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Okuma Ceymar is a lightweight spinning reel that is designed specifically for freshwater anglers. This is an excellent choice for any anglers because of its extensively skeletonized spool, and graphite composition rotor and frame.

You can catch any freshwater species by using this reel. If you purchase this reel, you will get a reliable, lightweight reel without spending much. It offers smooth performance because it is equipped with 8 bearings.​


Okuma Ceymar has been undergone several testing and it is proved that it is perfect for heavy use. The reel has been used in several locations for checking the strength.

The locations include some dense vegetative regions such as California delta and some clear lakes free of vegetation. The reel is also highly effective with dust, swamp grime, and dirt.

The reel has been submerged in dirty water for a long period of time for checking the quality and reliability. Still, the function of this reel is smooth and it did not make any troubles.

The drag system of this reel is also very strong, smooth, and ideal for handling the surges of oversized catfish. The drag dial of this reel has a nice audible click. Thus, drag adjustments on the fly are possible.​

The bail wire of Okuma Ceymar is in perfect condition. You can open and close it very smoothly with a nice audible click.

You can also wipe off the dirt and grime very easily even after long hours of use. You can also install this reel very easily on your rod. You will not face any signs of diminishing performance if you use this reel. It can serve you many more years if you maintain it very carefully.​


Even if you throw this fishing reel constantly around the car, smacked on park benches and trees, or on the dirt, it can withstand all types of physical abuses.

Graphite frame and rotor of this reel is extremely light and durable. It will not show any sign of wear. The reel is extremely strong, so it is free from visible chipping as well.

The EVA foam crank handle is extremely comfortable. You can use the reel without the fear of deforming or shredding. This aluminum spool will surely remain in perfect condition after using the braid.

It is also free from signs of early wear. It is extremely light and durable because of lightweight graphite rotor and frame.​

Ceymar spinning reel of Okuma makes fishing a fantastic experience. These spinning reels are very smooth and built to last.

It has a rigid body, which is perfectly machined for handling the braids fishing lines. This spinning reel is perfect for getting more confidence while fishing because of oversized line roller and heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire.​

Inventive computer balancing technique is used for making this spinning reel. Thus, it can prevent wobbles in an effective way. Thus, you can spin at the top speeds.

It can provide you maximum comfort because of EVA handle knobs. The blade body design of this reel is the other peculiar feature. This refined and compact design is ideal for reducing bulk.

Therefore, anglers can concentrate fully on the fish, not the reel. This fishing reel is also helpful for catching different types of fish species such as tuna, stripers, salmon, catfish, trout, bass, and even the mighty marlin.

Though the reel is very small, it is extremely smooth and hardy. The casting distance offered by Okuma Ceymar is also amazing. The rewind of this reel is silkier than any other models. It also allows you to adjust the brake very easily.​

This spinning reel is ideal for 2-6 pound test fishing line. You can use this reel with an ultra-light fishing rod, which will be a great combination. It is also ideal for small ice fishing outfits. Okuma Ceymar comes in different sizes, C-30, C-40, C-55, and C-65.

These sizes are perfect for most anglers which fish. The reel that sized 30 is beneficial for finesse applications. But, 40 size is perfect for bigger lures and fish. You can use C-55 for inshore saltwater fishing. The C-65 is useful for jetty and big water fishing.

The smooth performance and sleek design are the other peculiar features of Ceymar. It is helpful for getting a fantastic experience while fishing. A fluid 6-bearing drive system, precision elliptical gearing, etc provide advanced performance.​


  • Very powerful
  • Multi-disc drag system
  • Anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Machine cut brass
  • Pinion gear
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Blade body is designed for resisting corrosion
  • Oiled felt drag system
  • Forged aluminum
  • Black anodized handle design
  • EVA handle knob
  • Very comfortable
  • 2 tone anodized spool


  • Rough retrieve

Okuma Spinning Reels Features:

Price may be the major determining factor while searching for a spinning reel. Some reels are manufactured by using aluminum, zinc, brass, and even stainless steel.

The weight and strength of the reel are different depending on the material. The parts of the reel can be corroded due to water conditions such as salt water. It will be the biggest headache for anglers. But, you will not face any of these problems if you use the spinning reel of Okuma.

The top options are pinion gears and stainless steel drive gears. Probably, they may increase the price. You are considering bearings, line capacity, drag settings, and gear ratios. But, you should not forget to check the materials used for manufacturing the reel. A 17-4 stainless is used by Okuma.

You can mold this stainless by using heat. The tool is also very popular for its hardness.

Thus, it can withstand even the high temperatures. A dependable fishing reel is required for fishing in the best possible way. Okuma uses the same alloy inside the reel, which is helpful for preventing any kind of electrolysis because of a variety of materials used for constructing the reel.​

Okuma uses helical-cut gears for creating a silent retrieve. There are more teeth in this spiral cut gears, which increases the load ability. Okuma is constructing its spinning reels on the basis of this gear idea.

Okuma uses CFR technology for providing the best reel to its customers. The Cyclonic Flow Rotor or simply CFR is highly useful while using a fishing reel. This technology allows whirling a cyclonic airflow around inside the reel, which is helpful for keeping things dry longer.

Therefore, when your reel gets too wet, it will lead to corrosion. It will cause the slowdown of the reel and it may stop working. But, CFR method is helpful for keeping the parts of your reel lighter, drier, and stronger. Thus, all parts of this reel will work perfectly.​

Final Verdict:

Okuma delivers more than just fishing tools. They also provide motivation to hit water, excitement, and energy to maintain focus. Dynamic design, advanced materials, and commitment to longevity are the peculiarities of the fishing reels of Okuma.

It is the best way to inspire your passion for fishing. Okuma Ceymar is very small in size and weight, but the performance of this spinning reel is excellent. It focuses on 3 major factors such as handling, lightweight, and effortless.

Once you use the spinning reel of Okuma, your concept of the spinning reel will definitely change. This model is really outstanding and the features are far beyond your expectations.​

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