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5 Things Nobody Told You About What Size Fishing Hook To Use | 2018

Then make sure you have all the necessary things while you are in the fishing mood. Believe or not when you are going for fishing you need the most items than any other activities. Like the clothes, the transportation, the place, bait, string, rod, and hook.

So many things to remember, right? But once you are used to this activity often, then this outdoor activity will be your favorite leisure time. Now as for fishing, the main thing you have to know is what size fishing hook to use while you are fishing. It is really important.

Because if you want to fish a big fish and eat a delicious juicy fish steak then you have to use the perfect hook. You may think the fishing net is sufficient but actually net is for catching small fish in big amount. Fishing with hook is mainly for catching large fish and sudden plan to pass a leisure time with fishing just for fun.​

Fishes are different in size and habit though they are from freshwater or saltwater species. For this reason, hooks come with the different design to catch them. As there are so many hooks that you will get little confused on which one is best for catching a large fish.

​While you are in the process of reading this article, you will gradually, meet the family of the hooks. Enjoy the meeting.

Choosing Right Fishing Hook:

Before going to the point of choosing the hook size at first you have to know the basic things about the hook:

Fisherman catches fish with net and hook. With a net, you have to trap the fish and lift them. In this process, you will get fishes in bundles. But with the hook, you can catch only one fish which is little complicated.

Nets do need preparation before going for fishing where else hook needs preparation like getting the strong rod, attaching a strong string to the rod and in the hook. When you have set the hook then fix the bait and attach to the hook. The bait should be on the basis of the fish’s interest which you want to catch.

The bait may be living or dead creature or fish food. When your desired fish is trying to eat the bait, then you will feel the hook is moving, at a time just tug and your fish will be caught in the hook. Now pull the hook and get the fish to your boat. Repeat the process as long as you want.​

The hook material is important as it is responsible for trapping fish and helping to reach to the catcher. If the hook is not strong to keep the fish hooked, then the fish will go on loose while struggling.

The hooks are made from stainless steel, Vanadium, metal with high carbon. These materials made hooks are rust resistant and strong in a feature. You will also get a coating of Teflon tin, gold on the hook. These all materials are good for the hook to be sturdy and long-lasting.​

Eye of the hooks:

Hook eyes are 4 types:

Looped eye: this eye has the shape of near oval.

Ringed eye: The ringed eye is round shape and perfect for any bait to fit.

Needle eye: similar to a sewing needle and best in attaching live or dead bait.

Tapered eye: The Tapered eye is similar to ring eye but slim than the ring hook.

What type and size fishing hook to use?

Before going for fishing you have to decide whether you will go for bass fishing or trout fishing. Because the two species are totally different. Trout are salmonid and the bass is sunfish. Trout fishing happens in lake and bass fishing ae often done in ponds. So, you need to select the size of the hook on the basis of your fish.

In the market, you will get different sizes of fishing hooks. You have to choose hook size per the size of the fish you want to catch. The small size hook is 32 sizes and the large hook is 1 size. Different fish needs a different size.

So, you have to research on the size. Before going for fishing you have to decide whether you will go for bass fishing or trout fishing. Because the two species are totally different. Trout are salmonid and the bass is sunfish. Trout fishing happens in lake and bass fishing ae often done in ponds.

So, you need to select the size and type of the hook on the basis of your fish. While using the size of the hook, you have to remember that the hook is able to piece the fish mouth and helps easily to reel the fish.​

Hook Sizes:

The numbers in hook sizes create the little confusion, but if you can get the system, then it is very simple.

The size of the measures in this sequence -7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1/0-2/0-3/0-4/0-5/0-6/0-7/0 and this pattern are from small to zero.​

If the hook 1, 4 and 22 then 1 is the largest hook then 4 and 22 is the smallest hook among them. Again if you see 1/0 and 9/0 size hook then 1/0 is the smallest and 9/0 is the largest size of the hook.

And now for the types of hook:

These are the hooks which are very much popular among fisherman for fishing trout and bass.


This hook really looks like “j” shape. The shank and the point of the hook are straight. When the fish is stuck in the hook, you have to pull it hard up to catch the fish. This hook is used from the beginning time and it is still popular among fisherman. Live bait is proper for this hook. Get big size j hook for catching large fish.

