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12 Public Fishing Areas Near Me Which I Really Enjoy | 2018

There was a time when I was lonely and depressed. God what a phase was that. I pray that none ever experience that phase ever. That time one of my best friends told me to focus on my interest.

Then I sat back and began to search my interest. Then I found fishing is my passion. Then I packed my bag with required fishing instruments and went to fishing. After a week, I was a happy girl with a refreshed mind. Oh, I went to one of the public fishing areas near me.

​Fishing is really minded refreshing outdoor activity. It is for any age and any group of friends or family and enjoys the time. Till not sure about the benefits of fishing?

Then check out the benefit I have listed below:

1. Helps to relief from stress:

Helps to relief from stress

Admit or not, life is now very busy. We have to keep running and running after money to get a better life for us and our family.

But in this busy life sometimes you have a moment that you are feeling low for no reason.

That moment is the side effect of stress. In this moment if you don’t get relief then you will suffer in long run. You can do anything to get relief from stress. But take my advice and sometimes go for fishing.

You will feel the difference. If you just sit by the water for some time you will feel calm and quiet. The water, sounds of nature and eye refreshing scene will give you inner peace and energy to boost your busy life.

Stress is not good for health, it effects on your health, mind and physically. So, it is important to keep yourself stress-free. Fishing is a very good stress reliever. Try it.

2. Workout:

Surprised that I wrote fishing is best for exercise? Yes, it is true. While going for fishing you have to carry many kinds of fishing gear in your backpack. There goes one exercise of carrying a heavy backpack.

Then to get in a perfect spot to get fish, you have to hike, walking through rough land and bushy area and sometimes you have to cross the path in the water. All these activities are close to exercise.​

3. Bonding:

Fishing helps you to grow bondage between nature and you. This bondage helps you to learn about life in a new way. It is important to grow bondage among friends and family also.

The best thing about fishing is when you are fishing with your partner, both of you will grow a strong bondage. It is really healthy for your mental health.

So, you can see how much benefit is fishing can give you. If you like fishing or thinking to go then just GO.

Public fishing areas in Ohio:

As I live in Ohio, I know some better public places where you can do fishing without any problem.

In Ohio, there are more than 50,000 lakes and ponds where you can fish different species like catfish, northern pike, crappie and prized walleye and much more fish you want. You will get a bundle of fishes in these lakes.

Actually, the lakes are too good in condition to bear so much fish and it is good for professional and occasional fisherman. Ohio is the proud owner of 7,000 miles of rivers and 124,000 acres of local water and they are full of beautiful fish.

To choose the perfect spot and place to the fishing area, you have to select the place by what type of fish you want to catch, in which lake it is safe to fish and the condition of the water.

You can also get help from ODNR which is natural resources information provider of Ohio. They update all the information on regular basis. If you want a fishing license you can get it from online. Just do a plan to save time and enjoy fishing.​

Here are the places that you can go for fishing if you like to fish in Ohio.

1. Lake Erie:

The famous lake in Ohio and the best place to do fishing. You will get perch and walleye for fishing in this lake. This lake has many entry points from different towns in northern Ohio. This Lake Erie is popular for steelhead and bass fishing.

Lake Erie

They are abundant here. But fishing in Lake Erie is not so easy like other lakes. You have to get enough information and knowledge and also planning before going to fishing. As It is the part of the Great Lakes system, so the condition of water and whether can change anytime and so the weather, also the anglers may face an unprepared situation.

This lake is the best fishing zone for anglers and they will experience the best fishing thrill here. So, it is advisable to hire an experienced and water expert and go with him. ODNR will help you to get connected to the expert guides.

And the best thing in this area is you will have the opportunity to cook your catch in the local restaurant or near a restaurant. The guide will help you in this matter.​

2. Ohio River:

In Ohio state, the Ohio River is the best place for fishing. There are some spots where all types of fish gather. For that, you can catch many kinds of fish and enjoy every minute while catching.

You will get the best species like sauger, walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, flathead, blue catfish, and channel etc. all in this river at a time. You can fish here by boat.

If you want to fish from shoreline then dams and locks are best. In this area, you will get developed platforms which are only for fishing.​

3. Alum Creek:

In central Ohio, Alum Creek Lake is best for fishing. This location is very popular among fisherman. You will get enough species of fish with size and number. You can go for fishing from any point you want. You can go for fishing by boat or fish in the shoreline.

In central Ohio is a popular fishing location in the state due to its size, the species available, and easy access points for both boats and shoreline anglers.

This area has lots of bluffs and deep caves which gives an excellent environment for the fish species. In this lake, you will get a good amount of musky, catfish, crappie, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass.

