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4 Unexpected Ways How To Tie A Chatterbait Can Make Your Life Better

Ah, fishing!! This one activity brings so much joy and refreshment in my mind and hopes also yours. Fishing is not just getting going and catch fish and come back.

You will get a chance to set out all your relief and stress out when you are near water and refreshment from everyday boring life. Fishing is just a time pass. And if you are serious about fishing then you have to gather some important gears and lures for fish.

Today I will talk about the most important thing about fishing and that is fishing bait. The lures help to catch fish fast. Among the lures, chatterbait is the most popular bait among anglers, as they are easy to handle and use. But to get a successful catch you have to know about how to tie a chatterbait. So, let learn it together.​

Don’t get surprised if you are newly introduced to a chatterbait. Actually, a chatterbait is a jig with a blade. Here the blade is the main thing which helps you to get fish. The color, sound, vibration that chatterbait creates in water, attracts the fish and you can catch them easily.

With chatterbait, you can fish very easily in fresh water. Chatterbait is the versatile lure that you can count on.​

Why use a Chatterbait?

To catch a fish is not so easy. You have to lure the fish to come near you. Chatterbait does the work beautifully. When the chatter bait is in the water, the sound, vibration and the color calls the fish near. This lure is best for dirty and muddy water. There fish will not spot the difference between dead fish and chatterbait.

The chatterbait resembles very much to a dead bait fish which the fish likes very much. So, it is a guarantee with a chatterbait your fish adventure will be a memorable one.​

Before chatterbait, spinnerbait was mostly used as a fishing lure. But this bait works very slow and sometimes there will be a time when you will go back home without any fish in hand. So, fisherman now uses chatterbait more than spinnerbait.

Choosing the best chatterbait:

Now it is time to choose the best chatterbait for your fish. If the chatterbait is not perfect then the fish will not get attract and your fishing experience will not be a good one.

While choosing the best chatterbait you have to focus on color, size, and blade. Let’s know about them:


The color of a chatterbait is a very important factor. Because the color is the fact which will work in the water to lure the fish.

The popular colors of a chatterbait are blue, black, shad, chartreuse and bluegill. you may ask why all are dark colors? It is because these colors give the bait weed like look.

But before choosing the bait color you have to know what type of fish is in the spot where you will fish. As for example if the lake you want to fish has fish that are white in look then choose shad and chartreuse color chatterbait. Again, if the water is muddy or dirty then choose black and blue color chatterbait. This choice will help you a lot in fishing with chatterbait.​


The blade is the most important part in the chatterbait. This blade is responsible for giving flush and making vibrations in the water which makes the fish curious and lures to come near. Generally, the blade stays near the head area of the bait.

This place is perfect for the blade from where the blade will work. When the fish bites, the blade hook the fish. The blade is hexagonal in shape and sharp enough. It creates vibration and sound which calls the fish to come closer and trap.​


And the last factor is the size of the chatterbait. Size matters for a chatterbait. If you get a big size or a small size then the fish will not be able to take a bite. So, the size should be normal and lets to take an easy bite for any fish whether it is small or large. The best size of a chatterbait is 0.3-0.6 oz.

How to tie a chatterbait:

And now for the main part about fishing with chatterbait and that is how to tie it while fishing. Before attaching it, we should know which fish gets attracted with it.

Because if you are using the chatterbait in a spot where the fishes don’t care about a chatterbait then there is no use to go fishing there.​

The process of tying a chatterbait is not hard but some anglers find it difficult.

Here are the steps of tying a chatterbait:

Step 1: Connect the blade to the Chatterbait:

Take the hexagonal shape blade and attach it to the chatterbait. The chatterbait looks like an octopus which has more than 8 legs. The blade is attached to the chatterbait. The body of this fishing lure looks like an octopus. It’s just that it has more than 8 legs.

Actually, the short wires cover the hook and give the look. The wires in the water float like a weed when it is thrown. There is a ring on the blade which keeps it attached with the fishing string.​

Step 2: Use a string and create a loop on the blade:

For creating a loop, insert the string on the blade. If you own a spook, in the home, use some wires and create a homemade chatterbait easily. You can change the color of the blade also as it is too much shiny. When you are done with creating a loop then use piles to cut the string.

