Top 5 Best Electric Ion Ice Auger Review & Buying Guide | 2018

Have you ever heard of ice fishing? It is a very interesting sport and enjoyable. All you have to do is make a hole in the ice surface and catch fish. But making the hole is the challenging one. At a time people had to make the hole with hand manually.

Now there are many kinds of ice driller on the market that helps to drill the ice and make the hole to catch fish. Here I will talk about the ION ice auger. This brand has done a great job by inventing the best ice driller and makes the ice fishing more interesting and adventurous. If you are new to the ION ice auger than go through this ION ice auger review, you will know every detail about the ice driller.

We all know ION is the Auger that runs on electricity and provides high performance while digging in the ice. This 8-inch ice digger can easily make 40 holes in 2 feet ice and you will have to charge it frequently.

Just charge it once and do your duty with ease. This model has a feature that is the reverse. With this feature, you can clean the remaining after drilling which is very much needed.

This ice driller doesn’t need any fume, oil, and gas, it just needs to be charged properly for one time. You will not need to worry about any mess. Don’t worry about the exhaust, you drill with safe.

The ice cutting is smooth with this driller. The blade and center ring helps to make the cut and depth smooth and proper. After drilling, you can remove the ice out of your hole with the slush flushing feature.

You can do it just by pressing a button and do the work. Though the ice driller looks rough and tough but surprisingly it is light in weight. This makes the ice drilling task easy and fast.

Highlighted features:
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    Design of this ice driller is user-friendly.
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    You will get a reliable and quality ice cutter with this ice driller.
  • check
    Has two LED light that makes your task easy in the night time.
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    Has 40V battery that allows to dig up to 1600 inch ice in the one-time charge.
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    The bottom of this ice driller is aluminum made. For this, the drill and cut are smooth and even.

The ION X 29250 40V 5 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger is the best option for drilling ice. You can get many holes with precision.

The battery of this ice driller is so powerful that it helps to keep the charge capacity stay and allows to make holes as many as you can. You can do any holes though it is new or old, you will get smooth and even holes for the cast bottoms unique design.

The handlebars and the power head are redesigned. There are two LED lights that help to work at night. In the grip handle, there is safety trigger to make the cutting operation easy and hassle-free.

It is light in weight and makes the portability easy. You will not need any ice skimmer to remove the ice after the cut as this device has ION reverse technology that flushes the ice down.

Highlighted features:
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    Handles grip is easy to hold.
  • check
    Easy to reading power display for battery.
  • check
    Battery is cool to attachment into a fastening system
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    Operates effortlessly without producing lots of ambiances

This ION 23250 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 6-Inch Ice Auger is very much similar to hand augers. But more powerful.

The weight makes it the lightest one among all the ice auger. You can drill holes in 6-inch ice and do holes with only one-time charge. If you plan to catch panfish than use this 6-inch ice cutter to make the hole.

This ice auger has ice splash technology to clean the ice after drilling. The battery is powerful and doesn’t need frequent charging. You can complete your work on one charge.

Highlighted features:
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    The reverse button flush the ice slush in the hole.
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    There is an extra auger extension that is 12 –inch. With this, you can drill deep in ice.
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    Battery of this ION ice auger is powerful and lets to cut into 1000 inch in only one charge
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    In this auger, there is a stop brake and trigger safety system. You will work with safety.
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    The auger is steel weld and 34 inches long. You can cut straight with a blade that is attached to the auger.

This electric ice auger is expert to make holes. You can make 72 holes easily with one charge. This ice auger can go to 2 feet deep.

The battery has lithium technology that makes the performance powerful. So you will not need fumes, oil, and gas to make your ice drill powerful. Just make sure you have charged the auger properly.

The cast bottom is aluminum made and makes the cut perfect. This ice auger is for them who wants to fish in ice. You clean the remaining ice after drilling with reverse feature. You will not face any mess while drilling with this auger.

Highlighted features:
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    Earthly gear conduction.
  • check
    Assured control with relaxed handgrips.
  • check
    The blade is stainless steel made and the design is straight-through.

Now our last product, the ION X 29300 40V 5 amp-hour Electric 10-Inch Complete Ice Auger, this ice driller makes an extra hole and do it with precision.

The battery is 40 V and 5 amp and it has 60% capacity. You can drill any kinds of ice easily with this ice auger.

