7 Clarifications On How To Keep Crawfish Alive

Do you know Crawfish is popular for its taste? Some people love it, as it tastes like a lobster. Fishes also love crawfish as bait. So, this crawfish is something you might have to keep alive. The thing is how to keep it alive? Yes, you heard it right; you can keep crawfish alive if you follow some easy steps with care.

The thing is by keeping the bait alive we can catch big size fish easily as the fishes are mad about this bait. Also, they are not hard to find. In every fresh water, you will get plenty of crawfish wondering around. The crawfish is easy to keep alive.

You can keep them alive for several days or months. Confusing? Don’t be, I will give some easy tips which will help you to keep this delicious and wonderful bait alive for some more days.

Those who are new in the fishing world, they don’t have to go for the long process to keep the bait alive. They can keep the crawfish in a tank with some water. The tank doesn't need the filtration system.

You can also use a storage with a lid to keep the crawfish inside. the Just make sure to keep a hole on the top to let the crawfish to live for a week. No need to fill the tank with lots of water, just use enough water to keep the crawfish cover.

As for the diet of the crawfish, it is also not very stressing part. They eat anything. If you want to know specific one food then I will tell about lettuce, crawfish are mad about this food. This food keeps the crawfish happy and so do the water is clean and neat. And for this reason, you are happy.

And craw fish don’t eat frequently. You can give them food once in a week and make sure to change the water after feeding the bait.

Last thing, if the crawfish sheds the shell in the tank, and then make sure to remove it quickly. Also, remove any dead crawfish, no reason to leave in the water. It causes pollution in the water, which is not good for crawfish.

If you keep the crawfish just by following these simple steps, keeping them alive is the very easy task to do. You can go for fishing any time by taking this awesome bait.

Some facts to consider if you want to keep crawfish alive in the home:

Before taking a crawfish to a fish tank for keeping in your home, you have to consider some important points:

Elements you need:

To keep the crawfish in the perfect environment, you will need a fish tank, gravel, tree branch and PVC pipes.


As the crawfish is easy to care and keep, so it needs at least a good environment to stay. You can keep air pump and filters the for the better result as they are not necessary. Keep a tree branch in the water so that the crawfish can crawl over it and breathe air. It is also needed when the water is polluted.

You can also use a plastic box as a simple safe home for crawfish. But keep the height a little big as the crawfish always stays in escape mood. Use the PVC pipes as their hideout as crawfish loves to play hide and seek.

As the crawfish become weak and soft while molting, they prefer to stay in the hideout to take rest and avoid bullying from other crawfishes.


Water is very important fact. It should be clean by every week. The gravels keep the water fresh and free from detritus. Also, the tree branches help to keep the water clean. But make sure to store enough water.


Crawfish can survive in any water temperature. But you have to know about their region. Because it matters.


Crawfish eats anything. They like plant, detritus, algae etc. They also love to eat protein. You can use lettuce, as they are perfect.

Papers and coolers:

You can use wet and cool papers to keep alive the crawfish for a long time. Coolers also work well.

Keep water molt free:

If you see any molts of crawfish or dead crawfish, make sure to remove them. T is dangerous for crawfish health.

The Steps How to Keep Crawfish Alive for Fishing:

For fishing craw fishing crawfish works well. To keep them alive these are the steps you have to follow:

1/ Take a tray for keeping the crawfish. The use a wet cloth or paper and set it on the tray.

2/ Then take the crawfish and place it on the wet paper or cloth. Wrap the crawfish with other wet towel or paper then place it in a refrigerator for five days. But remember only 5 days you can put them there or else the crawfish will die. For 5 days, you can keep the crawfish alive by following this step.

3/ When you are in fishing, and then place the crawfish in a box where you can see it. In the fishing, the process tries to dump the crawfish to keep it, live for some more time.

4/ If you want the crawfish to live for some long days, then provide them meat. This food keeps crawfish alive for many days.

5/ But after eating make sure to clean the water.


Here are some secret tips to keep the crawfish alive to use it as fishing bait.

If you want the best result while catching fish, then take a crawfish, hook it on the tail and let it swim. You will not believe how many fish you will get just by following this simple step. Fish like bass, trout, and catfish love catfish.

To get fresh crawfish in the fishing, put them in the freeze. The ice will keep the meat firm and attached.

How to Transport Live Crawfish:

To take craw fish from one place to other you have to ensure a secured transport. Because if you do not keep the crawfish perfectly then they may die in the way. You will need a cooler, a newspaper and a container.

