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Step By Step Guideline How to Use a Fishfinder In 2018

Finding a fish reminds me of the great animation finding Nemo. What an adventure we had right with Nemo's father, right? But in reality, you can enjoy the experience of finding fish by a device that is a fish finder.

With a fish finder, you can locate a fish quickly and catch it. But you have to know how it operates. There are types of fish finders in the market. All of them has different configurations and control power.

The difficult thing about this device is the instruction is little hard to understand. If you want to go for a fish finder than it is important to know about how to use a fish finder. By using a fish finder you can locate fish quickly, but you need to practice.

Once you have learned, you will be a professional fisherman in your community. So what you have to know about a fish finder? Just go through this awesome informative article about a fish finder, you will enjoy it.

  • A fish finder is the priority to take before starting to look for fish.
  • Then you need a transducer to attach it with the fish finder. This will help you to set the fish finder easily and quickly.
  • Mounting a fish finder is a big thing. You have to learn how to mount a fish finder. Than your fishing experience will be a good one.
  • With a fish finder, you will get a manual. It will help you to give a clear idea about a fish finder. The manual has all the details about a fish finder about how it works and how to change the settings.
  • You will get some tools with the fish finder. After going through the menu, you will find the installment of the tool is easy and quick. Check the tools whether you need it or not. No need to go for any other instruments.

Chart Plotter:

To operate the fish finder properly, you have to work with chart plotter. On the screen, you will see many kinds of spots, and you will waste times to figure out what they are. To get help fast, split the screen with chart plotter and fish finder. Make sure your fish finder has this option.

How to Use a Fishfinder:

Read the Manual:

Without a manual, it is impossible to use a fish finder. In the manual, you will get much technical information, but sometimes you will not be able to understand it. So you will need a simple manual to make the information more clear.

So try to get an easily explained manual. With this manual, you will know how to set the fish finder, how the mount can be fit in the boat and all the information you need to know to use the fish finder.

Mounting the Fish Finder:

The mounting type helps you to install the transducer. For example, you will find transom mount and trolling mount. This two mount is different from each other. It is up to you in which type mount and transducer will you go for your boat.

In the manual, you will find how you will you install the mount even it is different from the regular one. But make sure you have all kind of essential tools to install the fish finder just reading the manual.

Starting the Fish Finder:

After you have done mounting the fish finder in the boat, it is the best time to start the power on. But remember when you start the fish finder on, you will tend to go to click the settings that you should not do.

Once you are introduced with the settings, and you have understood very easily, then you can do anything with the device and set to any settings per your preference. When you are new to the device, first run it in automatic mode.

Observe how it responds to any movement. Always remember to run the fish finder in the plug when you are working with it out of the water. It is for the betterment of the battery.

Adjusting the Sensitivity:

Try the first cruising with the fish finder in automatic mode. Once you adapted the automatic mode, then you can set the device with preferred settings.

There is a sensible option in the device that can be set in the water where you will go for fishing. If you want to go for fishing in the shallow water, then your frequency in the fish finder device will be high.

If you are in deep water ten, the frequency will be low. For the first, it may sound difficult, after doing some error, practice and again error makes the setting perfect lastly. Set the settings perfectly based on the fishing tour.


To watch the fish movement under the water try to zoom the screen. This will help you to get a lot of idea about the area you are in and the fish you want to target.

For sonar, the hard bottom will show like a thin line and the soft bottom will show like the thick bottom. You will have to guess which bottom you are working. Another thing you have to identify is the thermocline.

This line differentiates about the temperature in different water layers. In screen, they look like a broken line. Don't mistake as it is bait.

Set Your Fish ID:

After many preferences, I think you have set the settings of the sensitivity. Now it is time to set up the fish id. With the fish finder, you can decide which fish you want to catch. You have to check the quality of the screen and the pixel size.

When you are going for fishing, this fish id will allow you to your target fish and watch it. But one bad thing about this fish it is you will not be able to see perfectly what is going on under the wave.

