10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Kastking Braid Review | 2018

Braided fishing lines are one of the earliest fishing lines and very popular for their excellent performance. Are you looking for the best fishing line? You are in a right place! Anglers always need the best fishing equipment to achieve best results.

Many people commit a mistake in choosing the fishing line. Fishing lines play a very important role in fishing and tackle all the forces during the process. Kastking fishing line serves you with various application and has all types of best qualities.

We have selected this fishing line after researching for a very long time and evaluated various topics. Here is the overview about casting fishing line which explains you everything about this fishing line.​

Fishing Line Types / Series Comparison


Ser​​​​​ie​​​​​​​​​​s Name


Test LB Range

Spool Sizes



Braided Line


327Yds, 547Yds, 1094Yds








300Yds, 600Yds


Advanced Nylon




Fluorocarbon Coated




Mono Leader



How to select the best braided fishing line:

To select the best-braided line, we have conducted exclusive research and gathered main qualities which impact the performance of the fishing line. You need to be aware of all the key points to select the best fishing line. Here kastking braid review:

Here is a detailed explanation about how we selected kastking fishing line as the best one.​

Line strength:

Line strength is the term used to define the amount of weight required to break the fishing line. For example, if the line strength is 7 pounds line snaps if a fish weighs more than 7 pounds.

If the fish you are targeting is big in size and heavy in weight, higher number line strength is always recommended. The number of knots, time of usage and condition of water also changes the strength of the fishing line.​


Durability is the main aspect when it comes to fishing lines. It needs to withstand pressure, stress, force, and damages during the process of fishing. Keep in mind that not all fishing lines are not strong. Many of the fishing lines get damaged very fast under pressure and force.


Monofilament is well known as a most commonly used fishing line. Monofilament is made up of single component nylon which is very thin and more uniform.

It was first developed in the late 1930s by Dupont. It is highly durable, buoyancy and low-visibility. Best monofilament fishing line is designed with extremely thin and perfect design.​​

Abrasion Resistance:

Abrasion resistance is the ability of the fishing line to withstand wear and tear during the exposure to the tough environment. Fishing conditions may involve very rough and tough environment.

Ocean or river water may contain rocks, trees, and debris. The fishing line with more abrasion resistance can be a best friend of every angular and can protect the fishing line from severe surroundings.​

Braided line:

Braided fishing lines are made up of micro-thin fibers that are woven together in a detailed pattern. Braided fishing lines are very famous and most of the people's top choice. They are very strong and sensitive in nature. According to experts in fishing, Braided pattern gives the line extra strength and protects the line from breakage.

Visibility and color:

Choosing a color of your fishing line impacts the process of fishing. Based on the condition of the water, you have to select the color because the color of the fishing line must match the type of water to catch more fish.

If you are fishing in clean water body you should select a fishing line which is very translucent in color so that fish cannot see it. If fish are able to see the fishing line they may get scared and swim away. So it is really important to check the level of visibility.​

Different depths of water needs different levels of visibility. In the deeper parts of water bodies, the red color is preferable because it will make it appear less inside the water. Water with more algae may need a green fishing line and muddy water may need a coffee colored line. You have to determine the suitable color to maintain less visibility.


Fishing line should have a great stiffness to make it strong. It is a confusing aspect about the fishing line because the line should be stiff but flexible in nature. If it is too stiff, it may be very difficult to control the fishing line.

Diameter shows the impact on the fishing line's stiffness. If the diameter is more, the stiffness level increases.​


A high-quality fishing line should be made up of materials including nylon, Spectra, Dyneema, and Dacron.

Most of the fishing lines are made up of nylon material because of their strength and flexibility. Nylon material increases the durability of the fishing line.​

In earlier days, fishing lines are made up of few types of fibers. Latest technology improved the quality of the fishing line.


The diameter of the fishing line means the thickness of the line. Thicker lines are very strong in nature and more durable. The diameter of the line determines the ability and capacity of the fishing line. Based on the type of water and distance you want to do fishing, the selection of diameter should change.

Features of Kastking braided fishing lines:

Kastking braid line is the best-braided line. It has everything that angular needs in the perfect fishing. Kastking company designed this braided fishing line with latest innovative technology.

The top two qualities of this fishing line are power and excellence. This fishing line suits all types of water conditions and performs best in harsh environments. All the best qualities in this line proved that it is the best-braided fishing line for spinning reels.

Both for inshore and shore off fishing procedure angular can catch fish with less effort. It has high tensile strength, high line strength, sensitivity, flexibility, and stiffness. Experts highly recommend this product because it is the best champion for angulars.

Kastking fishing line is the most favorite fishing line of many people all around the world.​

Strong Knot Strength:-

Kastking fishing line has the strongest knot strength. The knots in this fishing line are tied solid and you can tie it in different techniques. This feature helps you to easily catch fish and increase the productivity.

Materials used:-

Kastking fishing lines are made up of high-quality materials which are highly durable. This fishing line is made from finest quality 100% ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber which is very protective, tough to break and strong as a rock.

The excellent quality of materials helps the line to be highly durable, resistant to damages and works for a very long time.

Tensile strength:-

Tension strength of the Kastking braided line is from 10lb to 150lbs. This is the perfect range of tensile strength which helps angulars in any situation.

The tensile strength impacts the fishing range. It has smooth power which helps in smooth casting.​


It has a small diameter to test LB ratio and has different ranges of strengths. Four strands strength has 10lb-50lb and eight strands have 65-150lb. This fishing line has perfect diameter ranges and can serve every angular in an excellent way. In case of bigger fishes, you can set different ranges of pressures.

Greater Abrasion Resistance:–

Kastking fishing lines are designed with a high range of abrasion resistance which gives it protection from all type of situations. It saves the line from rocks, debris and other water bodies. It reduces damage to the line and increases the possibilities. This fishing line can work amazingly even in deeper parts of water.

Low memory:–

It has an extremely low memory which helps you to handle the fishing line easily and easy to cast. Also, the design of this fishing line is round and smooth which helps in increasing casting distance and to cover larger areas. It is extremely sensitive in nature which gives you best results.


It has a very high range of sensitivity and zero stretch. It helps you to increase the catch ratio. It feels every rock, stump, or limb your bait and help you to feel everything under water. When the fish touches the line, it easily indicates you and you can easily tackle the fish.

Color and visibility:

Kastking fishing line offers wide ranges of colors. yellow, algae green, gray, ocean blue, coffee color, red are different colors available. Based on the type of water, you can select the color. It impacts the visibility so select carefully.


  • Kastking fishing line is very strong in nature
  • Line strength is very decent
  • This fishing line is very durable and can withstand all kinds of damages
  • Stands against moisture, water, and Uv rays
  • Less memory
  • Best braided line
  • Performs excellent
  • Can tackle all the forces from big fish
  • Suitable for all types of environment


  • Breakage issues
  • More visible to fish


Finally, after studying every detail about the best-braided line, we have finalized this kastking braided line as our best-bradied fishing line. We all know that it is a very hard task to select the best braided line. Recognized as the best fishing line in the current market, this fishing line serves all the needs of the angular. Now it is your time to grab this best product!

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