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9 Ways How To Set Up A Fishing Pole Can Improve Your Business

New in fishing? Then you have to know some basic rules and techniques to experience a successful fishing. Among all techniques, you have to learn about how to set up a fishing pole.

A fishing pole is a very important thing while you are fishing. If this gear is not properly done then your fishing time will be a waste. In the market you will get two types of a fishing pole, one pole has a string attached, users have to tackle it, and another pole needs to be set up.

A fishing pole is a very important thing while you are fishing. If this gear is not properly done then your fishing time will be a waste. In the market you will get two types of a fishing pole, one pole has a string attached, users have to tackle it, and another pole needs to be set up.

There are ways to set up the fishing pole. The set up totally depends on the size and type of the fish you want a to catch. In a set up you need a reel, rod, fishing line, rig, and leader. This all things need to be set up with patience and the proper. At first, it will take time but you will get used to it.​

Things you’ll need while setting up a fishing pole:

To set up a fishing pole you need some items, they are:

  • Fishing string
  • Lure
  • Hooks
  • Bobber
  • Split shot
  • Scissors

Let’s know details about them:

1. Spinning Reel:

If you are looking for a spinning reel, then do research about them. Because every reel has different features. Check some trusted site and visit some shop to learn about them. Then after researching purchase the perfect spinning reel.

2. Spinning Rod:

While purchasing reels you have to select the perfect rod which will suit. You have to go to some fish rod stores to learn about them.

3. Fishing Line

You have to select the fishing line on the type and size of the fish you want to catch. Because if you want to catch big size fish than the fishing line needs to be strong and thick and on the other hand if you want to catch small fish then you can go for the thin fishing line.

4. Hook:

The hook is an important thing while catching fish. With this hook, you will get a great catch. Try to keep different type of hook which will help you to learn about fish’s interest.

5. Scissors:

You can use any kind of scissors. This thing is needed when you are working in the thread.

The steps to set up the fishing pole:

1. Assemble the pole:

You may find assembling a fishing rod little tough for its pieces. So it is wise to know the name of the parts and their function.

The parts are:

• The joint of the rod is ferrule. The male ferrule gets into the female ferrule. • The handle of the rod with which you will hold during fishing is also known as a grip. • Close to the handle, there is a thick part which is a butt. • On the top part of the rod, there is a flexible part, it is known as a tip. • There are also rings in the rod which is known as a guide. This rings to guide the fishing line.

2. Cleaning rod before use:

Before going for fishing and after coming from fishing make sure to clean the rod properly. For cleaning and wiping, try to take a piece of cloth. To clean the ferrules use a swab. By cleaning, the rod stays free from getting destroyed and scratch. Thus your rod will be clean and long lasting.

3. Now time for joining the pieces:

Get the all pieces together. Join the ferrules properly. Don’t force anything while joining. It may cause damage. After joining them make sure they are done properly or else the pieces will go apart while you are struggling with your catch.

4. Attach the reel:

There is a reel seat in the rod. This is the place where you will attach the reel. At first, you have to insert the reel then you have to put the reel seat. It is like a handle which controls too loose and tight the thread.

5. Threading the fishing pole:

Now attach the thread to the rod and tighten up the reel with the rod. Make sure to lock it properly.

6. Guide the line through the rings:

When the reel is securely locked in the rod, then you can guide the thread run through the rings. The rings keep the tread in line and strong while catching fish.

7. Make a knot in the line:

Before attaching strings for lures in the rod, tie a knot about 6 inches and make a loop. This loop helps a lot while you are attaching bait to the rod for fish.

8. Selecting lure:

To select the perfect lure is very important for fishing. You have to select the lure according to weather type. If the weather is cold, use a silver color lure. It will help by reflecting light to attract the fish. And in the summer time, use the golden lure to catch fish.

Select the lure type according to your fish. There is chatter bait, spinner bait which is the top most popular lure among fisherman. These lures create vibration and sound in the water which attracts fish and lures them to bite.

The popular lures are chatter bait and sniper bait. These lures are easy to control and has the success story in catching fish. The lures actually work on the basis of their look and vibration or sound.

These lures have the blade with them which keeps the fish hooked while it gets a bite in the hook. If you want you can change the color of the blade for making it more attractive to fishes.​

9. Attach the lure in the thread:

When you have selected the lure for your fish then attach it in the thread strongly and perfectly. Because when the fish has the lure in the mouth make sure it doesn’t get loose. You have to struggle a lot too if the fish is a fighter.

