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Reasons Why Quantum Spinning Reel Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

What kind of fishing reel do you want to purchase? Surely, you need a durable one that can handle strong bass, am I right? At the same time, you do not want to sacrifice the appearance of your fishing reel, right?

Then, you can surely go with Quantum Spinning Reel! Quantum introduces lightweight fishing reels that are ideal for fishing in streams and lakes. An eye-catching appearance is the other important feature of this fishing reel.

Thus, it is appealing for any angler. This fishing reel is designed for easy and comfortable use. Thus, it is a great choice for both novice and experienced fishermen.

Durable Construction

Durable construction is one of the major advantages of this fishing reel. A lightweight composite material is used for constructing the body of this reel.

Thus, it can resist corrosion in the best possible way. It will not interfere with the balanced feel of your fishing rod. It has a metal spool, which is helpful for protecting your reel from rust.

These types of damages really reduce the performance of your reel. Carbon fiber insert is the other major benefit of this reel, which is helpful for giving additional strength to your spool.

The sturdy construction of this reel eliminates the need for a backup spool.

Bearing System

Multiple ball bearings are essential for getting a smooth and reliable performance. Thus, most expert anglers recommend reels with multiple ball bearings.

This fishing reel has 3 bearing system. The double anodized spool of this reel offers responsive, smooth reeling. The stainless steel bail wire is amazingly durable.

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Collapsible Handle

Lots of gear and storage can make problems occasionally. But, if you use this bass spinning reel, you will get a sleek reel with streamline design. The handle of this reel fully collapses for convenient storage. The handle can be extended for a comfortable hold.

It is designed in such a way to prevent slipping the rod easily from the wet hands. It has a rubber grip, which is helpful for grabbing the handle tightly. Thus, it is helpful for fighting with a powerful fish at any time.

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Smooth Drag System

The anti-reverse BB is the other important feature of this spinning reel. Thus, it can work continuously for keeping your line taut.

As a result, it prevents your line from drifting and getting tangled. You can also set your hook securely.

A smooth multiple stack drag system is helpful for preventing power you need.


  • Graphite frame for durability
  • Internal bail trip
  • Aluminum spool, which offers smooth line feed
  • Adjustable front drag that gives excellent line control
  • Smooth line casting
  • Collapsible single handle that allows easy storage
  • Anti-reverse for line control
  • Ideal for freshwater fishing
  • Stainless steel bail wire
  • Lightweight
  • 3 bearings
  • 7.1-ounce weight
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Affordable


  • The quality is not so impressive, according to some users

Comparison with the other Quantum Reels

Quantum is a popular fishing equipment manufacturer. The company constantly looks for more efficient, better ways for providing high-quality performance reels to the users.

Each and every fishing product of the company is produced and engineered entirely in the USA. It adds a high level of quality and performance to each and every reel of the company.

Product testers, designers, and industrial engineers work unanimously for the creation of the best possible fishing reels.

Quantum works directly with anglers around the country for the production of high-quality reels with latest trends and techniques.

The company tests each and every reel thoroughly within the Quantum Labs. It ensures that the reels are manufactured with highest capabilities.

Thus, you can use them for many years without wear and tear problems.

Producing high-quality reels is a part of the dedication of the company. For this purpose, the company uses a broad range of computer technology and engineering.

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Thus, the reels are made with precision all the time. These reels are scientifically engineered for enhanced performance and durability because of 3D printing, computer stress analysis, and Precision 3D computer design.

Top Rated Reels of Quantum

Are you searching for the best quantum reel? Then, the selection will be very difficult. You can identify one on the basis of your fishing habits and preferences. Lots of options are available on the market. You can also consider more product specifications while selecting a Quantum reel.

Therefore, before selecting a Quantum reel, you must have a clear picture regarding the sort of performance you are expecting from a fishing reel. You should always keep in mind that all reels are made for some specific functions.

Sometimes, these functions are entirely different also. Thus, you should determine the type of fishing environment you prefer and the level of performance you require. You must have a better knowledge regarding these reels for your fishing habits and preferences.

This article is compiled for providing you an expert guidance regarding the reels of Quantum. The reels mentioned here get lots of appreciation from the amateur and professional anglers.

Each and every component of these reels is carefully analyzed for providing you the best information, which makes your decision process easier.

Quantum Fishing Optix

If you are searching for a spinning reel with the highest value at a low price point, this fishing reel is the best solution. It comes with 3 stainless steel ball bearings that work in concert with a double anodized spool.

Thus, it can create a smooth reeling when it is on the water. This reel has graphite body, which is helpful for getting maximum durability and protection without weighing down this reel excessively.

This fishing reel comes with 7 different sizes and weights. Thus, it provides nearly limitless potential that is ideal for a variety of fishing needs and preferences. The most popular model, perhaps, is the size 10 model. The line capacity of this model is 4 pound and the gear ratio is 5.2:1.

This is a highly lightweight model, which is the major benefit of the size 10. The weight of this reel is just 7.1 ounces. Thus, it is considered as one of the most lightweight reels.

Just like some of the other reels of Quantum, this fishing reel is perfect for both left and right-hand retrieve. It also offers you easy configuration, which makes it a versatile fishing reel.

You may be an experienced of the first-time fisherman. But, this spinning reel can be your exact fishing equipment because of a number of reasons. The sleek and lightweight construction of this fishing reel fits very easily on most rods. It will not add unnecessary weight, which derails your balance.

Smooth and efficient casting and retrieval are possible because of 3 ball bearings. Thus, you can save your energy while reeling in a fish. The reel is highly comfortable, which is a highly appreciable feature of this fishing reel. Both left and right-hand anglers can use it. All these features make this fishing reel a perfect choice for many anglers.

Cabo PT, Triax, Fishing Accurist Baitcast, Smoke PT Inshore, etc are the other amazing reels of Quantum.

All Quantum fishing reels can provide you high levels of innovation and technology. Thus, it is one of the most competitive brands on the market today. To select the best Quantum fishing reel, you must carefully evaluate the top rated reels. These highly praised reels are extremely helpful for selecting the best one as per your needs.

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