It provides powerful cut with smooth and even cut. The cast bottom is the main thing that makes the cut smooth and precise.

Highlighted features:
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    The battery is Xc5 and five amp-hour. You can get 60% storage capacity.
  • check
    The centering point makes the blade position precise and opens a new hole.
  • check
    You will not need an ice skimmer to flush ice down in the hole as the auger has ION Reverse.
  • check
    For making holes in ice though it is new or old, the aluminum cast bottom makes the hole smooth and even.
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    There is two LED light that is placed below the powerhead, these lights lighten the ice when you are working in dark.

How to Choose the Best Ice Auger:

No matter how the ice auger works whether it is manual or electrical, you have to know if it is perfect for you. When you are in hunt of the perfect ice auger for your work than you have to know the features. This feature will help you to work with power from the start.

Ice Auger Uses:
  • An ice auger is mainly used for cutting through the ice sheet. The cut is mainly done for catching the fish. You can cut the ice in various diameter.
  • If you want a large fishing area, then you have to use the ice auger. The blades are sharp and strong. But you have to remove the blade guard to make a large spot.
  • You can also make small holes with this auger for tent support. It is for them who goes into snow place and wants to take a view of the icy area. So you have to make your tent secured and safe. This auger makes holes and you can use the pole to support your tent.
  • As for fishing, you have to be quite as fish goes away. So you may think that ice auger will make noise when you are drilling. Well, the electric ice driller makes slight noise than the gas-powered ice auger. So drill without any worries that the fish will swim away.
  • Sometimes there will be a time when you will need to use the auger indoor. Don’t even think to use a gas-powered auger. The smell is not comfortable. If you are using an electric auger than your work will be done with ease.
  • If you like to go fishing on ice frequently than you have to use a light and portable ice auger to help you. Pick the ice auger that is light in weight and can be carried easily where you want to take and make the drill.
  • As the electric ice auger is battery powered, it is easy to start. But make sure to keep the battery warm to make the start easy.
  • As there are types of ice auger, the most reasonable price is electronic ice auger. The propane and gas are expensive. You can think they are powerful but it really is not a big deal. Your task with ice auger is just making holes in the ice.
  • With electronic ice driller, you can drill holes quickly and easily. You will be amazed to see the speed. As for gas and oil powered ice auger, there is a problem of leakage. So it is safe to use an electric ice driller.
  • Stay safe while using the ice driller. Especially when you are working with a gas augers. They vibrate a lot while working.

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Power Types:

You will get four power types in the ice auger. Every type is special for their own features:

1. The electric ice auger has a rechargeable battery. It is run by the lithium. You will not face any leakage problem or noise with this ice auger.
2. The auger that runs with gas has a strong motor that has power and force.
3. This auger needs propane to run. There is a portion where you can use propane. This propane produces too much force in short time and it is clean burning.
4. There are augers that are hand-powered. They come with handles that are strong and needs lots of physical force to drill the ice perfectly. It is hard work but perfect for the small surface.

Sizes and Weights:

You have to be careful while picking the size. Check the diameter while picking an ice auger. Because with diameter you can know the hole size. Many ice auger makes the holes 6 to 10 inch in diameter.

The blades of the ice auger have a guard around. It helps to cut in certain space in a circular way. You will have to focus on the length of the auger. Because your cutting space depends on the length.

Most of the augers come 40-60 inch. Make sure the auger can cut minimum 2-inch ice. Weight is also an important thing to consider. Because you cannot work with a heavy ice auger.

Choose five to 40 pounds weight ice auger to work with. And lastly, the handle has to be strong and easy to handle.


The handles are the main features of portability. You will see maximum ice auger has a wide handle that can be easy to hold and make the focus into right space where you want to make hole.in a hand power ice auger has grips with cushions or grooves.

This makes the hold comfortable. There are knobs that are adjustable and helps you to work with auger easily in any space.

Other Features:
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    You have to keep blades dry and sharp to last long.
  • check
    Learn the way to take off the blade or replace them when you need to.
  • check
    When you are using fuel ice auger know how the fuel generates power.
  • check
    Consider the starting time and running point while picking the ice auger for your work.

Ion Ice Auger Accessories:

Let’s have a look at the accessories that the ION ice auger have.