The southern basin has many points from which you can fish smallmouth bass as it is the best environment for them. In early spring, you will get the famous channel catfish in the north end of the lake. This part is productive for the catfish. This lake is also known as a musky lake. In this Lake muskies and are stocked annually by ODNR.​

4. Seneca Lake:

Seneca Lake is the popular largest public fishing are in eastern Ohio. The shoreline of this lake is 45 miles and has a diversity of species. In this lake fishing is very easy to do.

You will get Sauger, largemouth bass, channel catfish and crappie. Nowadays you will also get blue catfish as ODNR are stocking them in the lake. You can fish with a boat or from the dam if you want to fish in this lake.​

5. Clear Fork Reservoir:

If you want to fish largemouth bass and want them in different size and quantity then Clear Fork Reservoir is best for getting his species. This lake is in Northwest Ohio, near Mansfield.

This lake is top on the list for having the large number bass fish. You will also get musky here. There are slopes in the west part of the lake where you will get a lot of basses as the area is full of stomps and fallen trees and the water is shallow which is best for the production of bass.

In this lake, you will also get bluegill, channel catfish, and crappie. Fishing by boat is best for this lake. You can also fish from shoreline which is allowed only in west and south banks where you will find three fishing points.​

6. Piedmont Lake:

This lake, Piedmont Lake is a popular place for fishing. Here you will get enough of smallmouth bass and crappie fish. The lake has a stony shoreline, trees that laid down and ports which make the environment excellent for crappie fish.

The sizes of the fish are big here for the water and environment condition. Also, the smallmouth bass gets the best environment to live. Besides these two species, you will also get musky and sauger fish. You can go fishing in the shoreline or by boat as this lake has many fishing points.​

7. Hoover Reservoir:

If you like to fish catfish then Hoover Reservoir is popular for catfish. This Lake is in the northeast of Columbus. You will get plenty of flatheads and channel catfish and this lake are healthy for them.

From some years in this lake blue catfish are also found. You can also get smallmouth and largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, saugeye, carp and longnose gar. Hoover Reservoir is best for fishing by boat and also on the shoreline. The popular spots are the dam area and the southern basin.​

8. Grand Lake St. Marys:

Crappie fish can be found in large number in the Grand Lake St. Marys. You will get them inefficient size and number. This lake has a rocky area, channels, and shorelines with bushes and they are best for making the lake suitable for the fishes.

If you go fishing in march or may month, you will get 9-13 inch large crappies fish. As the lake is 7 feet deep, bluegill, perch, largemouth bass, flathead catfish, walleye, channel catfish and carp fish is available here. This lake has plenty of fishing points from where you can fish.​

9. Pymatuning Lake:

Pymatuning Lake is a 14,000-acre big lake and it is extending into Pennsylvania. In this lake, you will get sufficient size and numbers of bluegill, walleye, yellow perch, crappie, smallmouth bass largemouth bass and musky.

There are enough fishing points and boat points to go for fishing. As it is also a part of another state, you have to own a valid fishing license.​

10. Indian Lake:

Indian Lake is a multipurpose lake for fishing as it is big in size as it is 5,800-acre lake and has points for fishing on shore and by boat and the different types of species to target.

The lake is recognized for having a great number of sunfish, sauger, and huge crappie. There are other kinds of species in the lake which are walleye, largemouth bass, catfish and yellow perch. The lake has several shallow channels and bush cover which are best for fishing spots.

If you are in sudden plan to go for fishing then this lake is proper for sudden fishing. As this lake is in roadside, many come and pull off their cars and go for sudden fishing. You will enjoy fishing here.​

11. Findlay Reservoir:

To get yellow perch fish Findlay Reservoir is best. This lake is one of the best lakes. You will get enough preach fish in size and number. You may get 14-inch perch fish from this lake.

This lake also has largemouth bass, walleye, smallmouth bass, catfish, and bluegill. And you will get bullhead and channel catfish both. If you want to come here for fishing, the best time will be spring.

As this time is the production time for the fishes and they gather on the shore. So, it is easy to get lots of them in that time. There is a floating fishing dock from where you can fish easily.​

12. Caesar Creek Lake:

Caesar Creek Lake is best for catching muskies. This lake is deep from other lakes. So, it is best for muskies. you may get 42-inch musky fish from this lake. Beside musky, you will get smallmouth and largemouth bass, carp, catfish, bluegill and Kentucky fish in adequate amount.

These are the public areas near me in Ohio as I live in Ohio state. Lucky me, aren’t I? whenever I need a break from my busy life, I just pack my bag and go for the fish to catch or I just sit near the water and enjoy the scene another fisherman’s catching fish. If you are new in Ohio and looking for places to fish, just read this article. It will help you a lot. Love and live the life man as life is beautiful. Enjoy it every moment.

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