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We believe that there are lots of people out there who love their idea and opinion be heard. If you are one of those, then join us! We gladly welcome new contributors to our page. If you feel your idea fits into our page, contact us and get famous with your words!

Send your article to our editor team at: editor@buyfishingguide.com

Few things you need to know as contributor:

Word Count:

Article length should be more than 700 words. Though most of our article are 1000 words or more.

Tone of Articles:

We love to read generally positive and friendly tone, understandable and has good choice of words.


We will only publish unique and original articles. Plagiarism and Readability is always checked upon submission. Don’t worry, we give chances for revision.


We do not pay you for every article you have submitted. With this, we compensate you by including a byline and a brief bio as well as your website link once your articles is approved and published. In this process, you get yourself known to many, and referrals would be possible.


As of the moment, we are receiving a lot of articles and we carefully read each one of them. Sometimes, we do not have the chance of notifying you when your article has been discarded. Because we have bulk of articles being screened, typically we notify the approved ones within 7 to 15 days.


By submitting your article, that would mean you agreed on our terms and conditions.

What we are looking for?

We love articles that catch every reader’s attention. In this page, we very much welcome articles that discuss tips and advices on how to improve Fishing Skills. Everything about Fishing and outdoor are highly recommended.

We also would love to receive photos from you that could strongly support your article. Stolen shots too are better.

5 Reasons why you should write for us:

1. For OTHERS to get informed: Because you will be sharing detailed tips and advises, people will gain more information from you. They would like to know new ideas that could improve their performance.

2. For YOU to get informed: When writing, you are also learning new ideas. You tend to research facts so that you will produce highly effective and detailed articles.

3. Your ideas and opinions will be heard globally: Because your articles are published all over the world through WORLD WIDE WEB, your ideas will reach the other parts of the world.

4. Chances of working with expert and top editors: You will get tips from our top editors to help you improve your style of work. With positive criticisms, surely, you'll go far in writing.

5. Personal Growth: Beating up deadlines, perseverance, obedience and acceptance to criticisms are just few of the attitudes you will learn from being our contributor. By improving these attitudes, definitely, you’ll reach the qualifications that other companies are set when you apply as writer in the future. Writing for us could be your training ground for a better future in writing profession.

Self-Article Evaluation

The following is a checklist before creating and submitting an article.
1. Is the title appealing and eye catching?
2. Is my piece inspiring and informative?
3. Am I using the appropriate words?
4. Is my article grammatically correct (At your own level. Editors will help you correct grammatical errors).
5. Is the topic relevant to the purposes and aims of the organization?
6. Is my article helpful to the target audience?
7. Is my article help readers resolve problems and issues?

Tips to Achieve a Great Post

1. Write form the heart. Write as if you are just conversing with the person in front of you. Be causal in your tone. In that way, your reader could easily relate on you.

2. Use simple words if possible. Explain further technical words so you would be easily understood.

3. Keep it short. Most readers hate long articles. It would bore them. A 500 to 700 - word article would be great enough.

4. Don’t be too much flowery. Write directly with a purpose.

5. Write with authority and convincing power. Remember, you are trying to convince or influence people with your words.

6. Research well.

7. Show your resources. It’s one way of validating that your article is true and reliable.

You think you’re ready? Send us your article along with your brief bio (less than 160 words) with link to your website or social media account. And of course, a photo. We would love to know who’ behind that great article!