PENN Battle II Spinning Reel Review And Buying Guide | 2018

Do you want to use specific reels for specific scenarios? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Some people nurture these types of unique characteristics while fishing.

So, they use one reel while fishing from surf and use another while fishing from a boat. However, most others prefer to use one reel for various ways.

If you fall under this category, PENN Battle II Spinning Reel is designed for you!


  • Comes with HT-100 carbon fiber
  • Heavy-duty aluminum ball wire
  • Superline spool
  • 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearing
  • Increased drag pressure
  • Line capacity rings
  • Full metal body
  • Non-corrosive
  • Braid ready spools
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing


  • Heavy
  • Rough retrieve
  • Loud
  • More lubrication is required after some use

Fishing is a very popular spare time hobby and sport these days. Many people take it more sincerely. If you are serious about fishing, you need a high-quality reel, which is inevitable for fishing. A great spinning reel is required regardless of the species and place. This is the prerequisite for getting a pleasing result.

Things to Consider while Purchasing Penn Spinning Reel

Today, fishing has become a sport as well as a hobby. A huge number of people engaging in it not just because of getting enjoyment but they really love it.You must be prepared with the right and appropriate accessories if you want to get a great fishing experience.

Lots of accessories such as rope, reel, bait, and so on are crucial for fishing. A highly tuned reel and a long fishing pole are required for both surfcasting and long distance casting. However, you should not be fooled by the simplicity of a fishing reel.​

Lots of accessories such as rope, reel, bait, and so on are crucial for fishing. A highly tuned reel and a long fishing pole are required for both surfcasting and long distance casting. However, you should not be fooled by the simplicity of a fishing reel.

Sometimes, the reels can be highly complicated. If you have enough time for learning the technique and mastering it, surf fishing reel is ideal for your needs. However, it is not an easy procedure. Lots of time and endless practice is required for mastering this technique.​

  • The Usage

Do you want to purchase a useful, good and affordable spinning reel? Definitely, you can definitely go with PENN Battle II. It is not only reasonable but it consists of all features that are required for a good spinning reel.

The quality can be recognized with the first touch of this product. The body of PENN Battle II is made of full metal along with a side plate and rotor. The product has bagged several awards for its extreme quality as a saltwater reel. It is also the best for shall shark, snook, redfish, largemouth bass, and even tarpon.

Lots of professional, as well as novice anglers, love this product. Besides loving and using, lots of anglers recommend this spinning reel to the beginners. You can surely buy it if you want to make the fishing session more enjoyable and entertaining.​

  • Major Features

If you search for the top best spinning reel in the market, you can find Battle II on the top position. An interested and enthusiastic angler never neglects the importance of this product. When you check the features of the best spinning reel, you can find that this product incorporates all those features.

  • Frame and Reel Body

Housing is the alternative name for reel body. Aluminum, graphite or a combination of both is used for making the housing. Graphite is used in cheaper spinning reels. But, the expensive ones are manufactured by using aluminum, which makes the reel stronger. Graphite is lighter, but aluminum provides you more strength.

You can decide whether you need a strong or lightweight housing. Proper knowledge regarding the frame or reel body is essential for getting the expected result. Full metal is used for constructing the reel body of PENN Battle II. Thus, it supports you perfectly when you catch fish in both saltwater and freshwater.

  • Drag System

Drag system has a greater role in a spinning reel. Thus, you must be very conscious while purchasing a spinning reel. The drag has a major responsibility when you apply pressure on hooked fish.

It lets out the line during the time of the fight. A high-quality, smooth drag is inevitable for catching lots of fish species. The drag system of PENN Battle II is HT100 carbon fiber, which is helpful for applying pressure hooked fish firmly.

The HT-100 drag washers are the unique selling point of PENN Battle. It allows you to use washers on both sides. Thus, you will get 20 percent increase in max drag. You need not use max drag always, but you must be aware of the availability of this stunning feature.​

  • Reel Gear Ratio

Casting reels consist of a rotating spool, but spinning reel comes with a fixed spool. A ball is used for wrapping line onto the spool. Reel gear ratio indicates the number of times ball rotates the spool with the single turn. Reel gear ratio of Battle II is 6.2:1. It is perfect for supporting you significantly during the time of catching fish.

  • Ball Bearings

These are the other crucial aspects in a spin fishing reel. Therefore, it is important to select a reel with maximum ball bearing as per your affordability. Selecting a reel with minimum 4 ball bearings is always recommendable.

Purchasing a reel, which is rough on the retrieve or fails to perform well is the saddest part in fishing. The Battle II is equipped with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearing. These are extremely beneficial for smooth spinning.​

The 5 sealed ball bearing makes this device extra durable in salt water because it can prevent water intrusion successfully. Battle 2 is the upgraded version of Penn Battle.

This new model is on the market for the past few years. The company has done an improved paint job for making it more resistant to corrosion. The previous versions are more prone to damages due to chemicals and sprays. But, this version can withstand all such problems.

  • Line Capacity Rings

This is a greater innovation and more and more manufacturers are using this facility. By assisting an angler, it tells the amount of line left on the reel. It is highly important when you hook big fish or fishing at a dead stop.


Penn is a trustworthy name in spinning reel industry. Comes at an affordable price, this spinning reel will not leave you hanging. This product is designed for serious fishermen and for heavy use. You can also purchase it without breaking your bank. This is an excellent surf fishing reel.

Purchasing a workhorse reel is the objective of all fishermen. However, you may need to wait for years for the introduction of such a great reel. Some are ready to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for purchasing such a great reel. As the name suggests, Battle 2 is the right choice for any fisherman.

You can also engage in any type of fishing if you purchase this reel. It is built for providing an excellent performance. At the same time, it will last a lifetime. In fact, PENN Battle II Spinning Reel is simply great. It is long lasting, easy to use, and simple. If you purchase this spinning reel, you will never be disappointed.​

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