If you are in real confusion about the fish, then put the fish finder on and get an idea about the fish you are watching.

Auto Depth:

If you are new with fish finder, then try auto depth. In the fish finder, you can set the preprogrammed auto depth and adjust it. With it, your tracking will be done perfectly. You can go very bottom under the water. It doesn't work with sonar.

When you are adapted to the settings, then you can change the auto depth settings. The professional fishermen’s set the fish finder to look for fish more deep down.

They don’t look into some first feets in the water surface. They go for deep down. Make sure to adjust the display size of the window to get a better view in the water.

Upgrading the fish finder:

It is not possible to grow professional in overnight, but you will learn to operate the fish finder and able to use it in the water. You will see a depth cursor on the screen of the fish finder.

The cursor is a horizontal line, and it shows on the screen. It goes up and down. When you see arches of the fish, just adjust the cursor over it, then you will get the idea about where the fish is.

Just use this device efficiently. It will be better for cutting bait with a guess.

Suppressor Setting:

With the suppressor setting, the background noise will be completely off when you are working under the water. You may think a suitably mounted transducer is enough to help you to find the fish that you’re searching for, but by using a suppressor, you will get a big help you’re in open water.

Inn he ocean there is the lot of sound ad it comes from the ocean. If you can cut the sound, then your fishing will be perfect. But you have to keep in mind that the blockage of sound you are using is you are preventing the sonar from working.

To make it smooth try to low the suppressor. It will work perfectly in cutting the sound and keeping the sonar working smoothly.

Why use a fishfinder:

•    To find the bait location when it is hard to find on the surface. Sometimes the bait is not seen for the water so that you can see it by the sounder. If you feel it is impossible to locate the bait than just use the fish finder, you will be happy.

•    Target the specific species; the device will help you to locate the structure area.

•    You can guess the how much fish is there in the area. That will help you to determine the catch and fix the proper gear.

•    With the help of the device, you can guess the size of the fish that is under the water just looking it on the screen. It will help you to be mentally prepared.

•    You can measure the water depth by the fish finder. It will help you to drop the bait under the water in the right location. With a fish finder, it is easy to fish in deep lake or sea.

•    You can understand the wave and the fish finder will help you.  The wave is a big blocker to fish in the water. You can avoid it if you can understand the wave. The fish finder will alert you from the long distance that a wave is coming.

•    With this device, you can tell the water temperature. It can tell by the horizontal line in the screen. For this, you can find the cool and hot water area. Some fish loves to stay in hot water area and some in the ice-cold area. So if you want hot water fish than you can locate the hot water zone. And if you want to fish from ice water zone than go for ice area. Your fish finder will help you.

•    Sometimes you will find to adjust the view. Try a new place if you face it in a particular area.

•    The drawback of a fish finder is the technology not perfect for everyone. You may have trouble while you are handling the fish finder. Sometimes the image quality will go bad when the fish finder is deep down in the water. In the shallow area, you may see blur spots on the screen. It is for the poor power signal.


Even if you’re not a passionate fisherman, you need to know about the fishing tools you need the most. The fish finder is necessary to have the device for the fishermen’s who come back home always with an empty hand. This article about fish finder is help for them who are new for the fishermen’s who have just heard about them or for them who has this device but not able to operate or use it.

Some find this device scary to operate. But when you know how to use a fish finder, you will enjoy fishing, and it will go for a long time. Just go through this article. I am giving you 100 % assurance that you will enjoy your fishing after learning about the fish finder.

When you will own a fish finder, try to take family or friends with you to enjoy the fishing more. They will enjoy the way you are using this device and fishing. This device is a great invention, thanks to the modern technology. You will be amazed at the options of this wonderful device.

Just go through every step of the manual and try to follow them. Once you learn how to play with this device, trust me your fishing boat will have all kinds of fish when you come back from fishing tour. So try to learn and apply the techniques.

It will do a great help in your fishing experience. Whenever you are in a bad mood, take your fishing gear and the fish finder and go for fishing. You will have a great day.

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