Congratulations! I think if you have followed all the steps properly your fishing rod is ready for fishing.

Why fishing pole:

Fishing with a pole is very popular among fisherman. You can fish in saltwater and fresh water easily. The pole is made from graphite carbon which makes the pole strong, sensitive and flexible and makes your fishing experience comfortable and memorable.

In last few years the fishing activity has gained popularity, thanks to the manufacturers who are improving the pole and making it stronger, lighter and cheaper. The pole helps in casting, easy movement and giving a tough fight with big size with the simple tackle.

Why fishing pole

You will enjoy the different fishing experience with different rods. But don’t go for bamboo made the rod, your fishing experience will not be the good one with this.​

With a fishing pole, you will have full control in fishing, allows you to use the light rig, and provides accurate level which a rod and reel can’t produce. You can place your hook in any spot you want and a fishing pole allows you to do it.

You can play with bait in water surface or bottom water bed. You will catch fish in fast ways than any other pole. And you will be a pro fisherman in no time.​

While fishing the most important part is how you present the bait to the fish. You have to move the pole left to right in different speed, moving slowly in current or lifting the pole up and down.

This movement helps to attract the fish. Try to use similar looking bait while you are fishing and make the movement in a natural way. This simple step will help you to get fish in adequate amount.​

With the pole, you have the facility to place the bait anywhere you want quiet. With reel rod, it is not possible. You can place bait in full of weed waterbed or surface with plants easily without any problem. You can play with bait with accuracy. The pole helps you to control the bait in an accurate way.

With the fishing pole, the tackle is simple and light. And it is possible with the thin line, small float and the small hook. When the tackle is light, you will get the most bites. The lightness makes the tackle less visible and quite. You can tell the slightest bite for the extra sensitive tip that the pole has.

Your fishing will be a comfort and successful for the lightweight pole. The modern fishing pole is made from graphite carbon technology which is responsible for the durable, flexible, lightweight and sensitive rod for fishing.​

Fishing with a pole is simple and user-friendly. You don’t have to use any strength to catch a fish. Just make the fish follow the bait and grab it. Then you can easily get the catch.

Picking the best fishing pole:

In the market, you will get different types of the fishing pole. To get the best one you need to know the one is best for fishing. Below I have highlighted on some points which will help you to pick the best fishing pole.


Among all the materials, graphite rod and fiberglass made rod is the best fishing pole.

Graphite made rod is light, sensitive and stiff. You can enjoy a smooth and effective fishing when you are fishing with this rod.

Fiberglass rod is best for its quality and has the ability to endure pressure while fishing.​


There are two types of the handle on a fishing pole. One is cork handle and the other is foam handle.

The cork handle is light and sensitive. You can feel every vibration whether it is light or heavy which is important while you are catching fish. The cork handle has another good feature and that it absorbs temperature. So no chance of feeling hot or cold in your hand while in summer or cold days.

Foam handles are not so user-friendly as cork handle and it is not long lasting.​


Guides are important for a fishing pole. It helps to guide the fishing line while casting, accurate throwing and reduce the line twist. The rings on the rod need to be made from a durable material or else your guide will not work properly.


Length rod is important while fishing. You may think the long rod is best for casting but the fact is short rod is easy to cast. But if you are new to fishing, choose 6’6” – 6’10" length rod which will help you to fish in comfort.

Rod action:

You will get three types of rod action. They help you to control while catching different kinds of fish. The actions are:

Moderate - This action is best for casting. The pole gets bend and lures the fish with the flexible top rod. The moderate action is best for casting, shore fishing and trolling.​

Fast - This action is not good for casting but it provides other facilities while fishing. You will get a sensitive and powerful rod action.

Extra fast - With extra fast rod action you will inherit the most sensitive, powerful fishing experience. Though the casting is not easy with this rod action.

Finally, if you are done with selecting, picking and setting up the fishing poles then you are ready for fishing.

Fishing is really a favorite pass time for many. You will enjoy it if you know the rules and techniques and apply it properly. Before going for fishing, at first, learn how to set up a fishing pole.

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It is very important. Because if you do not do it properly while fishing the fishing pole will be apart and your fishing experience will be bitter. If it is necessary, take advice from experienced fisherman or go through some successful fishing documentary.

They will help you a lot. Don’t think it is hard to set up a pole. Just pay attention and place it properly. If you are done with the poles then choose spot and type of fish which you want to catch. Then enjoy every moment and catch fish as many as you can.​

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