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Best 7 Kastking Reels Review & Buying Guide In 2020

Once there was a time when fishing was meant to go with a rod, a hook, and some baits. With this things sit near a water surface and place the bait. Then comes or not that don’t matter, you cherish the time spent well.

But now, fishing is not just a hobby it is a do or dies activity. You will be amazed to see the equipment of fishing in the market. You will find different companies that have best fishing gears.

Today I will talk about kastking reels. These reels are superb, long-lasting and powerful. You will enjoy your fishing a lot with this reel. If you are looking for the best reels than go through this kastking reels review, you will have your reel in on time.

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1. KastKing Royale Legend / Whitemax Baitcasting Fishing Reel:

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KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Baitcasting Fishing Reel is the best heavy duty baitcasting reel. This reel comes with simple design but fast and quiet in line retrieve.

The drag of this reel is 17.5 lb and provides a good performance while catching fish.

You don’t need to worry about any high maintenance for this reel.

There are Maxidur ball bearings that are shielded and corrosion resistant.

There is a chance to win a fishing tournament with this fishing reel because of the brake gears. The brake is dual and it is easy and fast to fine tune.

Highlighted features:

  • checkThis reel delivers high performance and needs low maintenance.
  • checkThe gear structure is precision cut and the drag system is carbon fiber.
  • checkThis baitcaster has high-speed line retrieve feature and the design is low profile.
  • checkThe ball bearings are rust-resistant, durable, provides smooth molding and retrieve.
  • checkThe spool is anodized with aluminum and the style is whiffle. With this spool, you can fish with utmost strength.
  • checkYou will find the brake system super controllable while casting. The brake is magnetic, centrifugal and reliable.

2. NEW KastKing Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel:

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Thanks to the Kastking Company to provide another best casting reel for us fish lovers. This reel is specially made form carbon reel.

The best thing about this reel is any handed persons can use this baitcasting reel with ease.

This reel is light in weight but the handle, body and side plates are made from long-lasting carbon.

You will find this reel rust protective and stiff. This reel promises high quality and drag is super and for perfect focus, there is a laser in the reel.

If there is powerful wind blowing, no worries because this reel has magnetic and centrifugal brakes that helps to cast accurately.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkHook sets have an anti-reverse stop.
  • checkThere is line guard inserted in the braided line.
  • checkThe spools are coated with A grade aluminum.
  • checkThere are ball bearings in the reel that rust resistant.
  • checkThe ratio of the gears is 6:3:1 and makes the precision matched.
  • checkThe fiber is carbon and provides you smooth and impressive cast.
  • checkThe reel has exceptional blue accents and the finish is midnight black.
  • checkThis reel is just so light in weight but the body, handle and side plate comes with carbon made. It is rust resistant and strong.
  • checkBrakes are dual and have a laser for accurate focus. The brakes are magnetic and centrifugal and make your fishing easy even in windy weather.

3. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Ree​ls:

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You will enjoy a quality fishing experience with the KastKing Summer/Centron Spinning Reel.

This reel has high in quality ball bearing, strong drag and special elements.

The spool is aluminum made, light and strong.

The ball bearing is smooth in design and has an anti-reverse design. The shaft of this reel is high in quality and metal made.

The gear is perfect and precise. The design and the finish are just awesome. The spool has a coating of two color and aluminum.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkThis reel has powerful drag system, it can bear up to 20LBs.
  • checkThe shaft is hard metal and the drive gear is mesh and accurate for fishing.
  • checkDesign of this baitcasting reel is awesome and the unique. The finish is attractive.
  • checkYou will enjoy the smooth performance with the ball bearing and anti-reverse stop.
  • checkThe frame design is narrow and graphite. The balancing system is computer and provides powerful performance. All these designs make the reel light in weight and powerful.

4. KastKing Sharky II Fishing Reel:

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KastKing Sharky Spinning Fishing Reel is perfect for fishing in saltwater and freshwater. This reel is ultra-light and professional grade.

You can catch and fight with any species and size. The ball bearings are exclusively expensive, gears come with balanced design and precision and have an anti-reverse option.

The main shaft is solid metal made and long lasting. There is a blade that is computer balanced, the line is stainless steel made to make the casting smooth and retrieve.

There are hook sets that are solid and quick and it has anti-reverse feature.

The drag system has washers of carbon fiber and makes fish fight powerful and consistent.

The graphite material of this reel frame is rust-resistant, durable, strong and light in weight. Saltwater and freshwater fishes can be easily caught by this reel with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkThis reel helps to catch different kinds of fish easily.
  • checkThis reel is very powerful and the carbon fiber made line can bear up to 48.5-pound fish.
  • checkThe spool is aluminum made and has better line lay to feature lube holding grooves for the smooth and durable task.
  • checkIf you are fascinated by a new reel than consider this spinning reel. This reel has gear, spool, rotor, and body. For these, this reel is durable, needs fatigue and strong casting.
  • checkThe MaxiDur bearings are rust resistant. Gears of this reel are strong and the shaft is stainless steel made. For these features, the retrieve is super smooth and strong to fight with a big fish.

5. KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel:

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The KastKing rover conventional round baitcasting reel is the perfect baitcasting reel for fishing trophy hunters.

If you are after the big fish like walleye, carp, and giant catfish, then take this reel and enjoy catching this big water monsters.

You can also go for trolling and bottom fishing with this baitcasting reel. The fiber is carbon and offers strong performance.

The plates have a coating of aluminum that our high-grade. The shaft is stainless steel made and helps to give a rust protecting features, so it will be safe in saltwater too.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkThe gears are brass and accuracy machined.
  • checkThe dragging system of this reel is strong and powerful.
  • checkYou will find a high-performance shaft that is stainless steel made.
  • checkYou will enjoy smooth fishing for the stainless steel made kastking rover reel.
  • checkThis rover reel is perfect for bottom fishing trolling for saltwater and freshwater both.
  • checkThe new KastKing rover round baitcasting reel’s spool and side plates that have the coating of high-quality aluminum.

6. KastKing Kodak saltwater spinning reel:

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This reel will promise you a new design and better experience. Your fishing experience will be a memorable one.

The body is aluminum coated, strong and powerful to give a great fight with big fish.

The spool and rotor are made to make the casting long and goal. No worries with rotor structure forgetting water inside the water.

The line of this reel has fat ball wire that makes line safe and supportive. You will not face fatigue and twist with this line.

The shaft of this reel is stainless steel made and power to control the line. The ball bearing is also made of the stainless steel that is high in quality and makes the fishing smooth.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkThe shaft is made of thick stainless steel.
  • checkOne of the powerful baitcasting reel in the market.
  • checkThe stainless ball bearing makes the fishing smooth.
  • checkThis baitcasting reel made with strong aluminum. Spool, rotor, and body all these comes with aluminum.
  • checkGears are fortified and the dragging system is carbon fiber that makes the fishing with big fish easy and powerful.

7. KastKing Spartacus maximus metal baitcasting fishing reel:

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If you are metal lover fisherman than take kastking spartaccus Maximus metal baitcasting fishing reel.

You will not go for other fishing reel and that is a guarantee. The brake system of this reel is so advanced and adjustable and the brake is centrifugal.

The drag power is awesomely powerful. The gears are noise free, smooth and precise.

The ball bearings are smooth and torque for stainless steel mate reel. You will enjoy a versatile fishing experience with this baitcasting reel.

Highlighted Features:

  • checkThere are hook sets which are solid and makes the fishing anti-reverse stop easy.
  • checkThis reel is carbon fiber made and makes the dragging power strong and powerful
  • checkThe frame of this reel is aluminum made. This material makes the spool, shaft strong and rust free.

Relevant Review:

Buying Guide of Kastking Reel In 2018:

Fishing activity is not a new outdoor activity. But reel is the new thing for the fisherman. There was a time fishing was only to use a rod and line and tug them from the water when fish comes to bite.This old practice is still preferable for some as some fish is easy to catch in this method.But for new modern fisherman’s they do think about a reel. The reel is the thing that makes fishing easy and simple. If you ask your grandparent’s about their fishing experience, they will have the same story and that is how much pressure they had to use while catching fish even the tiny one.Thanks to the reels that now anyone can catch fish easily even kids. You can now catch big fishes only using a rod, you don’t need a net.

Reels are made from strong materials and have user-friendly features that make fishing easy and fast. The best thing is the reel has a push button that made the fishing task easiest where this task was considered as a skilled activity and time-consuming.

Here I will talk about the kastking reels. Kastking is the newest company but it is really a fast-growing one. Their motto is making fishing a fun outdoor activity for all.Their products are impressively the high-quality one and surprisingly all of them comes at the reasonable price. Yes, now they are the best fishing reel in the market.

Types of Kastking Reels:

You will find different kinds of reels with different features. Each of them works with the different purpose. You have to know which features will work for you. The popular ones are:

Spincast Reel:

This reel is also known as push button reels. It is just perfect for the beginners as it is easy to use. It also comes cheap in price. But there is some doubt in its performance.

Spinning Reel:

This reel is popular among fishermen. This mainly found in the bottom of the rod. This reel is perfect for versatile fishing. To fish with this reel, you need to be skilled and learn to control.Once you are skilled and know how to control spinning reel is just perfect for you. You can fish in freshwater and saltwater.

