuperating, you may choose to use fishing gears that are ideal to sit down fishing to make your hobby successful.

The stand-up models

As stated earlier, you can use the stand-up fishing gear while seated. The gear allows the strong leg to pump your rod with the use of a movement the gear works as both a base and a pivot and catches a fish without removing the rod from the strike fighter.

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Since you already have movement on both arms, you can use them to strike or lift the fit leg by merely lifting it up to strike. You can use the combination of both arms and the fit leg to catch both large and small fish.

The sitting fishing models

Fishing with a broken leg becomes more comfortable with the sitting fishing gears. You can do what you love to do most while sitting in a wheelchair with fishing gear.

Here are the three ways to pump the rod while sitting-

•    Use of your arms,

•    Lifting one of your legs,

•    Simply moving your upper body

How does it work?

If you choose to fish with two arms, the fishing gear acts as a base and a pivot. You will be able to fight fish without removing Strike Fighter. With only one leg in use, you can use the movement in one leg by lifting it to strike.

Also, if you have the upper body movement, you can lean back and forth to strike. It will be a surprise to see how you can efficiently pump the rod while at the same time retaining the striking abilities while sitting.

Cast with your arms, insert the strike fighter horn, start reeling in or wait until a fish bites. You will be able to fish as if you are using both legs.

The fishing assistant takes the main work where it pumps the rod in your arms to your legs and hips. Shifting the body weight from one foot to another or just raising the leg that attaches to the fishing aid does the trick.

Regardless of type or size of the fish, the fishing aid holds the rod firmly to make sure you can fish with a broken leg. It works by standing, lowering downrigger, baiting, wading, trolling, fighting, netting and even when you want to remove the fish. The rod is always ready to give you sensitivity when a fish bites.

With just using the law of physics, you can place your entire body weight against the fish without having to hurt your broken leg. It is hard to understand the power in use until you grab one of these unbelievable devices.


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