Reasons Why People Love Shimano Spinning Reel |Review & Guide |2018

Shimano spinning reels are the outcome of around a century of dedicated engineering. Thus, the result is definitely overwhelmingly positive. If you check any range of fishing reels, you can see the products of Shimano in topmost position.

The company focuses on performance, quality, and precision while manufacturing its spinning reels.

Almost all fishermen, irrespective of professional expertise, believe that Shimano reels are perfect for improving the fishing experience and performance. During the beginning, the company focused on the creation of baitcasting reels.

However, the popularity of Shimano Spinning reel has been widened due to the superior engineering and performance.

The company is maintaining its supremacy even today. It seems this legacy will continue in the coming years, decades or even centuries.​

You can see the enhanced efficiency and mechanics behind each and every Shimano Spinning reel. However, the company is introducing a few essential characteristics to a spinning reel, which are the major factors behind the superiority of Shimano than the other baitcasting reels.

Spinning Reel Benefits

There are different types of fishing reels on the market. But, spinning reels are most popular of all of them. The primary attraction of these fishing reels is lightweight lures and lines.

When these features combine with enhanced finesse techniques, spinning reels quickly become the best choice for most fishermen. Spinning reels enjoy some specific characteristics when you compare it with bait-casting reels.​

These so-called characteristics are the benefits of spinning reels. They are:​

  • Versatility

You may be engaging in bass fishing or angling. However, you can use a spinning reel for multiple purposes.

You can also use it in conjunction with various tackle options, which include artificial lures and live bait. They can sustain heavier bait, but they can work best with lighter weights.​

  • Widespread Use

Spinning reels are perfectly suitable for most common fishing applications, which is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of these types of fishing reels. These applications include catching small to medium sized fish such as crappie, redfish, bass, etc.

  • Easy of Use

Typically, using spinning reels is much easier than baitcasting reels. The mechanics of spinning reel are much simpler because it gives less focus on speed and accuracy.

Baitcasting reels come with a learning curve. It means, time and patience are required for the proper usage of baitcasting reels.​

However, extensive time is not required for making a greater performance with spinning reels.

Top Rated Spinning Reels of Shimano

Shimano has produced around 100 different reels over the years. All these reels are defining and influencing the way fishing tools are manufactured.

The reels of Shimano are globally recognized because of their durability, precision, construction, and lightweight. The spinning reels of this company have earned praises from amateur and professional fishermen.

Thus, they are considered as the best fishing reels in the world.​

Shimano Spinning Reel Review

This spinning reel is simply one of the best products of Shimano. If you compare the other products with the same price range, you can easily recognize the amazing features and benefits of this fishing reel.

The company also have the history of creating high-quality spinning reels. However, it is very difficult to determine which spinning reel is suitable for you.

These reels are equipped with top performance, efficiency, and durability. If you analyze all products in detail, you can easily make out that Shimano Spinning Reel is perfect for you.​

Weight and Durability

Weight has a greater role while selecting a spinning reel. Heavier reels can cause increasing stress to forearm and wrist, and joint pain.

If you need to spend longer periods of time on the water, fatigue and stress can be huge factors in your performance.​

If you purchase a lighter reel, you can decrease joint pain due to bulky or heavy reels. The weight of this spinning reel is just 11.4 oz, which will not cause any fatigue.

The reel body of this product is also durable. It is highly important to get durable reel body without sacrificing the lightweight. Graphite spool, rotor, and side plate are the other important features of this reel.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio of a spinning reel cannot be compared with a baitcasting reel because it is highly different. The spool in the spinning reel is fixed and will not revolve.

The gear ratio of this spinning reel is 4.1:1. However, you can select the gear ratio on the basis of the type of fish you are going to catch. Therefore, the gear ratio is highly important while selecting a spinning reel.​

Drag System

The application of pressure onto a hooked fish is determined by a drag system. Therefore, a good drag system is highly important when you select a spinning reel.

A steady, smooth drag system is highly important for catching fish. Otherwise, the line will break and fish may escape. The maximum drag of this spinning reel is 15lbs.​

The lightweight rear drag is the other peculiarity of this reel. Compared to rear drag, the front drag system is helpful for enhancing the performance and durability.

However, rear drag system is beneficial because it gives more controls and much easier access. It is also very easy to manipulate such a reel. You should always remember that you should get a spinning reel with a right drag system.


  • Good reel for beginners & professionals
  • Graphite spool, sideplate, and rotor
  • Comes with lightweight rear drags
  • Maximum drag is 15lbs
  • Weight is just 11.4 oz
  • Great value for price
  • Gear ratio is 4.1:1
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Some customers said that the reel is cheap and flimsy

Money is not a constraint for the real fishing enthusiasts. They are ready to spend lots of money on getting the best and right fishing gear.

However, if you really consider the price and want to get a high-quality fishing reel at an affordable cost, Shimano Spinning Reel is the right option.​

This rear drag spinning reel is highly suitable for all your fishing needs. This is a very smooth spinning reel. In fact, the entire reel does not make almost any noise.

It is also free from vibrations. You can simply clean, oil, and grease the product very easily.​

Where you can use

You can use this reel in saltwater. However, you should thoroughly clean your tools with fresh water after every saltwater use.

The durability of this reel is one the greatest highlights. This reel can provide you everything that is essential for an average angler. This is smooth, lightweight and durable. This spinning reel is simply one of the best reels on the market today at this price range.

The other spinning reels that come in this price range are flimsy and Chinese products. Thus, it will catch rust very easily. Corrosion resistance capacity of this spinning reel is also unmatched.​

The graphite and aluminum construction makes it highly durable and rust-resistant. If you care it properly, you can use this reel for many years.​


If you are looking for a highly expensive spinning reel, this is not suitable for you. However, this spinning reel is a great choice if you are serious about fishing.

It can provide you the same high-quality and professional features that are found in highly expensive fishing feels.​

You should always keep in mind that the most expensive fishing gear may not be the best one. With the Shimano Spinning Reel, you are getting a smooth, durable reel that is suitable for a variety of saltwater and freshwater fishing. Besides, this spinning reel also gives you lots of great features.

The price is also suitable for almost all fishing enthusiasts.

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