Mitchell 308PRO-C Reel: Advance Fishing Reel Review & Buying Guide

The Mitchell Reels 300 Pro Series Spinning Reel epitomizes a legacy of development and propelled innovation, improving the delight of angling through the straightforward outline, easy to understand highlights and demonstrated quality.

The progressed polymeric body is more grounded than customary polymeric and graphite materials, empowering this reel to withstand years of hard angling. A 10-bearing framework with moment against turn around guarantees prompt hook sets and superior adapting offers culminate outfit work, smoothness, and solidness.

The multi-disc drag framework gives exact change and predictable execution. Safeguard Halo is intended for expanded quality, sturdiness and lessening of line turn to convey impeccable throws and recovers. Solid aluminum handle and spool.

As designers of the world's initially turning reel, Mitchell reels has a long history of steadfastness and execution. Numerous people like myself grew up angling a Mitchell reels.

I can affectionately claim a few Mitchell reels Excellence reels back when I began considering angling important in the mid-1990's, however presently I proceeded onward to different brands that offered more quality and refinement.

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In a matter of seconds before ICAST 2013 started, myself and whatever is left of the Tackle Tour group each got one of Mitchell reels most up to date reels, the Mitchell reels 308 PRO. Likewise offered in a littler 308 and 310 size, these reels search exceptionally encouraging for the financial backing disapproved of a fisher.

Equipped with this new Mitchell reels mysteriously appeared on my doorstep, it was an easy decision that a full survey must be finished.

The Mitchell Reels 300 Pro offers three sizes in their new line – the 300 Pro, the 308 Pro and the 310 Pro. Every one of the three sizes actualizes 10 metal rollers for an exceptionally smooth operation. The Mitchell Reels feels exceptionally strong in your grasp yet shockingly it doesn't feel overwhelming like a considerable lot of the other turning reels available.

It's difficult to cut weight in a turning reel yet this reel has made a decent showing with regards to of that with the rotor, spool and even handle having areas cut out.One worry with cutting weight in angling reels is quality.

They are actualizing another Halo innovation on the safeguard to expand its quality. You can crush either side of the safeguard and it doesn't flex.

It won't flex under load either which keeps the reel working easily while battling a major fish. I'm genuinely sure of this as well in the wake of finding a 15-pound drum on the reel with no issue.

The reel has 14-pounds of drag and the drag can be customized on top of the spool with little smaller scale redresses. It's smooth and begins effortlessly. Both vital in a decent angling reel.


Right out of the crate, the look truly struck me. Was this genuinely a Mitchell reels? The matte dark composite polymeric body and rotor looks extremely stealthy and has a smooth, delicate feel to it like the "delicate touch" reel seats you find available.

Alongside a dim green spool and accents, everything joins for an awesome looking bundle generally speaking.

The overall presentation of this new reel is a solid one, especially at the price point. It certainly has a “new” appeal to it with all of the various features and totally updated look. Matching up the Mitchell reels 308 PRO to any rod will be a snap since it's color scheme looks great on many sticks available today.

Returning to the body, the polymeric body and rotor are neither super lightweight nor greatly unbending. At 9.9 ounces there are other likewise measured reels available that say something with less heavy.

The body and rotor are touted as being to a great degree inflexible, however, there is still flex clear underweight when crushed or bent. This flex is most detectable in the rotor and along the "stem" of the reel between the primary body and reel foot. In all actuality, this won't be an issue for bass or lighter saltwater angling, yet under a substantial drag setting, it might influence your wrenching force a bit.

A large portion of the body is pleasant and smooth, however several somewhat harsh edges were found in a portion of the more shrouded spots.


One concern with cutting weight in fishing Mitchell Reels is a strength. They are implementing a new Halo technology on the bail to increase its strength. You can squeeze either side of the bail and it doesn't flex.

It won't flex under load either which keeps the reel operating smoothly while fighting a big fish. I'm fairly certain of this too after landing a 15-pound drum on the reel without any issue.

The Mitchell Reels has 14-pounds of drag and the drag is adjustable on top of the spool with small micro corrections. It's smooth and starts easily. Both necessary in a good fishing.

The Mitchell Reels body is made from a polymeric material that is a blend of materials said to be stronger and lighter than aluminum. The spool is Aluminum and the handle has an EVA foam pad for comfort, good grip, and reduced weight.

Casting with the Mitchell Reels 308 PRO is about normal. There are no curve balls positive or negative with this Mitchell reels. The aluminum spool highlights a really standard arbor size and measurements, so abnormally long throws wouldn't occur unless you have a 25 hitch tailwind.

What will happen is simple throwing with no mistake. The stout safeguard wire has a decent vibe to it, and it opens and closes with a firm and fulfilling click.

Certifiable Tests:

Rather than simply testing the Mitchell reels 308 PRO on bass, I chose to utilize it entirely in light handle saltwater applications. Saltwater and the species which live there will obviously be a somewhat harsher test for any reel.

The Mitchell reels 308 PRO was spooled up with 20lb Sufix plaited line and mounted on a sweet old dark CUS-DX68M Shimano Cumara turning bar. An assortment of attachments and little swim baits were tossed to help me find some feisty southwest Florida nook.

The best part of this new Mitchell Reels is you get a 5.8:1 rigging proportion in a turning reel. That is some great line take up in a turning application.


Notwithstanding a couple of minor problems, the Mitchell reels 308 PRO is an appealing offering by the amazing Mitchell reels organization. It gives fishers some pleasant components and fulfilling execution at a to a great degree reasonable value, which thus puts this reel inside the sights of pretty much anyone.

Mitchell reels keep on holding tight after such a long time and appears to proceed what they have constantly done: convey great items at reasonable costs. Regardless of the low valuing of their items, it is marvelous to one day see them break into a higher-end reel portion to contend with reels like the Stradic Ci4 or Daiwa Ballistic.

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