Step 3: Now tie the loop in the fish rod hook:

Now it is time to attach the chatterbait in the hook of the fishing pole you are using. It is the hook which will hold the chatterbait and control it in the water. With the rod, you will have to move around the chatterbait to lure the fish. While you are moving the chatterbait, it creates sound and vibration. This makes the fish come and bite.

Step 4: Now get some fish:

After setting the chatterbait in the hook, now it is time to go in action. Just keep calm and use the chatterbait by moving it in the water. Use some techniques while using the chatterbite. You will catch fish in no time. Just be calm and sharp while you are fishing.

See it is not so hard to work to attach a chatterbait. Just you have to apply some technique.​

Some important points:

Fishing is best outdoor activity. If you want to be a good fisherman and want to have good catch then you have to follow and mark some observation. Like the weather is a factor that you have to understand.

Not every weather is best for fishing. Like fall, winter and early spring are not the best weather for fish. They remain inactive in this weather condition.

So, if you are in fishing mood in this weather then don’t. wait for spring to come. Summer is best for fishing. You and fish will have a good time in this weather.​

Another observation is the condition of the underwater. If the water has full of weeds in underwater then it is confirmed to have a bundle of fishes. Fish with chatterbait in this spot, your boat will be full of fishes. As the chatterbait looks like a weed so fishes try to get this new weed.

And now about the chatterbait. If you want to get a boat full of fishes then focus on the trailer size and quality. The longer the trailer is the sound and vibration works more strongly in the water. Also, if the quality is good the chatterbait will work for you longer.

But you have to do one thing for sure and that is making move. If you just sit down and wait for the fish to come and bite, then man you are wrong. The more you move the chatterbait, the more is the sound will lure the fish to come and bite. Apply some technique in the movement.​

Advantage and disadvantages of chatterbait:

At first, I will go with advantages of chatterbait. A chatterbait is very important while you are fishing. It helps very much to lure fish.

• This bait is versatile. It helps to make vibration and sound which attracts the fish to come near.

• The hook of the chatterbait stays cover with wires and when the bites then there is no chance of getting escape as it is sharp and effective.

• Blade makes the chatterbait powerful. This blade also helps to attract the fish by its flashy design.

• The wires give the chatterbait an octopus look. This look is a plus point for fishing.

• With chatterbait, you can enjoy fishing a lot. Because if you use it properly than you will experience catching fish often.

• Your blade will be free from getting snagged by bushes and weds as it deflects debris.

• It is durable and rust resistant.

And the truth is I don’t find any disadvantage in a chatterbait. It is too cool.

Fishing tips with chatterbait in a different season:

In winter:

Winter is not a perfect season for fishing, as fishes stay inactive in the season. So many fishermen don’t go for fishing in this season. But if you want to do something different and confident about fishing then you can go for fishing in winter.

In winter as the fish goes deep down and stay in school, you have to target them. Make the chatterbait white and silver with a swim bait. Remember to keep color match between the swimbait and the fish you want to catch. This technique will help you to catch fish. Try it.​

In spring:

This time is the time when water starts to get warm. The water which has wood and rock is the best place for fish to stay. If you see this spot then start your fishing. Trust me you will get a bundle of fish. Just use chatterbait and move it. This will get fish curious and come towards it.

In summer:

The best time for fishing. The water is warm and the fish is swimming all around the water. Just place the chatterbait and seek the attention of the fishes by moving it. You will get a great catch. In summer night time is the best time. Because in the night the vibration and sound of the chatterbait are clear and effective.

In fall:​

This weather is not for fishing. If you try and apply some techniques with a chatterbait then you may get lucky. The chatterbait for fall is similar to spring time chatterbait. Just try to make the blade more attractive to the fishes by moving or jerking it. Don’t rush and do it steadily.

Fishing is a good time pass and stress-reliever. This activity is only can be done with experience and techniques. You can’t depend on other. If you want to get good catch then learn how to tie a chatterbait. If you learn this then fishing will be just a piece of cake for you.

Just follow the tips and tricks of the experience fisherman. You can also take help from this article as it has in details about chatterbait. When you have learned about the chatterbait then look for the spot you want to fish, observe the water condition and weather condition. Also see what type of fish you are going to catch.

Considering all these facts then get the chatterbait which will be perfect for your catch. Then tie it like a pro and start fishing. If you have followed all the tips and techniques properly then by now your boat will be full of fishes that are ready to be steak for dinner.

Don’t forget to invite me! I love fish steak..just kidding man. Enjoy your fishing day with your chatterbait.​

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