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5 Clarifications On How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel

Versatility and ease of use are the specialties of a spinning rod setup. However, do you know how to put a line on a spinning reel perfectly? Are you aware of maximizing your casting distance potential? Modern spinning reels have the capability to cast heavy lines.

Thus, they are suitable for catching lots of different varieties of fish species. You must have all essential tools to put a line on a spinning reel.

Those essential tools are a spinning reel, spinning rod, fishing line, scissors, a lure or bait, and willingness to practice till you succeed. You will not face too many problems if you follow these instructions carefully.​

How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel

Step 1: Use the Correct Fishing Line

You can rate a spinning reel on the basis of the pound test line it can hold. The tendency for skipping this part is very high for those who enter in fishing at the first time.

If you use the wrong line, it may limit your casting distance ability. Thus, managing the line becomes very difficult. Some numbers are displayed on the topside of the reel and close to the spool.​

You will get a clear understanding regarding the capacity of the line by checking these numbers. If you are not sure about the numbers you need to pay attention, it is better to buy a line that fits the medium number specification.​

Step 2: Attach line to the Spool

Attaching line to the spool is the second step. To do this process, you need to lay your rod flat. The spool should rest on the ground. Then, you need to thread the end of the line.

Bail should be opened while doing this process. Tying the first overhand knot is the next process. When you do it, the line should not touch the reel.

Once you complete tying the first overhand knot, then, wrap the line around the spool. The line can be secured to the spool by using another overhead knot. This process is very simple.

You should ensure that your first knot should lie on the outside of the new knot. Then, the end of the line can be clipped by using the scissors. Slight pressure can be applied to the line when you reel it on the spinning reel.​

Step 3: Wrap Line around the Spool

Wrap Line around the Spool

In order to do this step, you need to work hard. At first, you should hold the rod sturdy. Then, you need to hold the line near the first guide of the rod. When you do this process, you need to apply a small amount of pressure. Now, it is time to close the bail.

You can also start turning the handle of the reel to thread the line onto the spool. The handle can be turned away from you. However, do not forget to apply some pressure to the line when you do it. Pressure should be applied to the line to make a tight fit on your reel.

It is also essential for avoiding tangles for the offset. This is not a difficult step, you can do it easily if you are careful.​

Step 4: Avoid Overloading your Spool

Now, your spool begins to fill up with line nicely. So, you should avoid putting too little or too much on the line. Putting enough spools on a line is essential for avoiding friction between the reel and the line. Spooling too much line lead to the risk of unwanted line twist.

Step 5: Attach Your Line

Now, it is time to thread your fishing line through all guides on the rod. You need to start from first to last. Thus, you need to lay your rod down flat very carefully on the ground. You need to use both your hands to attach the lure.

You can thread the tag end of your line back through the eye of the lure. Then you need to wrap the end 3 times around the line. Now, you can weave it through the gap between the knot and wrap before pulling tight.

This is the complete process of putting a line on your spinning reel. So, it is time to pick everything and go to the fishing hotspot for trying your luck. If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, you can do it without any hiccups.

You may not know the proper casting techniques if you are new to fishing. Thus, purchasing the right spinning reel and rod is essential.​

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