Circle hook:

Circle hook

The circle hook is “c” like. The hook point is circle design and roll into the mouth while the fish gets the bait in the mouth. When the hook is stacked in the fish mouth, you have to reel and the fish will be in your hand. This hook doesn’t need jerking or setting.

Kahle Hooks:

This hook has combination look like j and c shape. This hook is also known as ‘k” hooks. The point of the hook is pointed to the hook eye, not shank. This hook is best for bass fishing. But it causes harm in fishes as it works as gut hooking.

Wire Hooks:

This hook is lightweight as it is made from light wire. The baits are used in small in size in this hook to make the catch easy. Also, the bait looks delicious in this hook and fishes can’t resist it.

To catch big fish with wire hook you have to use 2X and 3X which is thick and strong. Because while catching you have to apply force like dragging and reeling. During the struggle, fish may get loose. So the hook needs to be strong if you want to catch fish.

Treble Hooks:

Treble Hooks

This hook has three branches from a single shank. You can use three types of baits to lure the fish.

The size of the shank matters while fishing. A shank with large size is for catching big fish and short size is for little fishes especially who are new to fishing.​

Baitholder hook:

This hook has barbs and perfect for live baits. The barbs keep the bait still. you will get this hook from size 14 to 6/0. But preferable size is 2/0 and 1/0.

Octopus Hook:

This hook is same as circle hook. But the shank is rounded and bends. You will find the size from 6 to 5/0.

Worm hook:

The hook with versatile performing option. It can be used on any water surface and mud. You can easily rig with this hook.

Flipping hook:

If you want hooks with the short distance and heavy performance, then this hook is perfect. This hook is thick and strong to absorb vibration while fishing. You can attach thin and thick bait easily in this hook.

Plastic frog hook:

It is a unique hook. There is a spring wire in the frog-like nose of the hook. The bait can move and lure fishes when the hook is properly set.

Mosquito hook:

This hook is the light and small hook. The construction of the wire is light wire and helps the hook to pierce beautifully.

Wacky worm hook:

Wacky worms are old fishing baits. With this bait attached to this hook, you will get fishes from anywhere you want. The hook is strong and thick.

After knowing the types and size, one question really rings in mind. That is which hook is effective large Hook and Small Hook.

Let’s check them out:

Small Hooks:

With a small hook, you can catch fish faster. Because the short hook is sharp. In this hook, fish gets pierced and the reel is easy to do. You will not need a big bait for a small hook. The small hook needs small bait. And it is perfect to lure fish.

As it is light in weight and small to be noticed, your fishing with this hook will be enjoyable and successful. But if you want to fish large fish then the small hook is not proper. Because this hook is not so strong to bear the struggle. The hook is thin and not capable of piercing large fish mouth.​

Large Hooks:

Large hook is powerful and thick. You can fish large fish easily by giving a tough fight with the fish. As the large fish has the big mouth, so the bait and the hook should be the same size to match the mouth size. Once the fish is caught in this hook, then you can take and pull the fish out and get ready to have a fish steak.

Large hook is not so sharp as the small hook. But if you apply some technique, sharpness will not be a problem while fishing. But the size is the little problem while catching a large fish. Because it can be noticed by the fish. Small bait doesn’t work in this hook at all. You have to use large bait and can’t cast in long distance.​

Now it is up to you on which hook do you want to use. if you want a large number of fishes then you have to use a small sharp hook to quick catch. And if you love to have a thrill in fishing then go for the large hook to fish large.

Tips for Using Hook:

When you are fishing with a live bait, you have to consider which hook you are using and attaching the live bait. The hooking of the live bait has to be in the proper position which will help to keep the bait live long.

When you have caught fish then you have to remove the hook safely. Just carefully twist and release the hook quickly pushing to the bend. If the hook is deep then use tools to dehook like pliers.

If you use treble hook then try to remove the three hooks at a time. If the hook is accidentally swallowed, then just cut the line of the mouth and don’t remove the hook.​

Finally, after the long lecture, I think you have now the clear vision of what size fishing hook to use while you are in the mood of fishing. The fact is fishing is not so simple as it seems. You have to decide every step when you are planning for fishing.

You have to decide which type of fish you are going to select, then the hook size, then hooks type, then place then the timing. See how many steps you have to pass when you are going to fish. But it is fun and thrilling when you understand every necessary point while fishing.

If you are new, then take an experienced person with you while selecting hook and fish. Just make sure your fishing experience will be a memorable and successful one.​

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