When you are ready to go for a long time camping or fishing than you, have to take the crawfish in a process. Wet the newspaper and cloth, cover the crawfish and place it in the cooler. Then take it in any place you want.

Crawfish as food:

Crawfish is favorite as seafood for many. As they are clean and fresh, they resemble more like lobsters. They are delicious to eat. They are also the best source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. 

Crawfish as food
Different nutritions:

A crawfish with 3 ounces has 14-gram protein and 70 calories with carbohydrate and fat. You will also get cholesterol in115 milligrams, which is safe for heart patients.


You will get 10 percent folate and niacin, 30 percent vitamin B-12, 4 percent riboflavin, vitamin B- 6 and thiamine. These all vitamins are the healer for any problem of the nervous system. They will also keep your skin, hair, and eyes healthy.


Crawfish have the good amount of 25 percent phosphorus, zinc, 8 percent magnesium, 6 percent calcium and 4 percent of iron. Magnesium and Phosphorus help your body to store energy, toughen teeth and bones and support with nerve and muscle function. Zinc improves your smelling and tasting ability. Also, your immune system will improve and protein defiance will be gone.

How to eat:

how to eat crawfish

You can get crawfish alive frozen or cooked. Cooked crawfish is bright red in color. The cooking process is same as the lobster cooking.

You can also boil the crawfish, which is a very popular method of cooking crawfish. Take the meat from the shell like tail and big claw. Stick in a toothpick and eat.

Crawfish as an economic partner or home partner:

If you want, you can keep crawfish as the pet. Because they are not hard to keep. They are clean, eat anything and they can survive in water temperature. If you want to keep a crawfish as the pet then make sure to provide the best place to live and clean food to give. If you give meat then it will make the water polluted so batter is to keep it vegan.

You can also start a crawfish firm, which will be a great business. You have to just take proper care of the crawfishes and see how your business will bloom.

Some common questions about crawfish:

1. What is a crawfish?

Crawfish are freshwater shellfish, which is look alike lobster. They have a shell with five pairs of legs. The shell is removed when the crawfish grows, it is called molting. After molting, the crawfish gets the new shell. You will learn more name about them like crayfish, mudbug, and crawdad. And one thing they don’t eat mud, they just stay there.

2. How to guess the gender?

Take a crawfish in hand and turn them. You will see two little fat legs between head and tail. They are male organ. When the male crawfish grow old, they outgrow a hook like an organ in the last two leg pair.

3. Where will you find baby crawfish?

This part is beautiful. The female crawfish lays eggs. These eggs get matured and stay attach on mothers tail. A crawfish can give 300 eggs and it takes 2-4 weeks to hatch.

4. For how many years does a crawfish live?

If a Crawfish don’t get soon then it will live for 2 years. In 3-6 month, the crawfish gets matured.

5. Why is the head of a boiled crawfish so popular?

In the head, you will get fat which is known as a pancreas. This fat is very tasty and healthy. This fat will not come out automatically; you will have to suck the head or use the finger to let it out. This part is very popular among crawfish eaters and they don’t think about missing it.

6. Is the crawfish a healthy food?

Surprisingly yes, you will get plenty of protein, unsaturated fat, Vitamin A, Iron, and Calcium. And they are in perfect calories. No worries for any heart patient or diabetic patient.

7. After boiling, there are some crawfish who has straight tails, why?

When you boil a live crawfish, the fish curl the tail. When you see the crawfish has not curled up the tail then they were dead before it was given for boil. If you see this and also noticing that the meat is falling apart then avoid this crawfish and don’t eat it.

8. How to keep crawfish alive until boiling?

If you want to keep crawfish alive until you will give them for boiling, then take a sack and put some ice and crawfish. Keep them cool. Don’t use extra water. If you have a big ice chest, then it will be better option to keep them there. Make sure the chest has a drain hole and a hole in the lid. Then before boiling them, wash the crawfish properly in the clean water and use lots of water. Then soak the fishes for 20-30 minutes. Use salt while cleaning. Now the crawfish are ready for boiling.

9. Can be a crawfish use as a pet?

Yes, they can. They will be a well-behaved pet. They keep themselves clean and they don’t make so much fuss. Their eating behavior is also simple.


After knowing the steps of how to keep crawfish alive, you may think it is so easy. yes, it is easy but you have to be careful while you are storing them. Because if you don’t keep them clean and healthy then your purpose of keeping them alive will go in vain. For fishing, there is no better bait as crawfish.

You can use them easily and alive while catching fish. Just follow the simple steps of keeping the catfish alive then your fishing experience will be a memorable one.

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