Baitcasting Reel:

If you are professional then you can go for a baitcasting reel. This reel is little hard to use. It is perfect for hunting the big fishes as it offers control and accuracy. It is long-lasting and gives a tough fight while catching the water monsters.But for beginners, this reel will not work.

How to pick the best reel:

Now you are in the important part and that is how you will know that the reel you are picking is perfect for you. Let me help you:


Between the baitcasting reel and the spinning reel, the baitcasting one is more powerful and the professional fisherman’s like this reel a lot. This reel just allows you to cast a long way with precise. This reel gives you to apply power and skill when you are fishing.You will see many kinds of the reel with powers, but pick the one that you need and can apply the power amount. If you go for large fish in the ocean, then it is obvious you will need a powerful reel but for the river, you will not need a powerful one. 

Brake system:

The reels have brake system and it is an interesting feature. The braking system prevents backlash, it is important when you have lure is not moving the spool will keep moving. So your line gets tangled. The brake system prevents that.There is two types of brake system – magnetic and centrifugal brake. The magnetic brake works with magnet and spool that makes the line stop from moving. And the centrifugal brakes work with the pin system.

Equipment Ratio:

Gear is the important thing to consider while picking your reel. Because with the reel you can rotate the spool by using handle turn. Like 5:1 means you can rotate 5 times by using handle per turn.As the rotate number gets high so the handle turn. The large ratio is for small fish and a small ratio is for large fish.


Do you want a reel that will fall apart after one use? Then don’t pick a plastic reel. It is a big no for catching any big fish. Pick the reel that is made of metal or aluminum. This material keeps the reel strong and sturdy.


Size depends on the fish size you want to catch. For big fish, you have to own a large reel with thick line and large capacity. And for the small fish, you have to pick small reel. So know what fish you want to fish and pick the reel size.

Reactive Dragging System:

To catch a big fighter fish you have to drag responsive reel. This reel will make your drag easy without any jerking. With a quality drag, you can give a tough fight without any worries of losing tackle and line breakage. Just give a tough fight with the water monster if you have a strong dragging system.

Appropriate Bearings:

The bearings help to produce spinning in the reel. You will enjoy a smooth movement of the handle and spool for the bearing. The best reel will have 5 bearings to let you enjoy a smooth fishing. They are a roller bearing, anti-reverse, line roller, main gear and main shaft.

Anti Reverse:

This feature is for stopping the sudden relaxing of the reel handle. For this, you will enjoy a safe fishing and a successful one. You can control the reverse by using switch or lever.

Few More Thing You Should Know About The Reel:

When you start to think about taking a perfect reel, trust you will be lost in the reel sea. There is so much to learn and know. I also faced the same confusion and gradually I began to understand and learn. Let’s share my learning tips when I was looking for the perfect reel for me:

1/ You have to know the level of your experience in fishing while choosing the reel. Also, you need to know which fish you will go after.

2/ The water kind is also a factor while choosing a reel. Because every reel is not perfect for every water.

3/ To catch a big fish you have to own a reel with multiple bearings and high line capacity.

4/ You can’t just go and pick the reel you see. You have to know your skill and control balance that you can apply to the reel while catching fish.

5/ If you go for frequent fishing than you have to pick the reel that needs low maintenance.

6/ It is better to have an idea about the parts and technical, it will help you to fix and mix the parts when it needs. You will not have to depend on others.

7/ The environment really matters when you are going for fishing, especially water and weather conditions. You have to pick the reel according to the environment where you will go for fishing. Because if you pick the wrong one then you may get a damaged reel while fishing.

8/ Water condition is not same everywhere. The freshwater reacts differently so do the saltwater. You have to know whether fishing is safe or not. Sometimes you have to fish on the offshore. And sometimes your boat will not stay in place for the strong current. It will be hard to fish then. So you have to know what kind and size fish you will going to catch. And the place you are going, do the water has the fish or not?

9/ There are reels of freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater fishing mainly happens on the river or lake water. The water stays calm so you will need a simple reel to fish here. On the other hand, saltwater is not as the clam as freshwater and so do the fishes.

You have to give a tough fight to catch saltwater fish. So you have to pick different reels for different water condition. The saltwater fishing rod is high in quality and long lasting. Because the salt is not good for metal, the reel comes with strong material. And you have to make sure that you have chosen the material.

Final Word About Kastking Reels Review

I think by now when you have picked your reel after going through this kastking reels review. Still confused? Then you have to go to the store or take advice from an experienced person.This will help you to choose the perfect reel for your fishing. The reel is really important for fishing. This reel will help you to control your power, speed and balance while fishing.If you love to fight and show power with the large fish than pick the strongest reel to make your journey more powerful. Remember the large fish is not easy to catch without a tough fight. So be ready mentally and physically. So good luck out there and enjoy every moment.

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