The handlebar is the important accessories of the ice auger. But for some reason, not every ice auger has a handle. A handle is really a need for an ice auger, because you have to drill the ice and to do it you have to hold the ice driller perfectly.

Steel ice driller

There is an extension that makes the auger long. There are a blade and a center ring in this ice driller. For these features, the driller drills the ice smoothly and fast.


The ice auger has 40V battery which is high in energy and provides high performance. With the battery power, you can go into 1000 inch of ice to drill in just one-time charge.

You have to charge the battery for one hour and if it was done perfectly your drill will be smooth and fast.


To keep your hand warm and nice, don’t take off your glove while drilling with ice driller. There is a trigger in the handle of the ice auger. The handle is triggered safe and the brake is quick stop with electric transitory. So you will be doing the drill with safe and secured handle grip.

The Blade design:

The ice auger has a blade that helps to cut through the ice. After cutting the ice there will be no sharp edge, so there will be no chance of fish getting away for line snap.

Reverse button:

After drilling the ice there is slush that covers in the hole. It is not hard to remove it from the reverse button. With it, the ice will go away in 20 seconds. All you have to do is placing the ice auger in the drill area and press the reverse button. You will see the slush is removed.

Gear Transmission:

The ice auger is light in weight for the gear transmission. Though the ice auger provides high performance it is light to carry.

Safety tips:

Yes, you have to know some safety tips while using the ice driller. But it is safer than propane and gas-powered ice auger. But still, it needs to be handled with safety. Because the drills are not toys and manual. So it is important to follow some safety tips:

Sharp blade:

Drilling ice is not easy as it seems. The credit goes to the blades as they are very sharp. So it is obvious that you have to be careful with the blade while working. When you are not working with the drill, use safety cover to cover the blade.

Wear loose clothes:

As it is snow outside, it is obvious that you will wear lots of clothes and scarf to beat the cold feeling. But when you are working with ice driller make sure your cloth is not falling on the driller. It may cause a huge incident.  Make sure the clothes are well wrapped in your body when you are drilling the ice.

Make sure the nuts and bolts are tight:

As the driller vibrates while drilling, the nut and screws tend to get loose. Do check them before using the driller. Or else there will be great damage.

Don’t take it as a simple task:

In cold environment, it is normal to take alcohol. But when you are in the mood to work with the driller, do not use it if you have taken alcohol. It is harmful if you do not make the driller in perfect position.

Remove the battery:

A battery is the power source of the ice driller. When you are not working with the driller then remove the battery from the driller. It cuts the power. When you need to repair the driller or lifting it from the ice hole, remove the battery first. Then work with it.

Don’t panic when the driller stops to work:

Sometimes you may face a problem with the driller when it stops for no reason. Don’t get panic, just stay calm. Figure out the handle grip and the footings than start the machine again and again. You have to be ready with grip and footing before use.

Don’t force:

When you are drilling the ice don’t use force to make the hole. It will not work but the driller may get damaged by using unwanted force. The blades will get blunt when you force to make a hole in the ice. The hole will be done automatically.

Ice fishing tips:

I have done talking with ice driller but here is the most important thing to know and that is ice fishing tips, as the whole thing is all about making ice fishing easy and simple.

  In winter time fish stays deep under the water. Know the location of the fish you want to catch by researching. It will make the fishing easy and interesting.

    It is hard to catch fish in winter time as fish goes lazy in the winter time. So you have to be patient to catch fish in the winter time.

    As the fish don’t want to fight for food at winter time than you have to use a bobber hook. It will make your catch fast.

    If you are fishing in a shallow area than make sure the light doesn’t enter the water when you are fishing.

    In winter time the perch and the bluegills love to feed on the bottom. So lure your bait from the bottom.it works.

   Know how to treat hypothermia. It is a very common accident that happens in ice water. Always keep extra cloth and mobile to tackle the accident. If you don’t treat it in time, in 20 minutes anything can happen.

Bottom Line About ION Ice Auger Review

Ice fishing is indeed a challenging sport. It is enjoyable and tricky also. To catch the fish you have to make holes in the ice. To make a perfect hole you have to use ice auger.

Among all the ice auger, the ION ice auger is the best one. To know why just go through this electric ION ice auger review. If you are going for ice fishing, pick up the best ice driller to make your ice fishing interesting and challenging.

When you are on the ice, be safe and careful form hypothermia. Good luck.

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